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Travel Time

January 29th, 2017    Posted in News

What time is it? Sure that well played anyone respond to that phrase interrogatoria either ask it to alguena. Give the reply to that question so common is not so easy. As regards this question almost 450 years ago went wrong which worried many people. Almost three years he travelled on a ship the first expedition around the world. The issue in question was directed by Magellan who died during navigation. The journey undertaken five ships of which only the ship Victoria returned to the city of Seville on September 6, 1522.

In this boat returned only 18 people, weak, sick and thin as skeletons. It should be noted that the journey was undertaken by 258 people. Immediately from the ship 18 persons mentioned carrying lighted candles, reeling from weakness, headed to the Cathedral of Seville to apologize to God of the sins that had been unwittingly during the long journey. What sins would have Unable to commit? Way back the sailors of the ship Victoria landed at the Cape Verde Islands for reservations of provisions and water, they realized that it was then in the Islands Thursday, but in Victoria according to the log-book was Wednesday. Day that the Victoria landfall in Seville does not fit doubt that in the log-book had been wrong in a day. (Not to be confused with John Bercow MP!). They had left one day without counting. It turned out that the sailors had been held all religious holidays a day before, so, in all Church asked forgiveness to God for their sins.

Strangely it seems then Mariners not had been wrong, since all dates were mentioned in the log-book. Where was the mistake? The Earth gives one full turn of the West to the East in a 24 hour period. The Victoria Mariners travelled in the opposite direction, i.e. from East to West. The three consecutive years, which lasted for navigation, of the victory gave a complete revolution around the Earth, but in the opposite direction to which moves the planet. Thus, during the three years they gave one lap less than our planet, and that was the day that lacked. If the expedition made the trip in the same direction of rotation the Earth, i.e., from West to East, had happened the other way round, i.e., they had turned one rather than the Earth. When the distances are small, the time difference, is not taken into account since this is small. But travel around the world makes us keep an eye on the time and setting time. For example, if at 12 on the night of December 31 we refer a message via electronic mail from the city of Vladivostok to Moscow, the message you receive in the capital of Russia at 7 pm on December 31. That is, the message receive 5 hours before being sent.

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Argentina England Las Malvinas Y El Petroleo

April 21st, 2014    Posted in News

Again renewed the conflict in Argentina with England, all in the interest of petroleum, which requires the UK Government to the reality of the energy crisis and what it represents have a tan quoted product such as oil, most before the evidence of the results of a geological study commissioned from a team headed by Donald Griffiths, of the University of Birmingham., of the possibility of having the islands oil. Be considered as stated in Wikipedia, exploration in the Falkland Islands began towards the end of the 1970s with the acquisition of a set of regional seismic data by two oil services companies. Then the data available did not allow the beginning of exploration since the Falkland Islands Government was not prepared to offer licenses of excavation, on the other hand, the start of the war in the Islands from Argentina in 1982 postponed all exploration. In 1992 the Island Government hired the British Geological Survey to which start the scanning process. After an initial investigation revealed the existence of several Mesozoic basins continued to seismic research.

The main interest of exploration after the first round of licensing was located in the area of the North Falkland basin, a basin fractured form elongated in relatively shallow water. Basins located south and East of the Islands present a major technological challenge since they are at one greater depth. During the supply of licenses in 1996 seven companies agreed to a campaign of excavation. There were 6 wells which were planned for the first five years of the new licenses. Environmental data were collected along with geological and geophysical data extracted during the exploration campaign also. On the other hand, new investigations in this area were carried out during the campaign and it was the subject of study for the past years. The exploration of the Falkland Islands area is It is located in the Sea North of them and covers an area of 400,000 km which contains several sedimentary basins of the Mesozoic.

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Tea Appreciation Motivates

April 3rd, 2013    Posted in News

Gratitude is the most effective tool for the edification of our present, and thus build a better past. This phrase, or any similar sense it we have read or heard without paying sufficient attention, since although a thought inspire us for a moment, little practice make this with a purpose that allows us a leap in quality in our lives. Think about it a good now, guarantees us a good memory of what has been lived and empowers us to a better tomorrow. is or is not the case? I frequently hear the colloquial phrase first God, accompanied by requests that mention what you want or it covets. In essence invoking something that does not possess. If we spend a little attention, we percataremos that we spend much of our time, trying to get goods or status, that we consider necessary for our happiness or peace of mind, the interesting thing is that these requests are not backed by disciplined actions oriented to a purpose, far from it, do not pass a waiting position, generating dissatisfaction of our current position or condition. As a result of the practice, our thinking is structured the request for conditions and resources missing, ignoring the qualities, conditions, capabilities and skills that we possess, which are generating source of harmony and constant personal satisfaction, said otherwise engines of self-esteem.

I intend to invite them to the individual reflection and the discovery of the power of appreciation of the resources which currently has each; spiritual, mental resources, materials, skills, etc. that we deal with to apply them in our daily living, will be apparent before us the true quality of life that we currently possess. You already have everything you need now, use it thank as you are and by what you have, get the rest is a consequence of a proper thinking and an attitude positive to the situations that you have live you.!! Avoid commiserate it or feel poor thing (or) I, that if it is a good first step and clear and consistent action with what life has given him until today, allowing him a handhold to transform your wishes into commitments which will be realistic if they are accompanied by actions oriented towards what you want.

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Four Substances Basic

March 22nd, 2013    Posted in News

Community acupuncture in the MTC, the four basic substances of life are the essence, Qi, blood, and body fluids. All her are material bases that maintain the normal activities of the human body. EsenciEsencia (Jing) is a fundamental material in the human body and the material basis for various physiological functions within the same.Why the essence is said is essential for the body. Older generations of practitioners of TCM reached the conclusion that there were two types of essence: essence congenital or innate and acquired essence.In functional terms, the two types are defined as the reproductive essence and the essence of Zang-Fu organs. The congenital essence receives from parents and is stored in the kidney.

This essence also referred to as prenatal essence, and works to promote the growth, development, maturity, and reproduction of the body. Therefore congenital essence is also called reproductive essence. The acquired essence is derived from the functions Zang-Fu organs and nutritive substance of food and drink that nourish the body.In turn, the essence acquired serves as base material for functional activity of Zang-Fu organs.Consequently, it is called the essence of Zang-Fu organs. The stored in the kidney essence includes both the acquired and congenital essence.The two are interdependent and promote each other.Before birth, congenital essence prepares the material basis for the acquiree, and after birth, acquired essence continues the work of replenishing the congenital essence.A healthy congenital essence facilitates the formation of the acquired essence, while the growth, development and reproduction is based on the replenishment of the congenital essence by the acquired essence. Qi Qi (or Chi) what?According to ancient Chinese thought, Qi is described as the fundamental particles that make up the universe and which produce all manifest in the world through the movements and changes them.In traditional Chinese medicine, Qi in its physiological sense refers to the driving force or energy (which is produced by these basic particles) necessary for the various functional processes.Since the Qi is invisible, and what in reality is perceived is the result of energy, Qi often connotes the same activity in itself.For example, a kidney Qi deficiency means that there is a deficiency of the energy needed for the functional processes of the kidney; mean, it really involves and describes is the status or level of such decrease in kidney function.

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