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Multifocal Psychology

October 17th, 2012    Posted in News

We are curtailed of information, and for times we suffer collections for filling from them as if we fossemos machines/computers. We are evaluated in function of our capacity of memory, of what we possess, of what we represent in the social world. We are not one ' ' equipamento' ' simple, we are human beings and very complex. The memory represents the base, the foundation of the personality human being. The genetic memory influences in the process of formation of the personality, the emotions and the chains of thought, but we cannot forget us our memory history.

This acquired and incorporated throughout our existence and that it is capable to influence the universe of the thoughts, to modify to the emotional and intellectual answers. We need to have science of that the genetic memory does not condemn the human being, therefore it can be worked through the psicodinmica education of the butlers of the mind, using the art of doubts, of it criticizes and the question. The historical memory is divided in: memory of continuous use (MUC) and memory existence (ME). The performance of the phenomenon RAM automatic register of the memory produces a spontaneous and inevitable process of formation of intrapsquica history. We need to prevent that thoughts and terrifying images you are criadosna MUC and in ME, therefore the constant reading of these thoughts it generates anxiety and it distresses and phenomenon RAM has preference for privileged registering the experiences that have more tension. In such a way a vicious and harmful cycle appears the psychic health. The more we entulhamos in them of information, worse will be the quality of life, it widens the MUC and it makes with that the phenomenon of autofluxo constructs thoughts in a speed that controls I transforming it into mere consumer and affecting it with the Syndrome of the sped up thought (SPA). The amount of information is great, but without quality, therefore they are disorganized, do not construct chains of thoughts, does not result in development of the functions most important of intelligence.

The main symptoms of the SPS are irritability, existencial insatisfao, difficulty of concentration, deficit of memory, extreme fatigue, migraines and taquicardia. The fatigue appears because the thought excess usurps the energy of the cerebral cortex. The SPA foments, irrelevant the thoughts, concerns antecipatrios dull fools and, feeding, still more, the fatigue. When I become a mere consumer it leave to exert the paper of an excellent manager and lose the capacity to decelerate the thoughts and thus he does not obtain to protect the intellect and the emotion. Investivamente the brain blocks the memory, generating the esquecimento, the lapses of memory. The prevention this in using the art of doubts and of it criticizes. We must criticize the fixed ideas and disturbing and overwhelming thoughts. To criticize the anxiety for the excess of information, and the extreme necessity to be in evidences social and professional. It is allowed to contemplate the true beauty of the life, takes care of, really, of that them they are expensive, separates to the end of week and shortness the family, the friends. It is loved and only thus it will be able to love to the other, therefore we only take care of correctly of the others, when we learn to take care of of we ourselves.

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Philosophy Greek

October 10th, 2012    Posted in News

Evangelho of Joo develops some subjects and one of the aspects that it deserves a distinguished attention mentions the dualidade to it. We can say that the majority of the subjects developed in Joo is treated from a contraposition of ideas: Light x Treva; world x spirit; life x death; to believe x not to believe; etc. The one that if must this? One is to a literary style or a cultural influence come from the paganismo and the philosophy Greek? We can say that both the perspectives are correct. In Joo in fact the contraposition of concepts is part of its literary style. However this is not alone a literary characteristic. It is treated, also of a tribute to the reinante culture in the destination communities at the same time that if it deals with a resource found for the author to oppose the values of the message of Jesus to the values of the involving culture.

E which are the values of the involving culture? Gnose and the philosophy Greek, or the platonismo. As much in Plato as in gnose the dualidade is essential data. Gnose was born probably in Prsia, from the development of the religion mazdesta that it is based on the contraposition of the principles of the good and the evil. Later, no longer Christian world, gained a new feio, maniquesmo (of Maniqueu) strengthening the doctrine mazdesta and incorporating elements of the Christianity. The maniqueismo in such a way deepened this vision that if became one of the first heresies.

Also here if characterizing for the contraposition of the principles of the good and the evil. Gnose, for its turn, affirms that if it can surpass the evil (ignorance), from the knowledge. Standing out that the knowledge (gnose) implies in if desvencilhar of the world, being that the knowledge is as that in one another sphere, beyond our world.

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