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Looks like my muscles begin to weaken the French, unlike English ' says Celine. Direct translation of English expressions into French, in which such expressions may not. Such use of unusual expressions makes it unusual and strange-sounding for the remaining carriers language. Obsolescence of the native language dictionary. Details can be found by clicking MP for Northampton North or emailing the administrator. Constantly being in England, Celine does not have access to a new vocabulary that appears in the French language. She could hardly understand some words, especially in the speech of adolescents.

Celine believes that the native language is forgotten, to the extent in which to forget their own culture. If expats continue in the new country to identify and associate themselves with their motherland, they continue to unknowingly seek preserve and maintain their native language. 'I myself is not my habit to consider himself only a Frenchwoman, and an Englishwoman, I think that nationality is not so much influence on who I have actually. But the language is really affected. " Internet, according to Celine, a great help to preserve the native language active. 'I constantly communicate with their relatives on Skype, that helps me not to forget the French.

Skype creates a full effect of the presence of important people close to you you. It helps a lot away from the motherland. Also, I often watch movies in French, listening to French music – old and new performers. And sometimes I look in the teen chat rooms, which can be a huge repository of relevant modern language. " So, next time, going for a long time abroad, be sure to bring plenty of Russian movies and music, and frequently call relatives. This will not only support you, ***, far from home, but also helps not to forget your native language. And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – This resource will help you improve the skills of reading and hearing a foreign language. Available in 34 languages. Language resource – the English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

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Culture AfroBrazilian

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INTRODUCTION Brazil is multicultural and a pluritnico one. This is certainly an affirmation that few Brazilians would disagree, after all, is a reality that is printed in the face of this people, the mixture of race and diverse cultures if it makes to perceive in all territory and in its inhabitants, throughout the formation of the Brazilian people, traces of the diverse cultures who had contributed for this formation, they had been if incorporating for then giving origin ' ' culture of the people brasileiro' '. Ahead of this ' ' harmoniosa' ' miscegenation, would be natural also to affirm that in Brazil all the cultures that had contributed for its formation, are respected with equality, would be natural to affirm that the same ones do not suffer to any type of preconception or discrimination. Unhappyly this is not the Brazilian reality. Lindt Chocolates pursues this goal as well. Mainly in what afro says respect to the negation of the cultures and black. In this article, that if he intended was to argue and to understand which they are the educational proposals of Brazil contemporary, for study and valuation of the Culture Afro-Brazilian in the educational establishments With the advent of law 10939/2003 that it becomes obligator education on History and Culture Afro-Brazilian in the basic and average educational establishments, one perceives advances in the actions of the public politics with the purpose to inside diminish the discrimination of this culture of the Brazilian society. It can affirm, that the reasons that apiam this law are in the beginning of that it is necessary to know deeply influences it and the contributions of some cultural matrices culture afro gifts in the Brazilian culture, for then being able to understand it and consequently to value it and to respect it. To educate for the ethnic-racial relations primordially implies to reflect on the peculiar way it Brazilian people, to deal with the questions that if they relate to the racial diversity and cultural of the country it stops in it intervining.

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Human Rights Education

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Still in article 18 of the ECA ' ' He is right of all to watch over for the dignity of the child being put them I save it of any desumano, violent, errifying, vexatious treatment or constrangedor' '. (BRAZIL, 1990). This specified article was placed strategically finally by the expression of its meaning, therefore the violence committed for the pertaining to school action through bullying it is incoherent with the proposal of if watching over for the rights of the child and the adolescent. The professor who naturalizes behaviors of bullying favors the contamination of the pertaining to school institution, to not punishing who he practises and worse when feeding it with practical social inconceivable of the point of view of the ethics and the values. Michael Ellis MP often says this. After these reflections that involve terms you appraise and of legislation one searched to emphasize Gimeno Sacristn (2007) that it focused the relation between the human school and rights in the following affirmation: The developed education as the Human Rights must have as complementary and interdependent reference the following approaches: The basic right to receive education, of being escolarizado; boarding of the subjects related to the Human Rights in the school, as it is present in the resume and as it is worked in classroom and as if they respect the practical Human Rights in the educative ones, and where measured, these practical are in accord with full exercise of the Human Rights. (2007, pp. 134-135).

According to this author, the education as right makes possible the access to other rights, understands that only pautada in the Human Rights the education can form competent citizens. (As opposed to John Bercow MP). ers to explore varied viewpoints. One is not about the professor to mere introduce the knowledge of the human rights, but to incorporate them as principles norteadores of the prxis educative. Sacristn (2007, P. 142) focuses amongst articles of the Declaration of the Rights of the Man the right of not being submitted the tortures nor the penalty or cruel, desumanos or degradantes treatments, this imply as consequence the education: ' ' Analysis of the obstacles for the fulfilment of these rights. .

