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Student Language Holidays – Something For Everyone?

March 30th, 2017    Posted in News

With students courses that expand a foreign language, the fact is that students learn are always popular!More and more schools offer nowadays bilingual instruction opportunities. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Commons Speaker . This means that one has a student exchange and several language courses is at school. It cooperates with schools across Europe, to reinforce the newly learned language. Through language courses, mainly the vocabulary and pronunciation are trained intensively. You can learn the correct pronunciation by native speakers, therefore also a well-trained teacher in the debate can not perfectly convey the language the children. Let’s take for example the language of English. You can make students learn to England, which is the best place in Europe for an English language course, but you can communicate well in Holland with partner schools, because the Dutch have excellent English skills. England is English LK with the cosmopolitan city of London a popular destination of German schools, at least if you have a study trip in the 12 to and you This set, most schools travel to London or in smaller cities in the vicinity of London, so that you can take train to London.

Through these courses, students meet new places, new countries and much more. Especially in London or in world cities the students language convey that many different people can live together peacefully and that a language unites these people. The students appreciate the learned language and want to improve it of course during their journey. Except for new crops, the students experience a breathtaking journey through the cities and see also the nature. Hikes or other joint activities to promote the cohesion of the class and by the fact that students with locals need to communicate, consolidate the language immensely a. I personally had a student learn in eighth and 12th grade and must say that I enjoyed very much, to spend the week with my learned language. The feeling of the To be able to also implement learned and the realization that I cope in other countries, has accepted me very happy!

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Christmas Shopping In London

February 5th, 2017    Posted in News

To visit the land of the Queen of Christmas shopping people tend most of an unpleasant duty in the stressful time before year-end. Instead of sinking in hustle and bustle, the online portal recommends a trip to London. In the English city it can be excellent reading and using the new environment creativity in terms of selection of gifts is quickly going to swing. A flight to London is worth thus in any case, to escape the everyday life for a few days and enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest. Of course, the time is also perfectly suited for sightseeing. A visit to Kensington Palace, which offers a special exhibition to Princess Diana is recommended in addition to the Buckingham Palace, the residence of the Royal family.

Also, a stroll through the Christmas London worth over at Westminster Abbey, where the Royal Coronation ceremonies take place, and to the Parliament and Big Ben. A trip with the famous Ferris wheel London Eye, travelers can views over the Thames and the surrounding Enjoy London. If you like something scary like you can visit the Tower of London. Once, he was used as a royal residence and later converted to the prison. Today, the spirits of the prisoners should haunt umher in the dungeons. Exclusive purchases a visit of the luxury department store of Harrods is advisable for”purchase of all conceivable everyday objects of food bags and handbags in the designer clothing can be. The facade, which by 1,200 light is lit up and makes fast festive mood is especially famous. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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Stefan Seitzt Aachener

November 8th, 2016    Posted in News

Explains how your team to top services motivate EP events of the Cologne provider for corporate and incentive travel. With a wide range of incentive travel the travel specialist offers & P events from Cologne to a mixture of experience, exclusivity and community staff. The competent tour operator reveals the concept of travel benefits for employee retention and motivation. : Sustainable incentive travels incentive are effective Travel by corporate sponsored trips for employees and customers. The leisure-oriented trip provides incentives to promote work motivation among employees. The operating climate improves community feel empowered. The incentive participants get to know closer, discover new and share in the collective travel experiences. For employees, this means a welcome change.

Instead of conventional work everyday, there are new motivation boost. This is a profit for the entire company. John Bercow MP gathered all the information. Because mentally and physically fresh again to work. & P events offers new website under to combine exceptional travel locations with exciting activities. The result is an improved working environment, that lasts and lasts. Corporate travel concepts focus the & P travel concepts to measure in planning and organizing completely on the performances of the companies. With expertise on ideal travel resorts, climatic conditions and framework programme, & P helps to coordinate the travel set events.

Depending on the desired travel concept the components are adapted to (destination, travel by bus, ship, aircraft, atmosphere, accommodation, catering, etc.). Pan-European top destinations where should the event take place? Idyllic, urban or Mediterranean environment? Indoor or outdoor event rather? Sport and movement in the air, land or water? Relax on the magnificent Beach, thrill of rafting or full concentration at archery? Popular incentive destinations of & P events are: Rafting Tour in Kitzbuhel, discovery tour by seething volcanoes in Iceland, speed boat ride in Germany, Jeep Safari on Malta, snow golf, or Paragliding in Austria as well as an exclusive sailing trip on the Cote D Azur. Unforgettable experience”with & P events at & P events is the feel good factor program. The travel promotional team building is the ideal alternative in addition to other reward systems for employees. The goal here is to make the company outing into an unforgettable experience with creative ideas.

