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The following year, Jaeger LeCoultre developed the Calibre 101, which had the distinction of being the smallest world clock mechanism and would also probably be between the lighter weighing less than a gram. The reverse was revealed in 1931 and Yes you must believe in the rumors and gossip, was specifically designed for British officers stationed in India, who played polo and wanted a way to protect their watches while they played. After enjoying a period of popularity, the Reverso lost favor with the public, until the 1960s, when an Italian dealer who was visiting the Jaeger LeCoultre factory, discovered several new watch boxes that had been forgotten in a drawer. He bought boxes, put mechanisms into them and immediately found buyers for all of them. Today, the reverse sales represent a large part of the total sales volume of the company.

Since the time of its founding to modern times, Jaeger LeCoultre has never failed in producing excellently manufactured clocks, but with reasonable prices, such as the Memovox and the Futurematic, presenting innovative additions. However, in 1970, as many other watchmakers, Jaeger LeCooultre was found needing financial aid desperately and just like the IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre currently belongs to the Richemont group. Many companies watch that continue manufacturing watches in Switzerland, Jaeger LeCoultre is among the few that still produces its own parts such as dials, boxes, mechanisms, bangles and hands. Definitely gained the reputation for being the watchmaker of the watchmakers. In a move that surely delighted fans to watches, Jaeger LeCoultre celebrated its 175th anniversary packing its spherical tourbillon doble-eje in the back doble-cara. Now, this particular wonder of the watches you can admire not only from above, but also from behind. The sight of the balance that moves continuously is simply captivating and difficult to escape from it.

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Ruiz Workmanship

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From concepts and evolution of existing poems in this workmanship, one develops the referencial, the influence, the structure, the aesthetic one and of the poetical creation of this author. With this research, one expects to divulge the workmanship, the haicais poems few known and spread out in the half academic, to deepen the knowledge gifts in this workmanship, among others authors. To develop the evolution of the haicais in Brazil and its essences beyond an analysis of the workmanship of this author and its boarded subjects constructing of this form a poetical reflection, on the haicas. Throughout its Alice workmanship Ruiz it makes an impression for the objetividade for the perception of the things and forms we saw as it. However the simple haicais with its simplicity and form to write, transmit in them much more of what wisdom, invite in them to travel in its direction and denotation, since its heading until its influence, creating itself thus an only style to make poetry. The art of the poetry of Alice Ruiz makes in them to reflect and to exercise the power that its brevity transmits in them, even so its meaning is much more that this.

PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Haicai, Poetry, Brazilian Literature, Alice Ruiz. INTRODUCTION This work is developed from bibliographical research of haicas poems, gifts in the workmanship of Alice Ruiz. Leaving of the concept, we can cite that haicai is a small poetry with metric and mold eastern, appeared in the century XVI, much spread out in Japan and was also become enlarged in Brazil from its significant publication of an assay of Afrnio Peixoto, in 1928, intitled as ‘ ‘ Haicai Japanese or lyric epigrama – an assay of naturalizao’ ‘.

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2 Development of the subject the freedom, according to Ockham, it belongs to the constitution of the man. According to De Boni, fullness of the power and freedom are contradictory concepts, that if exclude mutually: the fullness of the power is something that destroys the Christian in such a way how much the citizen, because it steals it to them freedom (cf. OF BONI, 2003, p.305). From there the proper Ockham to say that Christ did not come to deprive the world of its rights and good. Therefore, nor the Pope possesss the power to deprive other people of its good and its rights. Therefore, the papal principality is not extended in regular way on the goods, the rights and the freedoms of other people (cf. OCKHAM, 1999, P.

180). Also it does not fit to the Pope to impose virtuous actions against the will of the fidiciary offices. Thus, for example, in diverse topics of the writing the virginity and the celibacy are praised; however, they do not belong to the mediania of the fidiciary offices, but they take in itself something that goes beyond the common obligations to all. Therefore, they are not taxes to nobody, but only advised to that they inhale to a bigger perfection. In way fellow creature, after years of convivncia, husband and woman can, of common agreement, to decide itself for the separation, in order to follow, both, as religious and religious, the celibatria life.

But the Pope cannot impose the spouses, against the will of them, that they become religious (cf. OCKHAM, 1999, P. 177-178). The English master is against the fullness of the power of the Pope because it is a human being. As human being the Pope he can leave itself to lead for external influences, such as, interests politicians, economic, etc, and to incur into error. The premise that is here en vogue is of that the Christian religion does not deprive nobody of its right.

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