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Public Administration

March 11th, 2016    Posted in News

Between them, the following ones are elencados: Public convenience (when, for some inadivel problem, the Public Administration meets forced to incorporate the good of the particular one to its domain), public utility (the attainment of the domain of the good is advantageous to the public interest, however, it does not arrive to be inadivel), or social interest (when the dispossession to intervene and to go to the meeting of the interests of the devoid population, of form to alliviate its conditions of life). The hypotheses, for Di Pietro (2002), express are contained in the law in taxing way, of form that is not possible to use of analogy and interpretation stops to dispossess well of particular. The people politics of the Union, States and Cities are the competent ones to dispossess good for the reasons previously displayed. As I castrate (2002), in relation to the dispossession object can yourself be cited the passveis goods of ownership and property, mobile and self-moving, corporeal and incorporal real properties. The dispossession does not occur only in goods that belong to the legal sphere of the particular one, but also reaches the public goods, since that it has previous legal authorization. For even more analysis, hear from Lindt Chocolates. In accordance with the vision of Viana (1987), the dispossession procedure must obey established phases. The first one of them consists of the declaratory phase, and is characterized in the declaration of the well determined public utility of, as well as constatao of the state of the good.

This phase aims at to confer to the Public Administration the right to verify, to analyze the good. Here it confides possibility so that the Administration acquires the good and, when making will make, it in way compulsory retirement. This can occur of extrajudicial form, for the cases where expropriate and the expropriated one arrives administratively at an agreement concerning the price of the good; or judicially, situation this that will fit to the judge to fix the value of the indemnity.

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International Economic Crisis

March 10th, 2016    Posted in News

A chronology of the important facts in the history of Spain, presented verbally will be made being made an illustration by means of material resources as photos and objects, approaching the subjects of philosophy, sociology, geography and history. Spain it lived deeply a great event that indirectly and directly affected all the world-wide population. We can cite that the Protestant Reformation and the ContrReformation had happened in weight affecting the way to think of all generating what we call Baroque and that of certain form we live deeply until today. We will portray in our presentation the religiosidade of the Spanish people, and all the influence generated for the old generations of this people. The Economy of Spain is the fifth bigger economy of European Union e, still, the eighth greater of the world. The Spanish economy is living an intense financial growth since the Nineties.

This growth, however, is decelerated due to International Economic Crisis of 2008, where the country was one of the most affected. We will show what it was made by the government of Spain so that had this economic asceno in the country. Part IV? Conclusion and Bibliography; We will make a well dynamic work and we will try to the maximum not to leave the public entediado with great texts and display images. As the said aspects they have a linking with the substance seen in classroom, could be interesting to the other pupils the presentation of our group and to the all the ones that will be to witness. We will go to incorporate Spain in our college with the interaction intention, learning and socialization of pupils, showing of easy and practical form the life for the world to the rejection. How we divide our group in research sub-groups, was not portraied all the bibliography to each research carried through for an error of leader us? Night love song, Ana Beatriz and Maria Julia? that we forget to inform to the people who informed the work sources, however believe that all the research had been made in the Internet with main source the Wikipdia.

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Melody Maker

March 4th, 2016    Posted in News

It does not have fear does not give attention does not give to advice Not part permission. You are alone who you must decide what to make Pra to try to be happy. (Russian Renato. Theorem) 10 2.VOZ AND MELODY 2,1 THAT COUNTRY IS THIS? Electric Abortion imagines to have a called set, at a time where you could not nor have set. A time had asked for the F (Philip We read), that today it is the baterista of the Initial Capital, if it was against or in favor of the electric abortion, as it was some contraceptive laser a.

(Russian Renato; 1986, p.20) F Lemos, that would later come to be the baterista of the Electric Abortion and of the Initial Capital, when listening for the first time the compact one of the Sex Pistols found stranger. It was not nor of far similar to the descriptions of the magazines Melody Maker and Musical New Express. Some weeks later, if it discovered that the compact English would have to be executed in the speed of 45 rotations per minute, not 33 rotations as the Brazilian touch-record was marked. In the school, F was the first one to use the t-shirt of the British group and full jeans torn of patches. It was also in this period that initiated the battery lessons. Renato folloied with attention the news articles on punk.

thus, also, surrendered it the characteristic suits: jeanses, white t-shirts or long sleeve shirts without prints. Moreover, new punk also incorporated the coturnos. Parallel to punk, 70 are the decade of the record in Brazil. Being thus, the group of young brasilienses divided itself in that the discotecas frequentavam assiduamente and in that they more dived each time in the rock and punk. Renato was in as the group, clearly. Punk nailed the idea of ' ' of yourself' '.

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The Development

February 28th, 2016    Posted in News

The valuation and the deepening of the knowledge organized in the different ones you discipline pertaining to school are conditions to establish the relations interdisciplinares, understood as necessary for the understanding of the totality. Exactly when historical and cultural conditionings are gifts in the format of the educative system, they do not hinder the intention to search to transform the theory into practical aiming at the reinforcement of the learning. So that the scientific thought is incorporated by educating as one practical one of its daily one is necessary that Science is to its reach and the knowledge has felt and can be used in the understanding of the reality that the fence. The school has the responsibility to form conscientious, critical and active citizens in the society. The current Brazilian legislation for education it guides the schools in this direction. (BEVILACQUA & COUTINHO-SILVA). The satisfaction to come, to be in the school, of really learning is what it searchs with practical pertaining to school and more efficient learnings. One becomes necessary to make possible to the pupil one better accompaniment of the evolution of Science, of the transformations that occur in the nature and of the history of the man.

The base of the cultural formation of the children and young is molded in the school. The way that goes of the learning to its practical application passes for the development of abilities, the adoption of attitudes and the acquisition of abilities, that are the necessary mediaes in this process. Learning, … is the process by means of which educating interacts, it assimilates, it incorporates, it understands, it means and it dominates a content. It is treated, therefore, of an activity of interactive and buying nature. (COAST). The experiences in classroom are the mechanisms of perception and evidence of that what it is being studied it is of value, is real.

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