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Better Accommodate Large Groups In The House Than In The Hotel

September 2nd, 2016    Posted in News

Better accommodate large groups in the House than in the hotel in Germany there are a large number of smaller clubs, such as the cone of force or the hand working women. Many of them have a club Fund in which regularly deposited, so that you can enjoy something really great to be later. (Not to be confused with Jon S. Speelman!). Usually, smaller holidays is required, where society as a whole can take distance from everyday life. While it is usually very important can go as cheap vacation and thus also as much as possible for their saved money getting the tour groups. This is possible by such groups not in a hotel register, but rather back up on a cottage. A cottage is there today in any holiday destination, so also in the typical holiday regions in Germany or abroad. Thus, the selection of the resort is very broad and can be found as well a spacious cottage on the North and Baltic seas, such as on the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands or in other typical and popular holiday destinations. Not only the selection of destinations is doing very great, but also the selection of holiday houses themselves.

Many of them are designed for more than eight people and also almost always have the option to absorb even more people through extra beds. You think once at a hotel, then this would be unthinkable, unless it is to children. Also the costs are for a holiday house in the framework, because often they are available already from under 200 euro per night. Is the total is then divided by the fellow travelers, there is only a relatively small amount that the individual comes to or completely may be paid from the funds of the Association. The House has even more benefits to offer, because while one is bound in a hotel at fixed meal and rest periods, you can decide in a vacation home, go to bed when you get up, or would like to eat.

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Hornblower Cruises

July 22nd, 2016    Posted in News

offers the blue spoon coffee company fair traded coffee and custom-made sandwiches, which are served by friendly staff. The Cowgirl sea horse is known for his unique combination of flavours from the South West with seafood. You can dine at the lively local South Street Seaport historic district. The Fino Ristorante Italiano is distinguished by the conveniently located near Wall Street and Battery Park and the exquisite taste of Northern Italian cuisine. Fresh salt, an inviting bar which reminds to the old New York, offers rich sub menus and small plates with specialities and is known for the best Bloody Mary in the city is just a few steps from the old Fulton fish market. The Stone Street Tavern located on a picturesque street in the financial district, offers outdoor seating and serves everything from Bison burgers and fish & chips to lobster Mac n’ cheese and salmon.

Shopping of clothes and shoes to cribs and toys offer Babesta parents everything they need to their smallest To equip family members. Bowne & co Stationers and Bowne printers give visitors an insight into the printing of the 19th century. Harry Kane brings even more insight to the discussion. In the Bowne, visitors can examine some of the oldest printing presses in the world and purchase handmade print templates for letterheads, note cards and invitations to tender. Chameleon comics and cards provide the district with a series of comic books about sports cards collectibles up to graphically prepared amendments for more than 20 years. That offers more than 400 wines in Pasanella located a boat supply store from the 19th century and son vintners, originating from small family-run wineries to well-known brands.

In a tasting room with private garden, visitors can taste the different wines of the store. Attractions Circle line sightseeing cruises, Hornblower Cruises & events, offer New York Water taxi and the Statue Cruises visitors not only a fun way to discover New York, but also the ability to points of interest along the Hudson and East rivers to explore. A good view of the statue of liberty is guaranteed thereby. New York City combines five cities in one: Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Iceland. The neighborhood x neighborhood initiative is the affordability and accessibility of the quarters in all five boroughs in the Center. The special focus is on areas where in the past few years new hotels have developed. The district and the featured highlights were selected in collaboration with the staff of the City Council, the NYC small business services, the developing business districts and community leaders, as well as taking into account the more than 2,000 members of NYC & company. For more about lower Manhattan neighborhoods, see. Moving, as well as photos of the highlights of the neighborhood are press photos available at. Follow us on Twitter @nycgo_press for the latest information about tourism in news York City to get. About NYC & company: NYC & company is the official marketing and Tourism Organisation of the city of New York City. She is responsible for the development of tourism, the economic development of the five city districts and taking care of the positive image of the city around the world. For more information on visit Media INFORMATION Contact: Evelyn Dathe, AVIAREPS tourism PR, Josephsohn’s Hospital 15, 80331 Munich, E-Mail:, Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 / 55 25 33 410

