The Development

February 28th, 2016 Posted in News

The valuation and the deepening of the knowledge organized in the different ones you discipline pertaining to school are conditions to establish the relations interdisciplinares, understood as necessary for the understanding of the totality. Exactly when historical and cultural conditionings are gifts in the format of the educative system, they do not hinder the intention to search to transform the theory into practical aiming at the reinforcement of the learning. So that the scientific thought is incorporated by educating as one practical one of its daily one is necessary that Science is to its reach and the knowledge has felt and can be used in the understanding of the reality that the fence. The school has the responsibility to form conscientious, critical and active citizens in the society. The current Brazilian legislation for education it guides the schools in this direction. (BEVILACQUA & COUTINHO-SILVA). The satisfaction to come, to be in the school, of really learning is what it searchs with practical pertaining to school and more efficient learnings. One becomes necessary to make possible to the pupil one better accompaniment of the evolution of Science, of the transformations that occur in the nature and of the history of the man.

The base of the cultural formation of the children and young is molded in the school. The way that goes of the learning to its practical application passes for the development of abilities, the adoption of attitudes and the acquisition of abilities, that are the necessary mediaes in this process. Learning, … is the process by means of which educating interacts, it assimilates, it incorporates, it understands, it means and it dominates a content. It is treated, therefore, of an activity of interactive and buying nature. (COAST). The experiences in classroom are the mechanisms of perception and evidence of that what it is being studied it is of value, is real.


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