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Silent Crisis Management

April 30th, 2015    Posted in News

By: Oscar RossignoliEditor when a company is the victim of a smear campaign and is attacked in the media, in the vast majority of cases its officials are not prepared to face this situation. The underestimation of the potential risks and not having formed and trained a Crisis Committee is one of the main causes that lead to a company’s officers to doubt when reacting to the media. Arise questions such as:-will it be convenient to react? – And if we rather more complicamos things by making statements? -What we must say without getting into more trouble? -Who is the best person to leave the public arena? – And if reacting bring us legal problems? -Do with what journalist talk that it misrepresented not our version? -We pay journalists speak well of us? These and many other questions arise when, one Monday, we buy newspapers and we are surprised by a five-column headline and on the front page with the name of our companies accused of a situation which, we know, it is a misleading information and that will damage its corporate image. The worst mistake that officials of a company in a crisis situation can commit is staying silent and let time elapse. Crisis management is urgent because the actions to be taken have to be immediate. Why? If we do not act in time negative adjectives begin to position itself in the minds of our hearings and without realizing, our corporate image begins to be destroyed. When, at last, we decided to react we hired an expert in crisis management and then the investment of resources (time, money and positioning) is much higher than that it would have made if we don’t grow the scandal. Rebuild is three times more expensive to build, we must never forget this. To this we add that, paradoxically, silence also communicates something.

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Paramount Clause

April 30th, 2015    Posted in News

Any clause in a contract is always important. But what happens when the clause itself has a name which in itself makes it preeminent? We refer to clause Paramount (Paramount Clause) whose use is so widespread in maritime boarding skills (bill of lading) and in Charter (charter-party) policies that incorporate terms and conditions of a knowledge of boarding. We will give a few brief notions of use both the appearance of these clauses in the context of the international maritime transport in the same in order, finally, to an explanation of why the same. For a clear understanding must start from the following premises: first premise: we are in a field in which aim is the balance between the interest of the Chargers and the carriers. Second premise: for the purposes of achieving that balance has been, throughout history, conventional solutions whereby what is clearly defined, is a regime of limitation of carrier’s liability debt, that is, the responsibility is born unlimited and what is being done is fix the scope of debt that will emerge from it. Third premise: the Paramount clause aims mentioned conventional solutions are applied either by legal mandate or by the parties; In addition these gearboxes can be to a single norm or more, depending on the circumstances of the specific case > the immediate precedent of the Paramount clause lies in the events at the end of the nineteenth century in which a movement promotes in order to regulate in a uniform way the transport of international line. Basically, it was intended to fix a regime, non-derogable minimum of debt liability of the ship owner. It emerged as the first exponent of the above movement in the United States the Act of Congress, 1893 (Harter Act) An Act relating to navigation of vessels, bills of lading, and to certain obligations, duties and rights in connection with the carriage of property defining as its scope any vessel transporting goods or properties from or between ports of the United States of America, and foreign ports (the translation is ours).

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Start Criar Ebooks

April 27th, 2015    Posted in News

Then you decided to write its proper eBook? Good for you. Ebooks is an excellent way to construct to the reputation of a company or person. They also serve as a tool to construct to its list of email marketing, as a bond next to a product that you vende and much more. Now everything that you need to make is to start. In this article, I go to give three steps to it that you need to start to write its eBook. I go to start for presuming that you already have drawn its line of products, because only eBook does not go to help it to gain it money.

It forgives will not be, unless you are really with luck. In order to gain money in the Internet you need to be capable to vender a series of products. Of this form, its customers can buy one mix of products and spend much money with you. Then you know that you need to write one eBook as part of its line of products. You know the subject and know that the people need what you know.

1 – Its first task will be to take this general information and to describe what accurately you are delivering. For example, you know that she needs a book of about 25 the 50 pages. This means that the book must approximately be of the 6,250 12,500 words. We want to give to a mini-book an extensive workmanship excessively not to tire the reader. 2 – ebook Makes its all. If it does not worry about rules of grammar, verbal time and other things of the Portuguese language. Later that ebook wrote its entirely, rests. There it comes back to read all ebook plus one 2 or 3 times to correct the errors, therefore always it goes to have errors. 3 – the last task will be to divulge its Ebook. It does not advance to be optimum ebook of the world, cehio of information valuable if the people not to be knowing of its existence. For this he uses the social nets as the Orkut, Facebook and Twitter, the sites of video with the Youtube, classified gratis, sites of search, directories of blogs. Sites also exist that allow you to divulge its ebook.vou to indicate it one now that it is Deseja to know more information of how are you? Blog visits mine. Link is in the description below of this article.

