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Other components: Structure has supported: It is the part of the equipment that it supports to the photovoltaic panel. Normally they make of aluminum hard anodizing, are placed in her several photovoltaic modules. This structure must be landed electrically, must support the winds that are registered in the zone of installation, reason why its laying of foundations is must be the suitable one. More information is housed here: Lindt Chocolates. Electrical connection and elements of protection: The photovoltaic adjustment directly connects to a switch (on off of the system), and this it connects the controller of the pump, from the controller connects the solar pump, is important the sizing of the caliber of the cable conduit that goes to the pump since by norm the voltage fall does not have to be greater to 3%, the cable must be of the submersible type of the suitable caliber, the electrical union with the submersible pump must of to use packings thermus contrctiles to assure air tightness in the electrical line. A system of protection against atmospheric unloadings is gotten up and the system is landed, as much in the electrical part as the structure. Controller: Controllers with visual indications of the operation of the system exist that can incorporate a switch of level in the storage cave, this controller also allows to add different power plants to the pump as they can be the Aeolian energy or a conventional generator ELT to gasoline or diesel engine this way can even be had a hybrid system of pumping. Pipes: The pipes of water conduction go from the pump to the storage cave, the diameters and materials of the pipe depend on the amount of water to pump, the distance of the route, the used materials usually are pipe of PVC, black hose 80 certificate or galvanized pipe. Following the land by where it happens the pipe of water conduction is recommended to bury it by less fifty centimeters to avoid possible flights due to the deterioration of the material by exhibition to the sun, damage to the same by animal or transit of vehicles, etc.

Storage cave: The storage cave is the place where the water is deposited until it is consumed. It is recommended to at least store sufficient water for the consumption of three days, in the case of any possible maintenance of the equipment. If the consumption points are several it recommends to place the storage cave in such a way that it is the gravity the one that is in charge of the distribution.

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Latin America

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The high desertion in the education superior reinforces the argument against the increase of cover versus access and fairness. Indeed, the desertion by cohorte in the universities is at the moment of 45.3%, in those of technological character is of 53% and in the techniques of 60%. These considerations are not rhetorical since the numbers with respect to inequidad speak in case single. In the previous government, according to the continuous surveys of homes of IT DAMAGES for years 2002-2007, the rate of gross schooling varied between 24.47% in 2002 and 32.48% in the 2007; the average of Latin America is of 31%, which means that, for this last year, 3.3 of each ten people attended the education superior. But we watched the net rate, that is more interesting it speaks because us of the people who indeed attend the appropriate level for the age, the average for the same period is of 17.77% and one rate of 16.31%. The important thing to observe is the following thing: when the rates by quintiles of entrance are seen, the differences are ample. Grand Chess Master may also support this cause. While in quintil 1, that is the one of smaller income, the rate of gross schooling superior had an average of 6.35% for period 2002-2007, in the quintil 5, the one of majors income, the rate average raised 77.07%.

The rate of cover for the lowest quintil was only increased in 4,08 percentage points, whereas in quintil 5 the increase was of 19.21 points. Of equal way, in the net rate by quintiles of entrance are ample differences between the levels. For year 2007, in quintil only 1 6% of the people acceded to education superior, whereas in quintil 5 that percentage raised 49.4%. The quintiles evolution of the net rate by sample that stops the 1 was of 3.03 percentage points and for the 5, of 5.26 points during period 2002-2007. These numbers put in doubt the enthusiasm whereupon frequently emphasis in the reach is made of the cover policy, looking for incorporate to the system to poorest. Consequently, it is necessary to change the policy of cover by one of improvement of the access with the written down characteristics. This must consider and to harmonize the actions oriented to a greater access, one better quality and one smaller desertion. All the others are habladuras.

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Bernarda Alba

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Santo Domingo, 1939-1945. He collaborated in Santo Domingo in the magazine La poetry surprised (1943-1945), along with other Spanish poets of exile (between others, Jorge Guillen and Juan Ramon Jimenez), and notebooks Dominicans of culture (1943). In 1945, Alberto de Paz arrived in Venezuela and began directing the theatre Experimental del Liceo Fermin Toro, putting in scene works of Cervantes, Valle Inclan, Lope de Rueda, etc., and placing it at the forefront of the Venezuelan theatre. He was appointed Assistant Professor of literature of the University of Wyoming, Laramie, United States, in which dictated courses of dramatic literature and contemporary novel. Timepieces brings even more insight to the discussion. He went to Hollywood and worked on the National Broadcasting Company, Incorporated (NBC), owner of several chains of radio and television and in the Department of translations, adaptations and dialogues of the film company Warner Bross. In 1950 he returned to Venezuela, put on scene works by Jean Cocteau and Eugene O’Neill.