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Corporate Travel

August 4th, 2015    Posted in News

If we talk about business travel in general, business travel is only one side of the coin. Now, looking at foreign partners, large Russian companies are developing corporate tourism. While small firms have only just begun to include in its budget for the New Year “corporative” shark business can afford to organize seminars, training, and just a corporate holiday abroad. What is interesting for the head of corporate tourism? Joint field visits in the first place, work on team building. It is one thing communication within the office and rare corporate events, and quite another – a joint holiday. For such journeys usually made well thought-out program. In the schedule must include training and seminars diluted with an extensive excursion program. Corporate Travel is different from the individual sound organization.

Of course, the leader is important that the staff had a rest and gather strength for labor achievements, but this is not enough. If you just take out the entire staff, put them in a hotel and give complete freedom of action, the only time they are together, it’s at the airport. All split into interest groups, and these groups will be the same as in the office. The main idea of corporate tourism – to break these established groups and create one – and close-knit working group. To achieve this goal is not enough to go to the hotel and periodically go on trips. Each day of rest must be conceived so that it operates on the result.

Now the plot is very popular corporate tourism. Travel company organize not just a trip, and adventure in the tradition of Hollywood movies. Unite all employees in the team to seek answers to the intricate puzzle, to reveal the insidious plans of corporate enemy and, ultimately, to reach countless treasures. Such a program can be designed for one day, and can inspire employees to fly the two-week vacation. It should be noted that with proper organization of the work included even the most skeptics, and adults for a few days to forget that they have senior positions in large companies. From a certain moment they become the conquerors of the jungle, dangerous pirates and treasure hunters. Corporate Travel for ordinary employees and executives will be different. Middle managers, first and foremost, you need to educate, to reveal to them all the ability to gather employees in the department single effective working mechanism. Corporate tourism-oriented leaders, has several other purposes. The person receiving the most important daily business decisions, from the rest is waiting for relaxation. Psychologists and Trainers working with clients such attempt in the first place, release tension and relieve stress. The nature of this work the chief assistant. An experienced trainer uses the natural beauty and harmony, to disable top manager from the concrete jungle and the whole dipped in green. And when the head is completely exempt from the work really come into it really worth the idea. Often it is during this rest is solved the fate of the company and completely changing the strategy of the department or entire organization.

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Business-Tourism – A Good Tool For Your Business

August 3rd, 2015    Posted in News

Due to the rapid development of the business sector and the emergence of new firms and companies, holding companies, there is a natural development and business travel. Business travel, or as it is also called business tourism in one form or another existed for a long time. But how about self-direction in this area to the fore recently. So, what is the business tourism? This concept includes not only corporate holidays, participation in seminars, trainings, conferences, and travel to find new business partners, and training. Business trips (or business trips) are generally classified according to the objectives of the trip on the intensity of tours, individual business travelers participation in conferences and workshops, visiting exhibitions, congress tours. Individual business travel sector has recently experienced a rise, and takes about 25% of the total market for business tourism.

This type of tourism focusing not only on the conduct of negotiations, to establish contacts for further cooperation, but also to rest. That is, it employs the principle of combining business with pleasure. Intensive Tour – it's Incentives employees, dealers, customers, agents. This category of tourism more popular in the West, but in recent years become an integral part of the corporate culture of many Russian companies. Intensive Tours carry a number of incentive and motivational factors: increased sales, the creation and further expansion of the agency network in the regions of sales, the formation of a cohesive team, quality improvement activities products and production efficiency; promotion (presentation) of new products, and the transition of market share from competitors. Today's most popular countries for intensive tourism are Germany, Austria and the UK. To date, conduct or organization of any of these activities take on many travel companies. They are involved in selecting the most appropriate topics of training, conference, registration, visas, selection of hotels, booking rooms, conference halls.

Of course without the help of travel agencies can organize any kind of business tourism, as for the exhibition you only the information about time and place, there may come to the aid of the Internet. But during a large-scale events all the extra hassle of getting visas, hotel reservations and other troubles in If self-organization will fall on your shoulders. In order to save time is to trust the professionals in this field – namely, tourism companies. And do not forget that business tourism contributes to the development your business and promotes the formation of new business relationships and team building.

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