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Romantic Restaurants

November 17th, 2013    Posted in News

I decided to make a selection of the restaurants more romantic of the city of Barcelona that we serve as references when you want to surprise someone or simply to celebrate something. I hope to make re-entry and third parties. Il Giardinetto: this local Italian food is the romantic restaurant par excellence. Now a year ago that I won’t and I’ve seen very bad opinions, but the truth is that to me the food from this restaurant always I liked (that Yes, prices are rising too). It is a two-story room with a very soft light and original decor that recreates a garden. In its day it was a FAD award.

You can taste in its spectacular risotto or carpaccio of fish, but I recommend to try the pasta. The average price is 40 euros. The Queen: located just behind the Church of Santa Maria del Mar, the atmosphere is warm and intimate, accompanied by a faint light and red tones that make it special. One of the things that stand out most is the French touch of your kitchen, mixed with Catalan flavours and dishes presented in a very original way. In this restaurant you will find a delicious Terrine of foie gras, venison carpaccio or risotto of vegetables with cream of mushroom (highly recommended). The average price is 35 euros. Tower d high seas: despite its high level of kitchen and, consequently, rather exorbitant prices, only views of this gastronomic viewpoint that allows us to eat in a single framework worth passing, even once, for this restaurant. At 75 meters, it offers excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

If you’re thinking about impressing someone, do not hesitate to choose this restaurant. You can order dishes like creamy rice with shrimp or herring caviar and grape vinaigrette. The average price is around 80 euros. Blau bcn: a modern and sober, but very cosy and romantic restaurant initially, the jovenencisimo chef Marc Roca had opened the restaurant under the name Blau de Begur Costa Brava, but the success that took your kitchen made you decide to move to the Catalan capital. Excellent Catalan cuisine of the season with a very special touch and a first quality raw material. You find dishes such as Eggplant with foie in the style of Raimundo Gonzalez or suckling pig cooked at low temperature, all for an average of between 30 and 45 euros price. Roig Robi: a landmark in Barcelona because of its elegance and its flawless and intimate terrace. In addition, it gives a very personal touch to Catalan cuisine of high level and their service is more than correct. They include rice and cod dishes, although I must say that this restaurant is for an occasion very, very special, since the price is quite high: more than 50 euros. You should book in advance. Original author and source of the article.

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Earth News

November 11th, 2013    Posted in News

Communication workers must advertise their actions with the aim of serving the highest interests of the people so that they can bring the news to society in the most accurate way possible and not serving the interests of a small elite, party, group of politicians or new small elites, parties or groups of politicians who only seek to ensure their personal interests hold the power thing rather than as possiblebecause the social interest, is true, is important while do not delete or undermine the dignity and rights of each individual in society. To summarize say that the journalist meets a work best if it has respect and credibility of their society. Journalistic ethics, balance and rationality, apparently, have gone down in history in the country and now between Government and opposition journalists countless us they lead to believe definitely giving media rot for long without the citizen can do absolutely nothing except disapprove the political practices of each medium (State and private) who forget their primary duty, hiding in the destructive criticism either to capitalism and neo-liberalism or socialism and communism instituting new forms of dehumanization driving public opinion simply as robots or automatons programmed to think of taste and discretion of traders from the information embedded in the Government and the opposition seeking to establish to place as a single reality, its reality and a single vision ignoring that the country is different and does not respond to a single emblem or criterion, even less to a single ideology and that its strength is based on the complementarity of all its inhabitants, why and more only remains to say journalistic ethics; rest in peace.

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