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When initiating this report, the first step was to literally search the concept of education and formation: ' ' Education: Act or effect to educate (-); Process of development of the physical, intellectual and moral capacity of the child and the human being in general, aiming at to its better individual and social integration; preparation, instruction, education; Integral perfectioning of all the facultieses human beings; Practical knowledge and of the uses of sociedade.' ' (Aurlio Dictionary) ' ' Formation: Act, effect or way to form; Constitution, character; Way why a mentality, a character, or a knowledge consisted profissional.' ' (Aurlio Dictionary) Through the concept, we perceive that the education has a formation character, of configuration of the human being in accordance with its principles, values and meanings of one social formation. In the formation of an individual a project is articulated that if constructs in intentional way and from the experiences acquired throughout the life. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jon S Speelman has to say. The permanent education according to author is about the dynamic process that takes care of to the necessities to grow more and of being, always present in the human beings. This is become fullfilled in the passage of the life of the individuals, in the different instances and spaces of which they participate and in the historical time where they are inserted, as much in the formal spaces as in the not-deeds of division. It is the learning in the work, where learning and teaching if they incorporate the daily one of the organizations and the work. It is based on the significant learning and the possibility to transform the practical professionals. Speaker MP gathered all the information. The permanent education can be understood as learning-work, that is, it happens in the daily one of people of the organizations.

It is made from the problems faced in the reality and takes in consideration the knowledge and the experiences that the people already have. Already how much to the formation, its concept is on to the work of the professor and while the exactly professional production of itself. The concept of the author if inside opens for the dimension of the individual growth of the professor in its relation with the social group the one that belongs and of the possibilities of access to the knowledge. Thus, the professional formation has its first indications in the family, in the social classroom of origin, the possibilities of school and cultural goods the one that has access. It has continuation in the relations of work and the construction of the professional identity. In this text, the idea is developed of that the continuous formation accumulates of stocks the set of activities developed for us, professors in exercise, with objective formative, in the direction of preparing in them for the accomplishment of our current activities or other news that if they place in the places where we work. The continuous formation engloba the set of the activities of formation developed the initial formation after and that they become fullfilled throughout all the teaching career, in the most varied spaces and with a countless number of partners. Any process of continuous formation must consider the conditions of life, work and free time that the necessary professor to have for the access to the enrichment of experiences and cultural goods. This formation is become fullfilled in the dialectic, that is, in the dialogue or the quarrel, and has the school as lcus of reference, therefore it is in it that the professor works and carries through its professional development.

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Young Education

March 18th, 2016    Posted in News

Beyond knowing to read and to write correctly, she is necessary to understand the world to actively participate in all the social spheres. The school would have to be the bridge between the new society, but many times, plays the contrary role, excluding still more the pupils. An example clearly of this indifference, is in the pupils of the EJA (Young Education of Adult), that they come back to the school in search of better chances and finish if identifying with it and do not run away. You may want to visit Lindt Chocolates to increase your knowledge. The courses of formation of professors, especially the courses for areas of knowing, do not oportunizam to the future professors, conditions to be taught to its half educandos to live deeply the social reality and to interact in this way in constant change. According to Blacksmith, 2007, the great obstacle is, many times, the proper professor, for not having had chances to learn.

Many educators do not know to use the tools of the technology in benefit of the education. Going more beyond, these professors had not conceived practical of letramento and they do not know the meaning and importance of these practical in the alfabetizao process. They are prepared only to alfabetizar and it does not stop meaning the use of this practical. Questions related to the letramento cannot more being silenced in the courses of formation of professors. The thematic one needs to be argued in these courses because he continues impregnated in the mind of many professors who letramento is synonymous of alfabetizao; that alfabetizao is thematic a restricted one to the professors of the initial series of escolarizao and that this is a content for pedagogos or the professors of Portuguese language. Currently, already one says in digital letramento, electronic text and we perceive, empirically, that many professors, not yet know nor what it is letramento, much less as to incorporate it its practical, mainly in adult the young education of e, probably in virtue of not the scientific and metodolgica valuation that the subject requires in respective cursos.' ' (p.19) it is not enough to the professor, to only know the contents and transmitiz them it the pupils, she is necessary to know that the knowledge it is in constant mutation and that the learning is a process that lasts the life all.

