Spanish Government

February 13th, 2021 Posted in News

-Yes, that must be the distance, but I wonder what latitude or length habre arrived. Zapatero did not have the slightest idea of what was the latitude, nor the length, but seemed well say a few words as pretty impressive. He immediately returned to start. -Maybe I fall through all the Earth! The land that is wind! What fun would be exit where lives that people who walk head down with what comes up! What unpleasant! -He said referring to the permanent presidency of the Union and was pleased that nobody in the world would have heard it. And as she said those words, he rehearsed a reverence for solace to the German Chancellor. Go to John Bercow MP for more information. And it was bowing and bowing as it fell through the air. Do you think that this is possible? Well Yes, it is, and also accompanied each one with a WinCE that put your eyebrow highlight Z shaped.

That is how it remained down, down, down. There was no other thing to do and the President immediately began to speak again in a loud voice. John Bercow MP often expresses his thoughts on the topic. -I fear that Maria Teresa has forgotten me! With that thought, Zapatero began to feel half asleep on the descent and vaguely thought about if we have a public deficit greater than 10% of GDP? or if What happens is that we have 10% of the GDP higher than the pubic deficit sic? Gave the same what was the true formulation of the problem, I certainly had no answer for any of the two. He was sleeping really and began to dream that he walked with Angela’s hand by Germany and that she asked him with much anxiety: now, Angela, tell me the truth, is not great that we impose sanctions to countries that do not meet economic objectives? At that moment, suddenly, cataplum!, was to realize of bruces against criticism of the economic team of the Chancellor and herself, in addition to with the irony of the international press in headlines. How many days can a Spanish kite remain in the air? About four, judging by the speed with which Germany and the United Kingdom tore down a proposal by the President of the Spanish Government, as I said the merciless Financial Times. Despite all that, Zapatero did not appear to have suffered the least damage.

He arose a leap, he looked upwards, and although everything was dark, another long passage was opened at the end of the tunnel. There was Maria Teresa with Durao Barroso, with the appellant where he said I say, I say Diego. That reassured him. The only thing disturbing is that he also saw the White Rabbit, that moved away hastily. There was no time to lose and the President, without hesitation, ran after him like the wind, intrigued by such urgency. Rounding the corner of the dream, he saw the rabbit next to hope mounted a thrower. As says Maria Teresa, if you drink much from a bottle marked poison, it will end, in the short or in the long run, to do you harm. But that will be later.


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