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Gonzalez Chapinal

March 19th, 2013    Posted in News

We could point out that traditionally, there are two pure models in Economics: the centralized or decentralized the. The centralized model consists in leaving a central body that take economic decisions that will produce goods and services. This body will decide which goods producing, who and how to distribute them, how much to assign to each person, etc.. In this system the personal initiative and private property are left to side by what motivation decreases in the economic sphere. The decentralized system is to give priority to individuals in the development of the economy. Each individual decides the activity that you want to perform either in the production, marketing or distribution… The decentralized system establishes performance standards as respect for private property and free competition.

The implementation of these systems always occur in irreconcilable differences between producers and investors, that in the long run cause conflicts and large social differences. Within these two great models have appeared influenced by the historical moments variations that have been framed. One of the most prominent have been libertarian economic systems that practice, until now a small or medium-scale. The goal is in common self-management and therefore freedom and economic self-determination is one of the fundamental parts of human life. Examples of these libertarian economic systems are Mutualism where base is the Association of consumers and producers, with a price derived from the cost of production, and eliminating the profit. To each according to his work would be his motto. Or collectivism which advocates the collective ownership of the means of production, but the value of the work to be distributed in proportion to the work and its quality.

Or ecological economics that assumes an inherent relationship between the health of ecosystems and humans. These examples were sons of his era and need, specifying projects rebranded as the store’s time from Cincinnati who was the first mutualist experiment. At the store, consumers could buy goods with notes of work representing an agreement to carry out work; or as modern times which was a colony which was based on the idea of individual sovereignty and individual responsibility. Without a doubt, in these moments there the same structure and social, economic or political juncture that in the decades and centuries past by what the solutions or proposed economic alternatives have to be different and adapted to the current social reality. These solutions should take three essential guidelines to deal with any guarantee of success: greater specialization, greater Codependence and greater potential for adaptation. Greater specialization will mean to compete successfully on the market so atomized that now develops in the economy globalized thanks to the reduction of competition that involves. Greater Codependence and synergy between the specialized local economic units in order to create a network of support that allow a common growth and constitutes a commercial alternative basis. These two factors will achieve a higher coefficient of adaptation and evolution of these local alternative economic models that will facilitate their survival and consolidation in the markets.

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Your Road To Success

March 17th, 2013    Posted in News

If you’ve spent several months on the internet and we’ve got results let me ask you a question: do not you’re thinking that you’ve failed not? If so I can tell you that you are wrong. Contrary to what you think I think that you’re very close to win. Why?Simply because you’ve reached the point where most surrendered, has given up and has already left. Those are the opportunists who generally seek to magical immediate results without effort, and in addition, believe to be able to get something without giving anything. On the other hand if you’ve come this far and have not decided to surrender, then, from now be part of that another group comprising those who are beginning to get results by their determination and their firm determination to win and achieve success. Surely you know that to win we need make mistakes, give against the wall and even lose some things.

But the big difference that perhaps does not distinguish, is that now you know selecting the information and accounts with invaluable experience of your own mistakes. You are starting to be a true entrepreneur, but with experience not as before, and go directly on the way to become a professional e-commerce. So that it abandon it isn’t for you, it is only some vague thought that remain in the past. I ask that reflections and to see the difference between today and when you started. When did you had nothing you’ve treasured experience, little or much but now you have it. That is your capital, large or small, but capital at last. Never think that you have nothing, because we have what is needed. Now I just want to leave you some important success phrases because I prefer that you strenghthen your attitude and increase your efforts to arrive at the goal you’ve set. They are important phrases so that you have them always present.

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Recliner Bicycle

March 15th, 2013    Posted in News

Then you are at the store to point buy you a fixed bicycle for exercise you, and suddenly you have to choose vertical or recliner? These are the two styles of stationary bikes available in the market today. How to choose depends on a few things such as your budget, space available and what they find most comfortable for you to exercise. Vertical bicycles is the older bikes, if you think a fixed bicycle you think the vertical bikes, everyone is familiar with this bike. They are typically used just like a normal touring bike and are designed to emulate the experience of cycling outdoors. For example, you can simulate a pedal on steep or obstacles with only increase resistance or pedaling faster. One of the points against for many is the type of this bicycle seat. If you’ve never before cicled or do not long ago most likely is that you feel a little uncomfortable, especially in longer sessions. Is not something that you keep away from This exercise already that with a week or two that do it regularly you acostumbraras.