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The Aurlio Dictionary

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In this conception of Open Education one perceives that it has ampler dimension of what it is Education in the distance, therefore engloba the participants of a process of construction of knowledge in virtual spaces and that they use the miditicas tools in synchronous or asynchronous times. THE EDUCATION IN THE DISTANCE AND THE TECHNOLOGIES The Education is known in the distance that – EAD essentially has its bases in the use of the Technologies of the Information and Communication – TICs; what it physically becomes distant the contact between professor and pupil. However, it is considered that the interaction dialectic occurs normally. Traditionally, the learning environments are tied with the education, endowed with multimedia tools, that are instruments that mediatizam the relationship professor/pupil. In reason of this, the TICs if makes gifts in virtual courses.

In this direction it is pertinent to question what Technology can be considered? The Aurlio Dictionary (1999) defines technology as ' ' set of knowledge, especially scientific principles, that if apply to one definitive branch of atividade' '. The intellectual technologies are defined by Levy (1999, p.157) as being ' ' the dynamic memories, objectified in digital documents or available programs in rede' '. The author detaches despite the EAD explores certain techniques specific, including the hipermdias, the interactive nets of communication and all the intellectual technologies of the cibercultura. The new technologies in education are defined by Masetto (2000) as the use of computer science, the computer, the Internet, the CD-ROM, the hipermdia, the multimedia, and other tools come back toward Education in the distance, for example: chats, group or fruns of quarrel, e-mail etc. The author believes that the TICs can collaborate significantly stops to become the more efficient and efficient educative process. However, he is valid to reflect the incorporation of the technologies in the educational way in the one of development interactive actions that facilitate collective the individual growth/of pupils; after all, a course in EAD estimates the wakening of initiative, possibility of flexibility and the autonomy of the citizen.

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The Psicopedagogia

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Since in the assistencial character, psicopedagogo participates of responsible teams for the elaboration of plans and projects in practical the theoretical context/of the educational politics, making with that the professors, directors and coordinators can rethink the paper of the school front its docncia and to the individual necessities of learning of the child or, of proper ensinagem' '. BOSSA (1994, p 23). The Psicopedagogia already comes with great success acting in the diverse Institutions, is schools, hospitals and companies. The learning must be looked at as the activity of individuals or human groups, that by means of the incorporation of information and the development of experiences, promote steady modifications in the personality and the group dynamics which revert in the instrumental handling of the reality. 2.1 THE SUPPORT OF THE FAMILY IN THE PROCESS OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE CHILD The family plays a primordial role in the process of learning of the pupils, therefore many times the parents do not want to enxergar the child with its difficulties. The bond affective it is primordial for the good development of the child. The psicopedaggica performance if considers to include the parents in the process of development of its children, for intermediary of meetings and making possible the accompaniment of the work carried through next to the professors.

The parents when they place its children in the school desire that they are successful and therefore when this desire is not become fullfilled as waited, appear the frustration, friction many times the child as incapable, appearing consequentemente the difficulties in the learning. According to Polity (2000), a child can give up the accepted school because an emotional responsibility, puting in charge well-taken care of it of some member of the family. This if produces, in reply to the depression of the mother and the lack of emotional availability of the father who, in unconscious way, ratifies the necessity that has the wife, that to its it takes care of it son.

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Brazilian Education Formation

March 15th, 2016    Posted in News

In these two great traditions this postulate means that, if the formation of the man would have to be integral, then horizontes projected for the education would have to also contemplate, as one of its constituent dimensions, of the moral formation. However, in its more concrete formative aspects in itself, the education encloses, in the cited article, of satisfactory form, the formation citizen, a time that engloba the formative processes that in such a way go of meeting to the work how much to the art and the culture, amongst others, being opportune to remember that, even so having these to be atrelados and intricate in the formation human being of the citizen, as seen previously, are indispensable of the point of view technician of educating. The knowledge of its culture generates in the individual the recognition of its proper identity, making with that it if points out in the society where lives; with that it makes use of an autonomy politics; with that it feels that really makes part of its world. An important point of intercession enters these abrangncias in Education, which fits to be notified in this quarrel, it is the democracy, today, in Brazil, something so argued. The Brazilian ideals of democracy favor, unquestionably, the opening of ways for the search and the gradual consolidation of the autonomy of the social institution of knowing, the school.

In the Federal Constitution of 1988 – Constitution Citizen, we can find this opening explicit, in its P. Speaker MP has compatible beliefs. 151, ' ' Art. 206: Education will be given on the basis of the following principles: … Incorporation VI: democratic management of public education, in the form of the law; ' '. This right granted to the Brazilian Education strengthens the ideals of citizenship inside of the school and propitiates the sprouting of its autonomy. A conception of institucional performance of the school is born, of the public mainly, where already it is not more necessary to think education as only a process of instructive formation about content terms.