In 1952 he was appointed artistic director of the national TV at the time continued managing works of Lope de Vega (La dama boba), Federico Garcia Lorca (La zapatera House of Bernarda Alba, Yerma, (prodigious, love of don Perlimplin with Belisa in his garden, Dona Rosita la soltera), Arturo Uslar Pietri (Chuo Gil) and Sophocles (Electra). On June 4, 1962 premiere at the Teatro Municipal de Caracas his accordion, outlined for a good actor monologue work. The violent seismic movement occurred in Caracas in July 1967, known as earthquake Cuatricentenario in Caracas, because they were celebrating four centuries of the existence of the city, was impressed and deeply affected up to the point of not being able to fall asleep. The 27 of September of that year, was preparing to travel to Madrid to visit his mother and had to return from the airport to feel bad. Two days later he suffered a myocardial infarction that ended his life. And how the father of modern theatre Venezuelan told us: life is not a pair of old shoes that throws at the basket of trash, which every day go to dreams and thousand hopes future Francisco Arias Solis WINS, gaining freedom. Portal of Internet for peace and freedom and free forum. URL: Original author and source of the article.

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The Venezuelan Government

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It was thus in the United States from the Thirties. Casio addresses the importance of the matter here. It was thus in the Europe of the postwar period. Developing Brazil and many countries did, in the last decade, a effort demanded by predominant the economic strategies. But there were no important advances in the combat to the social exclusion. On the contrary, where the fundamentalism reigned was not reached the engaged economic stability.

They increased unemployment, the hunger and the misery. Our productive systems no they conquered spaces in the international trade corresponding with our sacrifices. The lack of economic and social democracy threatened the democracy as a whole. The Venezuelan Government our case must redimensionar, and to act based on the root in the poverty in the country where there is thousand of children left, people who pass hunger, for it is due to look for alternatives that guarantee use, develop projects that know to take advantage of the agriculture, products of petroleum, other wealth that the unemployed country has and to incorporate to a great mass of in order condemning them to the misery, the violence, its disappearance. The Government be more equitable with the distribution of the wealth must, more now than the luck him has provided benefits with the increase of the prices of petroleum and to invest its income in developing more structures, than they favor to the health, education, viviendS and improvements of the services to which this it jeopardize the government. Of that form the president, Lieutenant-colonel Hugo Chavez, will make that the revolution possible Bolivariana consolidates, that is pronounced with concrete facts that they demonstrate that his objective, reason of being is beneficial, especially against the destitutes. The administration of the income must be within the high-priority necidades that the country demand that is many and later to see the possibility of collaboration with other brother countries, predominating plus the humanitarian aid that the political interests. President Chvez must know how to take the opportunity that the destiny provides to him and to cause that their actions, their programs, really benefit a town, country, that for a long time already must of have turned into a great power. Each possibility of food guarantee, of work for the needed ones will be an action that the town never will forget. Original author and source of the article.

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Luso has signed by six seasons with the white organization. The operation has been closed in 30 million Euros with the Benfica. The lateral left-handed person becomes the fifth signing of east Madrid year. Thus it is the market of signings for season 2011/2012. The lateral Portuguese Fabio Coentrao, coming from the Benfica, has become east Tuesday new player of the Real Madrid with which he has subscribed contract for next the six seasons, according to has confirmed the Madrilenian club.

