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Ukrainian Floors

September 28th, 2015    Posted in News

Experts estimate that about half the area of industrial and warehouse facilities as well as about a quarter of the area shopping centers have floors with protective coatings – mostly toppings or polymeric materials. When This according to analysts, the dry reinforcers for concrete floors (toppings) accounted for more than 50% (in physical terms) of the Ukrainian market. Reinforcer dry concrete (grout composition or other topping) is dry mixture of cement, various aggregates and polymer additives, which are uniformly rubbed into the surface of the concrete before hardening, and then smoothed and polished to give the floor strength and resistance to abrasion. Today in Ukraine the materials from different manufacturers, designed to harden the concrete surface. Created with toppings, are gaining in popularity: Consumers rated high performance characteristics of such floors, contractors also attracts simplicity and accessibility of technology-specific dry mixture is applied directly on the surface of fresh concrete. Thus, advantage of toppings is the rapid implementation of the works that allows the floor to pass into operation in record time.

Polymeric materials for devices of protective coatings industrial floor currently occupied by about 30% of the total volume of Ukrainian market. As experts say, the polymer coating for floors are usually used where there are stringent requirements for resistance to aggressive media, sterile (pharmaceutical, chemical, paint, food and other industries). Damage to concrete solution of the polymer forms on the surface of the floor monolithic solid “film.” The most common polymer compositions, epoxy and polyurethane resins. Experts advise to opt for industrial buildings, where floors are subjected to significant mechanical loads, polyurethane floors. They are durable, meet fire safety requirements. For application in the administrative, commercial and public buildings that are visited by large numbers of people, the best epoxy flooring with a smooth glossy or matte finish, which not only withstand all operational loads. But also have an attractive appearance. Polymer flooring more sophisticated. They require strict compliance with certain conditions when applying the protective coating: first.

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Jiraiya Sasuke

September 26th, 2015    Posted in News

Sasuke has also been a fan and Sakura Haruno. That was in love with Naruto. That was another reason to hate. Sasuke Uchiha floor to the team Kakashi-sensei. As you got more and Naruto, and Sakura. Sakura was glad that there was Sasuke.

Naruto was glad that there was Sakura. And Sasuke has always been a do not care. In his mind there was only one thought. This is to avenge his clan Uchiha. Sasuke Uchiha.

Betrayal. Betrayal is in the second season of Naruto Shippuuden. It was the most difficult to Konoha. They attacked the village of sound and sand. But fortunately leaf shinobi could defend their land. But here no loss has not done. Dying in battle the great Third Hokage ninja at the hands of Orochimaru. Following these events in the village for the first time Itachi Uchiha returned with his partner Kisame. He sought dzhinchchurki, rather Uzumaki Naruto. In which sealed the Nine Demon Fox Kyuubi. They both obnarizhivayut Kakashi Kurinay, Mighty Guy and Asuma. And they come in four fight against the two Akatsuki. But for some reason the fight was equal. Despite this they had to retreat. And Kakashi went to the hospital for a long time. Jounin wanted to hide from Sasuke, Itachi returned. Because they knew that Sasuke will go on search for his brother for revenge. Still, they could not conceal from him the news. And Sasuke tugged on the search. And he found them right at the moment when they were ready to kill Naruto. Sasuke for a long time preparing for this meeting. And one isprobyval of his new technique – Chidori. True Itachi Uchiha strayed from this technique is very easy. At that moment Sasuke that he felt the very poor. But thanks to Jiraiya-sama two Akatsuki again had to retreat. After the fight, Sasuke was very much thought about its validity. Orochimaru knew that Sasuke needs strength and decided to take him under his tuition. In exchange for the fact that he would give him her body as a vessel. Well, it certainly does not say Sasuke. And he sent his "Four Sound 'in search of Sasuke Uchiha. They found him, and gave all that he said Orochimaru. Here at Sasuke had a choice. And because he chose, or rather Orochimaru. On the way to Orochimaru, Sasuke doorstep goes to meet Sakura. Which detract from his stay. But the hatred for Sasuke Itachi was stronger than love. Cut down it, he poshol further.

