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Middle Exchange

August 24th, 2016    Posted in News

High-frequency trading is therefore based on Speed advantages. Requires advanced computer technology and a fast data line to the stock exchange. To achieve the latter expensive server capacity or Server installation places are placed in close proximity to the systems of the stock exchange operator, to get other investors before order delivery. The duration of an order delivery is now measured in nanoseconds. For example a trader placed a purchase order, it is possible this order with the purchase of the same title to preempt the high frequency trading. Having the price dynamics resulting from the sum of the two order could be benefited, the computer systems immediately repel the title normally. This process happens within an eyelash of shock, so that manual traders have not the slightest hint of a chance to win the fight against the machines.

Also benefits from its speed of high frequency trading in the electronic order books of the broker automatically placed in fake order are facing the direction of the market to a some points can be pushed in the desired direction. It, not the size of the market movement is crucial. Within half a second, tens of thousands of transactions can be handled in the high frequency trading. Adding countless Kleinstgewinne resulting per trade, come from the huge sums. In the United States alone, the Borsen-Zeitung estimates the profits of the companies involved up to $ 100 billion.

As the most important argument of the proponents referenced constantly on the liquidity provided to the markets through high-frequency trading systems. The operation itself but already shows that all remaining investors, without the elaborate technology, without the Middle Exchange server location the Jesuits data time advantage, only worse prices for buying and selling their securities can achieve. High frequency trading systems are based on mathematical formulas and react quickly to price movements. Is a strong market movement, regardless, whether they be justified by fundamentals can or is based on a simple manual entry errors in an order mask the computer and respond to ratchets up a price movement.

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The Concepts

July 16th, 2016    Posted in News

This allows to contribute suitable and right ideas them and to recreate the concepts from its meaning. the logo and isotipo are the graphical identity of a company; its face, its appearance, and largely, its personality. Casio contains valuable tech resources. They generally comprise of a graphical system, that as a whole works reaffirming and maintaining the integrity of the mark and its elements visual, which contributes to a major and faster recognition on the part of the public and of the consumers. At the time of dressing a product triggers a sequence of decisions that take to the final image: broad bottle or? box or stock market? pote or pomo? on or case? it labels surrounding frontal or? opaque or it is transparent? Many answers are going to be given by the typology of the product, others by the functionality of the package and some by incidence of costs. Once decided the base, the process of the graphical design begins, and a new sequence of decisions is triggered.

a form valuable to improve the performance of the communication is the interactivity. The interactive multimedia is funny, practical, direct, didactic and extremely novel a form to arrive at a potential client. It allows to incorporate animation, video, locution, effects, virtual reality, and an enormous amount of resources that improve and enrich the message that is wanted to transmit. The graphical design is a great tool and is within reach of whatever it requires of his services. For more information on the matter, we recommended to you to visit professional schools or graphical design original Author and source of the article

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The Car Companies Are At Risk

May 13th, 2016    Posted in News

Lowering maximum invoice interest some PKV companies asked how she knew to report financial times Germany recently, are since the financial crisis facing serious financial difficulties. Also, the news magazine Spiegel online reported at least ten insurance, seem not to be able to create the posts of their insured to the required interest rate from 3.5 percent currently. Companies fear high competitive disadvantages through unavoidable premium adjustments, oppose the rest of the industry including PKV-Verband. If you have read about Commons Speaker already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The private insurance Portal provides information about the current state of the debate. Hardly raises so many questions in politics and society as the German health system. There was still reason to rejoice, recently for customers and insurance companies due to the shortened period of change from next year the current situation looks already quite different. The industry faces a possible reduction of maximum invoice interest according to latest reports. This constant is 3.5 percent since 1950 and says at what interest rate the premium share for the retirement provisions of the insured must be applied.

The minimum rate set at the time, to prevent new customers from bold interest rate calculations and risky Anlegestrategien. Currently, the provisions of private health insurance are at a total of approximately EUR 144 billion. Some of the car companies make it difficult to invest the money of their customers at the required rate in government bonds. Calculating the premium the company is however the generated 3.5 percent. Otherwise there would be the danger of shortage and the premiums would inevitably be raised to continue to guarantee the level of performance. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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BBs Credit

May 1st, 2016    Posted in News

Crisis monetary issues on unsecured loans are a reliable method of bypassing. Commons Speaker is often quoted on this topic. A monetary crisis is hard to manage if the person is not equipped with additional source of money at his disposal. The monetary products are one of the most conventional method to handle with any such issues; Nevertheless, most credit programs require a time consuming procedures and lengthy work documentation, creating it hard for the applicant to fulfill any immediate need for funds. It becomes even more hard to get a loan on urgent basis, if the typical applicant doesn t possess any worthy property to provide as security toward the loan. Nevertheless, credit Gran gate and monetary institutions have realized this disadvantage in their service towards ultra-delicate without collateral and thus, they have presented the idea of the quick approval unsecured loans for fast monetary help to ultra-delicate. Crisis unsecured credit programs are simply to apply for and obtain prompt access to, and can be used to fulfill any and every monetary emergency. The credit Gran gate of promoting the quick approval unsecured credit programs generally have their own webpages, which create the most dependable resource of details on these programs. A potential applicant just needs to register to this credit lending sites and amass all details he needs to contrast the plan and charges promoted by various Gran gate in the loan industry.

