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Ernst and Young

December 28th, 2013    Posted in News

And at the moment the mood of the players is quite life-affirming. In his brief review of the oil and gas companies "Opportunities in difficult circumstances," the experts the firm Ernst & Young (audit, tax, transaction and advisory services) reported studies in which surveyed 569 senior executives from many different countries and different sectors economy. According to the survey, most of the major oil companies maintained or increased their investment to meet the continuing needs to build reserves and increase production volumes. " Also, these studies suggest that respondents from this sector are "wired a little more optimistic about the prospects for the industry." For example, among them 55% of respondents to the question "What action do you plan to take in the next 12 months to exit from the crisis your company become more stable position relative to competitors? "responded:" The strategic acquisition of the underlying market. " Whereas among Representatives of other branches of the same solution chosen, only 35%.

Domestic companies confirm the trend. For instance, China and Russia finally agreed on plans to build an oil pipeline between the two countries and transporting crude oil to China. At the end of June 2009 was approved to provide bank China Development Bank loan of U.S. $ 10 billion, making Russia's state oil company oao Transneft could start pipeline. A Rosneft and China National United Oil Corporation may proceed to conclude a contract on deliveries of oil for 20 years. Gazprom, according to reports by various news agencies, making considerable efforts to In order to consolidate its position in the largest supplier of natural gas to European markets.

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Corporate Culture

December 21st, 2013    Posted in News

Once on the tour of the winery I was shown a sample of corporate rock paintings. On the wall in the warehouse were life-size painted director, chief engineer and technician of this glorious institution. All with glasses in hands and for some reason with an almost cartoonishly enlarged noses. I asked the maintainers of this wonderful group features a portrait of what I was given such a response – the nose in humans increases whole life and besides its basic functions intended to emphasize the dignity of human nature. In one memorable excursion was the conclusion I made is – human nature, a delicate matter, and has a tendency to exaggerate. Therefore, when the pre- fever Eighth March was born the idea to use as the entourage of live ponies, I’m not surprised. Especially because ponies and we just were not enough. But in order. The oldest economic university engecon Russia, or rather male half of it conceived to congratulate their International Women’s Day.

No sooner said than done. But the main thing in such a slim case that? Of course a delight in the eyes of grateful women, the organizers have decided – Workshop Andrew Kislyuk. All Men’s team engecon headed by the rector ai happy to support our idea to congratulate expensive employees exclusive vocal pop numbers. Authors (Andrew Kislyuk and Andrey Ivanov) and the composer (Aleksey Nikolaev) sat down to work and the very next day the men went engecon together in the recording studio. Applause blew sparkling medley of “For the lovely ladies” in the performance of teachers University. Tears of joy and grateful smile shone on the faces of the audience during the performance of such numbers of holiday programs like “Song Gypsy” Trio “and” I’ll kiss your hand. ” After much rehearsal and hard of director-producer (Natalia Solovieva) students and teachers looked on stage by professional artists.

Enjoyed tremendous success as an opera voice student (the guy is clearly not on economic study), pop-dance number “Deja vu” in the performance of the student “Todes” and the performance of university kvn. And the snack had a very pony which a strong and lasting applause literally on their hands have made in the hall. You should have seen celestially sad eyes of the horses, when she realized that the colors in two huge baskets on her back were not meant to her. Still managed somehow to raise her mood.

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December 2nd, 2013    Posted in News

A good controller or manager must necessarily be a good leader. The leader nor always is a controller or manager. In the reality, the leaders must be gifts in all the too much levels of the organization. The necessary company of leaders in all its hierarchic levels and all its areas of performance. However, she is in the management that inhabits the point most critical of the leadership.

We verify that a espiritualizado Leader has as its bigger intention to help its team to develop its necessities and to the values of the organization, having as well as objective to take the word LOVE for the corporative world, believing that the professional success passes for this conscience, many executives find that, because they are in the command, its employees are that they have of serviz them, with the heart, the mind and spirit of its collaborators and this objective alone are reached when the leader leaves of side the desire of being able and to serve, instead of being served. Coming back to the book the MONGE AND the EXECUTIVE, we detach the following stretch: & ldquo; we do not change the people, we create the environment so that proper they mudem& rdquo;. CONCLUSION We can say that leader inspirers will survive and only obtain resulted bonanza. After if inhaling, the new necessary leader to learn if to communicate with led its. He is in this point that if speaks on the importance of a leader to know to communicate itself with led diverse profiles of. It complements designating that the communication is the mirror, the organizacional culture and if he reflects in the management process, in way that, if the leaderships of a company are not communicated with effectiveness, the company certainly will not be communicated very well. Myron Goldsmith (1996) adds that the leader of the future will ask, will learn, it will follow and grow of consistent and effective form This leader it will request the diverse groups of interest ideas, opinions and feedback. It enters the vital sources of information will be potential and current, supplying customers, members of team, subordinate right-handers, controlling, other members of the organization, researchers Two keys for apr

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The Bank of Spain

December 1st, 2013    Posted in News

2,800 million by means of the purchase of action will be contributed. A process will be abrir to adjudge it to the best postor. The Bank of Spain has decided east Friday to take part the Savings bank of Mediterrneo (CAM), the Spanish organization with worse level of solution, to capitalize it with the contribution of 2,800 million Euros by means of the purchase of action and abrir later a process to adjudge it to the best postor. In an official notice, the supervisor headed by Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordo’6nez announced today that the Bottom of Reestructuracin Banking Ordenada (FROB) will administer as of morning the savings bank of Alicante after the substitution of its advice of administration. With the aim of covering the needs with liquidity of CAM, the Bank of Spain also he will grant a line to him of credit by 3,000 million Euros with immediate availability. " All the adopted measures today guarantee that the CAM can continue operating with normality and fulfills all obligations against terceros". Tranquillity for the depositors the Bank of Spain it assures that " the depositors and acreedores" of the CAM " they can be absolutely calm " , because all the adopted measures today guarantee that the CAM can continue operating with normality. After evaluating the financial and patrimonial situation of the CAM and stating that its plan of recapitalizacin was not suitable to assure its viability, the Bank of Spain decided Thursday 21 of July to send a writing being granted to the organization ten days natural to present/display a definitive solution to its situation.

The CAM advice indicated this Friday to the Spanish emitting institute the impossibility to find a viable solution for their financial business and immediately asked for the substitution of their administrators by others designated by the FROB. From this form, the FROB will come to extend the capital of the Bank and will give total security to their depositors and creditors, indicate the organism that directs to Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordo’6nez. Elena Salgado, minister of Economy, have needed that the intervention will not have CTO in the markets and the Spanish debt since measurement adopted by the Bank of Spain shows " our decision to fortify our sector financiero". In this sense, it remembered that in " test of estrs" European that has been made recently to the communitarian organizations financial, the CAM has had a ratio " very just and after applying to the provisions genricas". CAM was one of the Spanish financial organizations that, considering the capital injection jeopardize by the FROB, was below the threshold of 5% fixed like rrencia to the tests of European resistance. The Bank of Spain has taken part 27 banks and 16 savings banks from 1978. Source of the news: The Bank of Spain takes part the CAM to capitalize it and to sell it

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