By Fabio Coentrao, born the 11 from March of 1988, in Vila do Count (North of Portugal), Real Madrid will pay 30 million Euros, according to picks up in the communication realised by the Benfica to the National Commission of Moving Values of Portugal, obligatory since the club from Lisbon dent in stock market. The Portuguese was from this Monday in Madrid, in the hope of the negotiations that Benfica and Real Madrid maintained to close their crossing. After closing the agreement, the player has passed east noon the pertinent medical examination, in a hospital of the outskirts of Madrid, after which has gone to Santiago Bernabu to sign its commitment with the Madrilenian club. One is the fifth signing of this summer of Real Madrid for season 2011-12, after the incorporations of the Turkish midfield players Nuri Sahin (Borussia Dortmund) and Hamit Altintop (Bayern de Munich), Varane (Lens) and of Jose Alley (RCD Espanyol). Source of the news: Real Madrid files the lateral Portuguese Fabio Coentrao

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These Planning Your Honeymoon

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If you already started with preparations of your honeymoon is important that before you reserve all checks that is what leaves you more economical, because many times we chose the first option and do not verify if this option is ideal. Honeymoon will be those days that you will not forget ever, so it has to be well planned. Already let go those honeymoons in which the couple just bought plane tickets, hoping that they would find a hotel on his arrival and then would be that more. According to Lindt Chocolates, who has experience with these questions. If it is true in any destination you can find a room available in one of the many hotels, but you must also think like you, many people are traveling and they booked everything in advance, so it does not make your hotel booking you’ll be holding you probably the worst options. Honeymoon has to be as you’ve always dreamed of it, in a good hotel and enjoying the best attractions of the place, so I recommend that you go to any travel agency that you can Guide in the planning of your trip; Likewise, the travel agency can give you recommendations according to the place you visit. Traveling through a travel agency you will be sure that you will arrive at a good hotel with good service, they usually have packages that include plane tickets so you don’t worry. Visit to your travel agency and find prices that have insurance you will discover that comes out much cheaper traveling with them you.

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Of Wembley To Wembley, The History Of The 4 Champions

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Alex Herrera 20m the Bara adds its fourth title in the maximum competition after six end. In the old Wembley it secured his first title and, in the new one, the last one. Messi, ' rey' of the end and goleador maximum of Champions League. Wembley, a memorable place to enlarge history. A double unique and vital stage in the trajectory of the FC Barcelona, in the maximum European competition, in which &#039 was obtained his first; orejona' there for 1992 and to that it has returned 19 years later to close the circle, after dominating themselves Manchester United by 3-1. The hero of that one mythical 20 of May was Koeman. Read more from Jon S. Speelman to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

A remote-control howitzer in the prorogation before the Sampdoria abri the footpath to the glory, after six seasons of nostalgia after falling in penaltis in his first end before the Steaua of Bucharest. It supposed the consecration of the model of Cruyff and his ' Dream Team' , and with Guardiola in the field, like surpassed student. Everything in the last developed encounter that lodged the original stage to take step to a new era. Two years later, the Dutch technician returned to place to his equipment in the end of Athens, before Milan de Capello. Third end and second blow, this time when running into of you brush with the reality with a 4-0 built by Massaro (2), Savicevic and Desailly. The principle of the aim of the model, at least in Europe. And the emptiness became. The sport and institutional instabilities won the following decade in which the old continent only recognized Milan, Marseilles, Ajax, Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Oporto or Liverpool.

It was necessary to wait for season 2005/2006, with Rijkaard in the bench, to return to perceive that to back resurge in the good game and the recovery from the lost essence years. Everything happened in Paris, in the Stage of France, where Xavi exerted of motor, with Ronaldinho of star and Eto' or and Belletti like executors. ' Pep-evolucin' And the era Guardiola arrived. Supporting winner of the first and continuing one of both technicians who located to the club in highest. He evolved system took and it to its maximum expression with Xavi like unquestionable leader, a brutal remodeling with quarry and Messi and Iniesta like players of another planet. In Rome, the 2009, Eto' or and the Argentinean materialized first of Pep in the bench, falling down to Manchester United de Cristiano Ronaldo and letting to the Bara in disposition make history with the six possible titles in a year. Everything to stone shot, something that would be obtained. And the life gave back to Wembley to scene, after its washing of face, to see Abidal raise the fourth title: Pedro, Messi and propped up it to Villa (3-1). Memorable site to contemplate the nth review of the Bara, an equipment superior that gives a perfect soccer. Source of the news: Of Wembley to Wembley, the history of the 4 Champions