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The Presence

April 26th, 2015    Posted in News

But we will talk about the most interesting of them – mirrors, clocks and mirrors kartinah.Dekorativnye – elegance, originality, style mirrors in all time occupied a special position in the home. In the past they were endowed with magical powers. Today, decorative mirrors themselves can fill the house by the presence of particular style, originality and exclusivity. Now very popular mirror. This piece of furniture is not only functional load, but also decorative. For example, printing on a mirror can make a normal product original and stylish. Stained glass on a mirror – an art that can make everyday household items interesting and original.

Patterns on the mirrors are performed around the perimeter. For this purpose, the technique of stained glass, which allows you to create patterns of unusual beauty. These decorative mirrors are not only brings joy to them-looking, but also give the whole room of sophistication, to highlight the style of interior. You can select individual decorating mirrors, which will be perfectly with the chosen style rooms. Themselves mirrors – a very successful element of the interior. They do not occupy any space, with its increasing.

And the patterns on the mirrors will make it extra space more interesting and zagadochnee.Nastennye hours as part of an interior wall clocks are in every home, without them – nowhere. And this element can be quite normal and nothing extraordinary, but may be akin to a work of art, original interior decoration. Which of the two options to choose – everybody's business.

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Managing Director

April 21st, 2015    Posted in News

However, it should be noted that the most medium-sized companies are still good. It is all the more important for many to adjust to the changes. How Sales and revenues grow can be stabilized if the economy cools down and the location Germany looks brand new challenges? This is a question posed by many entrepreneurs. We are convinced that a sole review of the operating structure is not the task of sustainable increase in sales after savings. In addition to efficient monetary value, also work processes and content concerning communication basics in the focus should be. Measures to increase revenue can access I.e.

through the optimisation of internal and external communication. So among other things the language has direct influence on the performance of your employees. Personnel management is so clear part of a persistent optimizing strategy. But also smooth distribution and resource efficiency are good steps for a stable and positive balance. An analysis of these areas gives an objective picture for owners and managers. This simplifies control and shows possibilities, How to be even better.

The same is true for marketing. In this central point of communication, sustainability-oriented strategies provide for continuity in the revenue growth. But how does one know which strategy works best? To test that can be an expensive mistake, mean competitive disadvantages. Information need, providing a valid basis for decision making to minimize risks. Entrepreneurs from the middle class support valuable support with our extensive knowledge of market information by evaluating business information at this point. This saves you a lot of time as CEO. Our article shows how important is the comparison and analysis of freely accessible information. Each statistic is different, each institution works on other systems. We collect and evaluate information, analyze the facts, and so help to make the right decisions for a sustainable direction. O. Marquardt, Managing Director of Marquardt + Compagnie

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Internet Business

April 3rd, 2015    Posted in News

By this is essential to your own prepared you are and once strong you teach them. There are many ways to make money online, but this very fundamentally depends on the niche market where you want to go and apply all the techniques available to generate qualified traffic, this and much more you have to learn to go launching a business that will be successful, and what better way to do this that the hand of people with experience in the placement of profitable businesses on the Internet. Platform base for all kinds of business if want to go by taking a business online, get a vision for your life, set goals for achieving it, prepare all what you need to know. Many people are filled with enthusiasm when they hear of the many opportunities that the Internet offers, and they are right, the Internet has become the basis for all kinds of business platform. When you wish to undertake, there is no better place for this than the Internet. You can start with little money, you have no geographical limitation, you organize the schedule as best suits you. We are in the was of computing and as said Roberto Kiyosaki, the well-known author of rich dad, poor dad, the rules of the game have changed, while before the We know better for us.

Undertaken over the Internet is a great option, but don’t do it without knowledge. You can lose much time, even money and the truth rather than losing it, you want to win it. You get to create multiple sources of income to dominate the steps, strategies. Choose the expert hands that will guide you to success, and your dedication and effort will do the rest. Launching a business on the Internet, with one or multiple sources of income is the smarter way to reach your financial freedom. Don’t need to spend huge amounts of money, to get trained only need to know the proper place, the expert in online endeavors minds to advance insurance towards your goals. EducacionParElexito.

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