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Mathematical Education

September 27th, 2012    Posted in News

Ahead of this, it can be affirmed that the adequate knowledge to the individual development encloses aspects and consideraes of the two levels, that is, must be led in account, in this process, as much the level of the real development how much of the potential. 5.2 The IDEAS OF UBIRATAN D' AMBRSIO D' Ambrsio strong considers a resume marked with the contextualizao focusing the Etnomatemtica 3 for considering the Mathematics a cultural manifestation. the Mathematics of the school nothing more is of what only one of the many mathematical that if find for the diverse cultures. In the specific case of the Mathematical Education, the alternative most viable is to incorporate the programs the Etnomatemtica, even so rare either considered as integrant part of the pertaining to school mathematics. Observing the first references, as for example, in Plato or the proper Average Age, where it was constructed modern science, Etnomatemtica meets there.

The incorporation of Etnomatemtica to practical the educational mathematics demands the release of some preconceptions on the proper Mathematics, as to understand what she is Mathematical, severity, demonstration, and what it is acceptable. Facts that generate a quarrel without which the Mathematical Education hardly will find the field adjusted to revitalize themselves. This quarrel is of nature description-epistemolgica, unhappyly absent in almost the totality of the approaches to the Mathematical Education. The Mathematical Education being based on a pparently solid foundation that is the Mathematics as science, reflects this solidity. In some cases of elitist and pedante form, selecting the best minds, therefore the Mathematics as it disciplines pertaining to school is the responsible greater for frustrations, defections for the maintenance of an unjust and unacceptable social stratification. With the advances in the learning theories, the appearance of new applied technologies the Education, the recent progressos of the Mathematics and too much sciences provokes important and deep alterations in the education of Sciences and the Mathematics.

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September 14th, 2012    Posted in News

The necklace also is u mobile vestibule and is enough to place it in the soil to light a candle in the center of it and to offer it orix corresponding and owner to it of this necklace, to adentrarmos inside I circulate of it with the candle in our ankle and to clamarmos the Olorum and to the Orix owner of that necklace and to ask for that it unloads all the negative energies of our field, in them harmonizes and it balances in them, that in instants already we are with all our physical body and unloaded spiritual and our forces balanced and harmonized with the creation of our Creative The holy ghost Olorum. The guide spiritual is the only one that she knows to handle and to activate the resources of the necklace with 100% of cause knowledge, to put learns some meanings when the necklace used in is determined position in our body when the guide this incorporating. Let us see: Traditionally the necklace always is used in our neck and opened for front, thus creating all a protective field and opening of ticket and exchange of energies with the located forces our front. To put when the necklace is used in vertical line or perpendicularly, crossed in our body and opened for our left, in case that it is a necklace of Exu thus creates all a protective field and opening of ticket and exchange of energies with the located forces our left, where we pass to be unloaded depleted of all the situated negative energies in our field and we also pass to be loaded energy speaking of vitalizadoras and estimuladoras energies of our positive and virtuous actions. Why we place case is a necklace of Exu? Because to our left who prevails is the Orixs, Exu, Dove-Turn and same Exu-Mirim and existing other deities our left, in the Umbanda it is Exu that answers for all the forces and fields to the left.

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Yamamoto Management

September 6th, 2012    Posted in News

one form of sustentation of ' ' work limpo' ' , participativo, qualified and steady of the great corporations (DRUCK, 1999, P.96). ' ' Ahead of the context cited for the author, it has a proposal of redefinition in the work relations, where it has qualified, recognized professionals for its knowledge technician, and other professionals who badly-are remunerated and without qualification (when they are terceirizados). For Schmidt (2000) the implantation of a GQT many times occurs in organizations that are dominated by the fear, and does not verify if the theory proposal for the practical model is condizente with its. Front to a scene marked for unreliability and competitiveness, the power relations have in its essence fear the monitoring contained in the regimen of knowing that it supports the quality total. Borges and Yamamoto (2004) complement when affirming that this type of market (terceirizao) is characterized by high rotation of the workmanship hand, relatively low wages, bad conditions of work, technological stagnation, relatively null chances of learning and hand of workmanship organized by means of unions. 3 CHANGES IN THE WORK RELATIONS? It is undeniable that, with the advance of the globalization, the companies had been compelled to rethink its way of management, and if to recycle to have conditions of if confrotting with the competition.

In this direction, Lamb (2004, p.24) detaches that &#039 exists; ' the necessity to integrate diverse actions in the most varied areas, so that these lead the companies to a competitiveness duradoura' '. The GQT consists in a new language that tries to attack old problems not yet solved by the traditional form of management. For Turchi (1997) it would be as to motivate and to control workers to reach resulted, whereas as Pfeiffer (1997), the total Quality grants to the people a model, social support and powerful language in the organizations. The implantation of the model of management based on the total quality in the organizations requires important changes of the paradigms of the work relations.

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