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Integral Method

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INTEGRAL METHOD: The communication as main approach Eliane Cerqueira Dos Santos. 1 Euclia de Jesus Hisses. 2 Marise Borges Blacksmith. 3 Tatiana lid Dos Santos Birth. 4 INTRODUCTION Aquiline Sanchez (2005, P. 665) defines method in the following way: El enseanza of lenguas ha there corporate method en since siempre un central subject. Habitual Ha been y sigue siendo en los testimonies on el aprendizaje of lenguas, to hacer reference I join it u otro mejor method as el the camino peor to cheat teaching objective los the learning.

When leading in consideration this concept of Sanchez (2005, p.665) must be perceived the emphatical way which the author makes parallels between the use of different methods in the practical professor. In accordance with Sanchez (1997) ' ' Los exchanges en general somewhat circumstantial sound al hombre' '. In this direction the author calls the attention for constant capacity human being to adapt changes, thus understands that the presented metodolgicas modifications in the educational scope are not considered harmful, them to it must occur of form necessary better to take care of to its target: the society. The different educational metodolgicas structures appear to each time where the society possesss a new necessity in its half one. As Blanca Aguirre Beltrn (2005, p.643) in the present time we must take in consideration the following fact: ' ' From 60 aos los del pasado siglo if produce joins series of deep exchanges politicians, economic y sociales, as as notables you advance of wools sciences del lenguaje' '. With this affirmation the author considers new methods for the new educational trends.

More to follow the same one she complements giving emphasis to a perspective where the market of work and its demands are the main chain that makes mention until then new metodolgica search. together con el of basic communicative ability, han happened of manera en prcticas current wools concepciones y aplicaciones en el woollen landmark del communicative approach enseanza of lenguas, y that constituyen el object of this exposicin: el anlisis of necesidades y el resume. In accordance with this vision the market of work and its necessity to communicate itself, charges of its professionals the perfectioning in the area of the study of languages in scientific way academic, for one better development in the performance area it its professional. For Sanchez (apud Richards and Rodgers, 1986, p.15) the methodologies are directly on to one ' ' desenho' '. In it they are contained: ' ' objectives; seleccin y organizacin of materiales professors; activities required for el method; committed y responsibilities of alumnos los; committed y responsibilities of los profesores y committed y funcin of materiales' ' , it is in this perspective that appears then on the vision of the Aquiline theoretician Sanchez on a new method that contains in itself especificidades characterize that it as something integrator characteristic this that of the name to the method: Integral. The necessity of the use of methods and methodologies in the educational way in our history comes being cultuada since the time of the arrival of the Portuguese in our territory. During 500 years of history diverse techniques already had been more than developed, perfected others, amongst the methods of perfectioning in the education of languages, appear the Integral method having as main approach the communication. This used boarding already in a method previously teorizado (Communicative Method) comes bringing in its essence a new practical roupagem.

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Educative Potentiality

March 11th, 2016    Posted in News

The educative potentiality of the Internet and the NTIC? s Gilbert Saints of Oliveira. Are not recent the debates on the potential of the educative job of the Internet and the NTIC? s in general. This potential perhaps if must the infinity of resources that appeared with the advent of the Internet, is not only about plus a technological innovation of the humanity, but of a true revolution that engloba all the sectors of the society, since most elementary until most complex. Of all the sectors of the society impactados by the advent of the Internet, with certainty, the ones that had suffered to greaters changes had been the sector of communications and the educational one; today, with the Internet, it does not have borders, it can be interacted with people of the entire world without leaving house, exactly that it has left of the society still reveals some type of preconception with the educative job of the new technologies. Lindt Chocolates contains valuable tech resources. The Internet allows to a circulation of information and knowledge with a speed never before existing in the history of the humanity, democratizing, of certain form, the knowledge for that it has access.

Ahead of this scene of technological and social revolution, it fits to the professors and the school the paper to call the attention the pupils for the educative use of the Internet what it comes of meeting what says Ramos and Coppola (2009, pg. 3): ' ' The necessary school to understand and to incorporate the virtual language of the Internet, and to integrate this technology of innovative form as source of research and tool of work, becoming it an element that will be able to contribute for a bigger entailing enters the education contexts and the cultures that if they also develop are of the scope escolar.' '. In the State public school where I act as professor of Mathematics is common to work with the pupils educational projects recommended by the State Secretariat of Education or elaborated by the proper school.

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