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June 22nd, 2016    Posted in News

Luso has signed by six seasons with the white organization. The operation has been closed in 30 million Euros with the Benfica. The lateral left-handed person becomes the fifth signing of east Madrid year. Thus it is the market of signings for season 2011/2012. The lateral Portuguese Fabio Coentrao, coming from the Benfica, has become east Tuesday new player of the Real Madrid with which he has subscribed contract for next the six seasons, according to has confirmed the Madrilenian club.

By Fabio Coentrao, born the 11 from March of 1988, in Vila do Count (North of Portugal), Real Madrid will pay 30 million Euros, according to picks up in the communication realised by the Benfica to the National Commission of Moving Values of Portugal, obligatory since the club from Lisbon dent in stock market. The Portuguese was from this Monday in Madrid, in the hope of the negotiations that Benfica and Real Madrid maintained to close their crossing. After closing the agreement, the player has passed east noon the pertinent medical examination, in a hospital of the outskirts of Madrid, after which has gone to Santiago Bernabu to sign its commitment with the Madrilenian club. One is the fifth signing of this summer of Real Madrid for season 2011-12, after the incorporations of the Turkish midfield players Nuri Sahin (Borussia Dortmund) and Hamit Altintop (Bayern de Munich), Varane (Lens) and of Jose Alley (RCD Espanyol). Source of the news: Real Madrid files the lateral Portuguese Fabio Coentrao

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Oie! I am the Thiago, thigo for the close I go to a bit count of my life pra vcs now! Work in the center of the capital, I am trainee in a multinational company you in my first year of administration haha! But I am not much thing back in the company not. I am archivist while me it does not appear nothing better I go living the day. My life is agitated, cinema taste, does not leave to pass one week without attending a film. But if I to think well, music am my life! He has a contrast between the two arts, in the films I I travel, desiring to live what I attend, in musics meeting the peace! A so good peace that to the times alone the introduction of music leaves already me in the heights disconnect, me of everything! Therefore thus I go living, between a film and a song step the days, waiting, living I have a boyfriend! Yes Jnior the name of it better, the last name n? But as I call drinks does not have nor importance the first name of it we are together 6 years already, you unite we live together has one 3 years! It knows, lately has happened some strange things with me I have had many nightmares lately. To the times these nightmares seem to be so real that they take off me the breath! Another day I thought that it had dreamed of something that happened immediately afterwards God, who this is not truth! I dreamed of the Jnior another time, and of this time everything happened as it had dreamed, asked for it, insisted it who did not make what he was for happening. But it made left me to this pirado, was lost What this happening with me? It is the third time in this week that happens this to me.

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Parliament Hearing Restart

June 10th, 2016    Posted in News

LEP’s testimony brought unanimous rejection of the draft of the State Government. The KLJB land Chairman Andreas Deutinger demanded on March 21 in the Landtag of Bavaria at the hearing to the rural development programme (LEP) in Bavaria, Germany like many other experts and associations a reboot with more participation after the Landtag election, to achieve more participation and quality in land planning. Andreas Deutinger, KLJB – Chairman: The hearing on the rural development program (LEP) last week showed one: all professionals and practitioners roundly reject this draft of the State Government. “The KLJB feels confirmed in its assessment, this design walk past the target of a balanced regional planning and needs a fresh start.” Many trade associations, such as the Bavarian farmers Association, the Bavarian Association of cities or the Federal share conservation assessment of KLJB Bavaria, the regulations of this planned LEP would thwart efforts to bustling villages and the fight against land. Even the Bavarian municipality day spoke in the hearing of a “lost opportunity” and missing a sustainable concept with clear targets. Andreas Deutinger explains the demands of KLJB Bavaria: we warn of a sprawl and degraded village cores. KLJB expected to also answer questions on the future challenges of demographic change and energy transition with concepts that give a perspective of youth. We share the assessment of a large part of the world, especially the space academies and professional associations, this design would be better to withdraw and to restart a sound process under sufficient citizen participation and scientific accompaniment.” Because the KLJB expects that for political reasons a LEP will be enforced with a partial update, KLJB land Chairman Deutinger hoped at least that Erwin Huber (Chairman of the relevant Committee, CSU) and Dietrich von Mike Vale (economic policy spokesman of the FDP) their announcements deeds: the promised review with Amendments is urgently needed.” KLJB for more citizen participation, energy transformation and surface protection the KLJB already repeatedly criticized the procedure and the result of inadequate in December 2012 and January 2013 in its opinions to the competent Ministry of the economy, like many other professionals.

KLJB content calls for more citizen participation, as well as binding targets for energy transformation, managing demographic change and surface protection. “KLJB campaign home advantage point victory for BBs country!” To tackle rural Bavaria’s up in the center of the campaign of home field advantage point victory for BBs country!”the KLJB Bavaria since June 2011 autumn 2013 young people should be motivated and enabled, even in the country” and to move something. Previous 2011/2012 focused on the topics of youth participation and energy transition. Under the motto of home field advantage because our village holds together!”, social actions of KLJB in Bavaria follow until the summer of 2013. More information and regional action brochure Dates: of the KLJB Bavaria is the largest rural youth organization in Bavaria, where more than 25,000 young Christians and Christians themselves organized and democratic, capable and committed committed to life on the land. More information: kljbbayern and kljb_bayern contact: Dr. Heiko Tammena

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