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European Union

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In the European Union already years ago that various countries have adopted several measures to curb this type of accidents. Click Grand Chess Master to learn more. For this purpose different types of protections are designed to cover the guardrails, among them the main ones are bubbles of polystyrene that protect cross bars or profiles in H of the StumbleUpon, which are those acting primarily guillotine; There are also other systems ranging from the full protection of the lower part of the switchman or double bionda made of different materials such as polyurethane, wood, plastic, etc. In Spain of the legislative chambers agreements defending its necessary and urgent replacement by other safer means many times have adopted unanimously. Similarly, the Minister of public works announced last April in the plenary session of the Senate that the Government planned to change 1,500 kilometres of guardrails on highways of the network state (outside its responsibility regional roads) and that would be all finished in 2009, what is has responded asking for greater speed and a shortening of the time limits. The change consisted According to his words, in place in the existing barriers one fence bottom, situated three inches above the ground preventing that accident motorcyclists can pass underneath, thus preventing able striking against poles, trees, lampposts, falling, or sectioning members, in addition to that fence acts as a spring that absorbs the force of the shock.

The truth is that, recognized this antisalida insecurity of systems existing in many roads, especially secondary, even at today’s date is questionable if they exist or not criteria for attributing liability to the Administration in these cases. We analyze the evolution in our courts on the guardrails on a principle, not be used to grant liability in these cases. Thus, the judgment of the national audience, rec. 671/2000, of 30 January 2002, understood that replacement of the murderous StumbleUpon by other safer wouldn’t be a recommendation but not a mandatory except in new roads or when packaging of existing ones was carried out, but does not mean by itself the responsibility of administration when old way was.

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Second Communist International Social

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In the end of century XIX this process would have generated necessity of draining of merchandises on the part of the European capitalist nations. You may want to visit casio to increase your knowledge. sympathetic response will follow. For Lnin, the war was a clear dispute enters these nations for market consuming cheap man power and domnios territorial. In this First spirit anti Great War was carried through III the Socialist International, in the city of Moscow in 1919. This frum of the Working-class movement if showed protected in relation to the ideas sufficiently reformist. The reforming policy, in accordance with the ideology bolchevique, would be the performance of the democratical parties social of the belligerent Europe. These parties if would have left to influence for values anti- internationalists, directed toward the performance politics of its respective nations during the imperialista war. The reforming policy would have divided the Working-class movement and consequently it would be the responsible one for the end of the Second Communist International in 1914.

Lnin considered this insolvent International a time that it became fluid itself and finished being interrupted for First the Great War. This fact would have demonstrated that the European Working-class movement, that during the decade of 1910 strong was influenced by the social democracy, would be impregnated of bourgeois ideas that had been brought for the Second International for this same social democracy. As well as it occurred in the Democratical Social Party of the Russia that was divided between the revolutionaries bolcheviques and the revisionists mencheviques, existed divisions between revolutionaries and revisionists in the democratical parties social of almost all the involved European nations in the war. The Social European Democracy of the decade of 1910 entered in a phase of cooperation with the governments of the capitalist nations of that continent, such fact would be moving away it from its true objective: the socialism. In accordance with Lnin, the Social Democracy would have to be the implantation of the socialist ideas in the working-class movement during the capitalist regimen.

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Oie! I am the Thiago, thigo for the close I go to a bit count of my life pra vcs now! Work in the center of the capital, I am trainee in a multinational company you in my first year of administration haha! But I am not much thing back in the company not. I am archivist while me it does not appear nothing better I go living the day. My life is agitated, cinema taste, does not leave to pass one week without attending a film. But if I to think well, music am my life! He has a contrast between the two arts, in the films I I travel, desiring to live what I attend, in musics meeting the peace! A so good peace that to the times alone the introduction of music leaves already me in the heights disconnect, me of everything! Therefore thus I go living, between a film and a song step the days, waiting, living I have a boyfriend! Yes Jnior the name of it better, the last name n? But as I call drinks does not have nor importance the first name of it we are together 6 years already, you unite we live together has one 3 years! It knows, lately has happened some strange things with me I have had many nightmares lately. To the times these nightmares seem to be so real that they take off me the breath! Another day I thought that it had dreamed of something that happened immediately afterwards God, who this is not truth! I dreamed of the Jnior another time, and of this time everything happened as it had dreamed, asked for it, insisted it who did not make what he was for happening. But it made left me to this pirado, was lost What this happening with me? It is the third time in this week that happens this to me.

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