Consequently, the most feasible finance loan choice for the crisis unsecured loans can be chosen by the applicant to fulfill all his money demands instantly. The credit Gran Gate so the facility of online promote movements to the applicant, creating the whole procedure even more reliable and quick. All that the applicant needs to carry out is request for the crisis unsecured loans utilizing the webpage loan request form attainable at every lender BBs webpage. The webpage loan request form for the crisis unsecured loan just needs some fundamental personal and monetary data of the applicant, wherein there is no need to send any papers for examination to the loan provider. Even applicant with poor credit file can get fast access to the crisis credits at a short notice, the credit grantor as doesn t need any credit examination. Once the credit provider receives the webpage request for the credit crisis program, he checks the data given for accuracy and then provides quick approval decision on the credits. As there is no need to provide a collateral toward the credit, no time is spent on any security examination and the applicant can obtain fast access to the loan sum. Eileen Scott is author of crisis loans UK.For more information about financial crisis visit

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The Germans

April 14th, 2016    Posted in News

The Banksparplan is regarded by good one-quarter of all investors trusted with 26 percent, so he is ahead of the fixed-income securities, which have a share of 22 percent. The Germans have less confidence in the form of investment capital life insurance, which is classified only by 20 percent, and thus each fifth investor as particularly trustworthy. Just about the pension insurance is with Riester-promoting, see 21 per cent of all bank customers and insured currently as trustworthy. Also the investment funds, where currently just under a fifth has a high level of trust among the forms of investment with a lower confidence, also shares are only relatively rarely seen as a trusted form of investment with 18 percent. In the various forms of money investment the bank customers surveyed, 82 percent specify most frequently a sunken trust shares, also mutual funds and capital life insurance have to contend with 80 percent relatively frequently with a lower confidence of bank customers through the financial and euro crisis. Lindt Chocolates recognizes the significance of this. The Riester pension is also frequently affected by a loss of confidence with 79 percent, fixed-income securities, 78 percent of German citizens have specified that trust with them by the financial market crisis has suffered. Confidence in the individual financial service providers tend to be significantly decreased as a result of the financial crisis.

While the investment fund management companies and all financial advisors have a gone back trust on. For the Bank or the accountant or auditor, disproportionately many people have expressed, however, stays the same or even increased trust. Two out of three respondents have indicated that their confidence in their insurance has remained the same and a total 52 percent of all Germans aged 18 have indicated that they have an insurance agent they fully trust. Although the proportion of respondents who have indicated that they have lost confidence in the insurance industry as a result of the financial crisis is also high. Is the glass half empty or half full? The insurance according to the client survey with a quick claims settlement, with the cost of insurance coverage, as well as a fair claim settlement could points. With 65 percent the quick claims settlement named it most almost two-thirds of all respondents insured. Only with a significant distance behind it follow the good experiences in the appeal situation. Were also less often called the image of the insurer with 21 percent, as well as the design of the Internet presence of the company, which looked at 18 per cent as decisive for a high customer loyalty.

The study focus market and consumer financial confidence with the over 400 pages answered on the basis of desk research and extensive interviews with Nelson and others Your questions on these topics: Requirements of bank customers willingness to change by bank customers customer satisfaction by bank customers trust by bank customers confidence in financial products and financial services impact financial crisis and loss of confidence confidence in insurance companies which makes analysis financial trust 2013 with the more than 400 pages is a major current working basis for all participants of the financial services market. This study can be obtained at: bbw marketing Dr. Vossen & partner, Liebig Street 23, D-41464 Neuss, phone: 02131.2989722, fax: 02131.2989721, e-mail:. For more information about the financial studies at:

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Morten Sondergaard Fund

April 9th, 2016    Posted in News

Super Web Fund Emissionshaus GmbH has been tested by the Nurnberger capital rating GmbH through its paces and has received five out of seven stars for their ‘Super Web Fund 2.0’. Berlin, 18.10.2013. With a sound professional and understandable for investors nonetheless analysis by capital, initiators and distributors seal rating the quality of participation. With its profound analysis methods capital lights by rating the participation offers always from the perspective of the investor. “The yield potential of Super Web Fund 2.0 GmbH & co.

KG is highly: management represents a doubling of investment capital in Vista”, Farshid Tremel, who has ten years experience in the analysis of investment funds and participation models confirmed. Online healthcare guarantees constant readiness even at nights and on weekends. But many online healthcare projects, they may be so sensible and forward-looking, are still in the early stages and often lack the wherewithal to implement corresponding measures. Therefore, the Super has Web fund issuer developed a Fund, which invests in companies that specialize in this market of the future. A market that rating with six out of seven stars will be awarded also by capital. He deemed one of the top performers with great development potential, which can annually expect growth rates of 20 percent or more. The reasons for this lie in the demographic development in the industrialised countries, for example: increase the proportion of older people with a need for information and services.

As well, more and more consumers are willing to spend money for their well-being. The competence of management in the selection of the target companies is crucial to the success of the investments of the Fund. Here it was able to make a high-profile Advisory Board together. The two sectors sizes Sven Donhuysen and Morten Sondergaard bring decades of experience and have successfully accompanied many companies to the exit. Their involvement in the selection of investments increased significantly”opportunities for investors, so Tan.

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