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Advertising Coalition Kiev

September 24th, 2015    Posted in News

However, this does not confirmed nor denied the executive director of the "All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition," Maxim Lazebnik. "I have no facts and evidence on this subject can not provide, ask the publishers if they are introduced into deception advertisers or not, "- said Maxim Lazebnik. In this case, according to sources, in some cases the actual circulation may take up to 50% from those stated, if not less. For its part, the publishers deny this information and claim that the alleged circulation of untrue. As head of external communications of the Kiev Media Holding Peter Shcherbina, rumors of improper circulation do not apply to publications appearing in CMC. For example, the circulation of the newspaper "RIO", a member of the CMC, is really 1mln.100 thousand copies.

Denied rumors about unrealistic circulation and other newspapers that are considered market leaders – "Kiev on the palms," "Misto plus" and "people of Kiev." But chapter of the Association of Young Political Scientists of Ukraine Ruslan Tkach says that these are publications with advertisers in the overstatement of circulation. Nevertheless, experts and market themselves in the capital residents complilations "Besplatki" get in the mail, not all people of Kiev. A track how many are actually distributed by courier newspapers at subway stations, it is extremely difficult. As the director of the PR-agency Media Brand Valeria Shirshakova, many market participants free advertising and information media not only overestimate their circulation, but insufficient attention to attach its own courier network. "Before the election, October 31, 2010 the presence of a strong network of express important than ever earlier.

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World Around

September 20th, 2015    Posted in News

Anyone turning out to adults, began to study the world at a significant level. Little baby explores the world around us as their family grows up, gets in your yard, kindergarten, school environment, at summer vacation is leaving the village to the grandmother or summer camp. Any of these steps may be essential to his life and personality development. A small man with every new experience is aware that the world around much broader than he himself sees it. However, even the grown-up member of society, who notices that the world is much more than his own town or state, has always felt a sort of intellectual impact when he came to another state. After all, what was discovered only at the level of short stories, is real. For the student of the university is living and studying abroad this opportunity is not considered only understand the world around consists of individuals who look at life quite completely different, but also learn a cultural life, another world view.

It is believed that in order to grow, you must see itself the outcome of development. And there’s nothing better than to go to a country where acceptable not only to get acquainted with foreign cultures, different personalities, different lifestyles, but at the same time and a lot of money. Special programs that give students an opportunity not only to visit an unknown country as tourists, and in addition, and at some time truly live and work in the power, are especially significant in the present situation. People who were able to get through this fine academy life, always able to see the nuances of the mentality of the inhabitants of another country, another culture. Consequently, in a state to find a common language with the support of other cultures. Students are increasingly turning their attention to different kinds of youth programs, student exchange, study and work in other states. Traveling abroad – it’s really an outstanding event and a chance to legally work and earn a decent – a real gift for every student. One of the most popular at the moment is the Au Pair in Kiev, thanks to thousands of students worldwide learn and improve various foreign languages directly in the direct carrier of such language, travel, finding a lot of friends.

And without exception it – without the high financial costs and, in addition to satisfaction. If you are young, vigorous, want to explore the world, correct knowledge of foreign languages and may come in the future in some institution of higher education in Europe or the usa – then directly to youth programs, education and cultural exchange – the optimum solution for you personally. Huge opportunities for self-creation of his career from scratch, and a large amount of new knowledge and feelings – is the international youth program. And this is a unique opportunity, which is required to use today!

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Sniper Rifle Battle

September 20th, 2015    Posted in News

In the battles of Kursk and Orel distinguished tankistki EA Petlyuk, T. Potanin, VP Bezrukov, OD Parshonok-Sotnikov, A. et al Samusenko Tankistka 231-th Tank Regiment Olga Parshonok breakthrough on the instructions of command, risking their lives, three scouts were transported across the front line. Once on the tank, the other – a car that when you return from a mission and the Germans knocked out burned. For the third time this dangerous voyage was made on her armored vehicle. In the battle for Kiev a driver Catherine Petlyuk thrice drove his tank into the attack and destroyed more than 400 Germans.

And when her tank was hit, fearless tankistka jumped out of the tank and a gun shot three more Nazis. In the battle of Vera Bezrukova Baranovichi tank fell into the swamp. The Nazis decided to capture him, drove tractor. But as soon as they pulled the tank, started the engine and Bezrukov tractor was towed her car. With him and she came to his unit. For this brave tankistka was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. Nina P. Petrov – Sniper Rifle 1st Battalion 284th Infantry Regiment of the 86th Tartu Infantry Division, the foreman – a full Commander of the Order of Glory (during the Great Patriotic War, only four women have been awarded this highest rank).