Please we can say that they occupy little space and so are popular since they can be kept anywhere, but in addition to being more compact less materials are used which translates into a price lowest purchase. More likely reclining bicycles is that many are not aware of this type of bike. It’s a bike where your feet are in front of yours, have a seat with backrest and have no handlebars. The advantage is precisely the seat similar to a saddle, which is much more comfortable and spacious than the vertical bicycles. With this type of bike you feel good down and you extend your legs ahead of you instead of down as with other bike model. Many people prefer this way to train for being more comfortable. Against there say that they are a size much larger by nature and usually have more accessories than its counterpart, which commonly are usually cost a little more than money.

However, the benefits easily worth the price. What is best? Putting one on par with the other you will notice easily of their differences and similarities. The truth that there is no one that is better than the other, but there are points that you should consider. Here come into play experience with use, levels of comfort, size and the own possibilities of storage. The best advice I can give is that you upload to the two and try them, there will leave your impressions about what is best for you. Always remember what your goal and make sure you take the time to investigate properly. For the others, a fixed bicycle is always a good alternative to consider when making your lifestyle, one much better.

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British Journal

March 12th, 2013    Posted in News

In a recent issue of the British Journal of nutrition, scientists discovered that it can help to weight loss increasing calcium consumption. However, this applies only to those who have a diet low in calcium. The study lasted 15 weeks. Participants obese women whose average daily intake of calcium was below the 600 mg. Daily consumption of recommended calcium is 1000mg. Obese women were placed on a low calorie diet and took two tablets of calcium or a placebo (for a total of 1200mg) every day. After 15 weeks, women who were taking calcium tablets lost about 6 Kg, while women who were taking the placebo lost 1 Kg. Scientists formulated the hypothesis that, when a body calcium, lacks the brain detects this and seeks to compensate the deficiency by stimulating a higher intake of food.

This can discourage any weight loss program. On the other hand, taking enough calcium appears to have a suppressive effect of the desire to eat more food. Conclusion? Taking sufficient amounts of calcium helps to ensure the success of a weight loss program.So, how can you increase your calcium intake and make sure you do not gain weight or ruin your weight loss goals? Something that you can do is take a calcium supplement tablets or capsules. Calcium supplements are also available in powder, so you might prefer that option. You can add your calcium supplement powder to smoothies or any drink. You can also buy enriched rice milk, soy, or simple dairy milk.

If you are able to tolerate them, it includes ricotta and yogurt in your daily diet. Stock you on foods that are good sources of calcium. These foods include almonds, seeds of Sesame (tahini), broccoli, molasses, and tofu. Make sure you balance your calcium intake with more or less amount in milligrams of magnesium. And finally, if you take your supplement of calcium half an hour before you go to bed, you sleep better.

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Internet Parents

March 10th, 2013    Posted in News

Lack of time is a severe problem facing today’s societies: the children spend most of the day alone or care by outsiders, sometimes the family, or by a family member who isn’t MOM or dad. This has caused an increase in depression of young people and adolescents, who are generally very sad because they only see their parents at bedtime is and there are even those who do not see them all day; because when parents arrive from work they are already asleep. Such a situation is the cause of a series of social problems, among which are: a). depression. Dentro_de the multiple problems that cause depression are the following: l).Teenagers in their maturation process faced serious internal conflicts of self-identification and self-acceptance; (2).In many households not enough money, which causes that the children defeat is, because parents cannot give them all what they want; (3).The lack of cohabitation with parents and therefore almost no communication with them. All this contributes to that you seek as a way to escape drug addiction and suicide.

(b).Unwanted pregnancies. These have increased considerably in adolescent and young women. Previously not presented both these problems because the man was who was working and women are remained at home attending to the children, who were always accompanied by the mother, who devoted his time to them and gave them lots of love; but none of the two is now at home, because she has also joined the productive activity, which is not bad, it needs to overcome personal and professionally; the problem is that it disregards the children. Ideally, both parents could spend part of the day to work and another part to live with his family, unfortunately traditional jobs do not allow it. We live in a time in which the human being is already angry work all day and have no time for him and his family. Currently there are thousands of people who daily seek alternatives to business or work on the Internet. Lots of people want to work from home and in time partial, because really our body and our spirit need a rest.

Which, unfortunately, if we want to give it to us may not be for a period longer, because we need money for our expenses. We need time and also money. We must strive to achieve both: you deserve both economic and personal freedom. Your family deserves to have you by his side every day and a better life. Progress and success do not have to be only for a few, all deserve happiness. Dare to dream big. Words have power. Your thoughts attract what you want; but this is a process does not happen over night. You should fill your mind of positive ideas and discarding the negative ones. After a time, by the law of attraction, I guarantee you that you begin to have what they’ve dreamed of. If you wish with all your heart and you think that things may be possible, it will be. Fight by having the job that can give you comfort and freedom.

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