When the war began, from Leningrad Petrova was already 48. In this age on the front did not take. But after a few days, thin, short woman with a rifle standing in battle formation militia divisions of Leningrad.

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England Dogs

September 17th, 2015    Posted in News

Spitz (wolf, big, medium, miniature, dwarf) Spitz – excellent companion dog. Very smart, loyal to his master and his family, vigilant and distrustful of strangers, which makes them good guards. They are very intelligent, easily trained and quickly learn to perform various tricks. Spitz love movement, long walks, swim happy, cheerful and full of life and remain so until his retirement. like bark, mainly in order to attract the attention of the beloved master. They are sociable and friendly and get along well with other dogs and animals. This long-lived dogs.

Spitz hardy and undemanding. Coat them requires a relatively simple routine maintenance. Characteristic of wool Spitz is that it never falls off. Today, a variety of colors and growth options Spitz provides greater freedom of choice to fans of these dogs. Spitz are divided by color and by size.

The oldest breed, which had all started breeding work should be regarded as the Wolf-Spitz, who is still a large number of divorces in mountainous areas, especially around Elberfeld, Dusseldorf, Aachen, Krefeld. In size and coloration in Spitz is currently divided: 1. Big Spitz (decorative): a) a wolf coat, b) black c) white g) brown. 2. Small Spitz: a) black b) brown c) white g) orange, e) with the wolf's coat, e) with a different color. Pomeranian. During the reign of Queen Victoria Spitz in the 70s of the XIX century from Pomerania came to England where he began work on the dwarf form Spitz. Originally these dogs were white, but then in vogue orange and sand colors. In 1891 was created by the English club pomeranian, was developed and approved breed standard. Dogs were divided into two categories: up to 2.5 kg over 2.5 kg. In 1915, the English club has ceased to allow pomeranians on the Dog 3.6 kg heavier. There was a new name for them: "Pomeranian Queen Victoria." Once in America, Pomeranian (in modern form) has become one of the most popular dog breeds. In 1909 the club was founded Pomeranian America. In England, were poluchenykarlikovye Spitz "Sable" in color, as well as orange and red and orange. Pomeranian – the smallest of the Spitz, but the strength of character he would not give the big dogs. Pomeranian bold, decisive, self-sufficient, but he is cheerful and buoyant. Spitz Small puppy – it's a miracle, from which it is difficult to withdraw. It's funny fur ball, who is always ready to play with his master, and participate in all family matters. Spitz puppy in color is rarely just the same color as an adult Pomeranian. Very often, the puppies are born gray, often with black hair. Adult Pomeranian coat will wear until 12 months, at the same time and acquires its true color. Pomeranian Puppy now!

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Victorian England

September 4th, 2015    Posted in News

We knew to be the Switzerland of America, but today we live under the shadow of a ghost that no longer exists and with a lie that reaches us whenever you can. Returning to Hudson, the author describes our country as a society in complete barbarism, away from the rigidity of Victorian England and the civilized Europe. The contrast between the Creole and English life was exorbitant, but the author He explains that life in Uruguay has a different flavor. A mixture between freedom, love and madness that had never before experienced. And thus describes the life of the gauchos Uruguay, life that predominated in the campaign until the militarism of late 19th century where he began the period of technification of the Uruguay that culminated with the war in the year 1904 and permanence and influence of Batlle y Ordonez during the 20th century. After the expiry of the gaucho (as main character) and the beginning of the era of the?Uruguay’s Gold? the country changed completely. We become the example for all of South America.

For 50 years we enjoy a good standard of living, education, health etc. Then all that Hudson had described was fading little by little. That freedom, love, passion, madness, was losing because we adapt more to the pragmatic European cultures. But at that time, the economic prosperity opacaba any loss that we were suffering. The problem occurred when the country left of grow. With the beginning of the sixties the global economy hampered economic growth in our country, cultural revolutions and guerrilla tupamara, followed by the long dictatorship which we suffer ended up sinking to a country that once was able to have it all. We have lost prestige internationally, the strong economy, educated society, citizen security, foreign investments.

We went back to the almost total disarray, a country divided, impoverished, suspicious. To anarchy. But worst of all is that it is not anarchy as describing Hudson, by which we also lost the passion, love, madness, which were replaced by resentment, anxiety and confusion about who will bring us the future. And I wonder that awaits us?, because does not seem to be very accurate. We become another country of South America? Or we will take our own path as we did the last century? This is the turning point where we have to think of where we have been, but mainly we think where we want to go.

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