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England Percentage

November 15th, 2016    Posted in News

Left in England would have had to keep the rest of your life. Or do you think after a few years, going to sincerarte with everyone you know? Imagine what would have been their reactions? I had turned my face. And you would have chosen to leave the village. It is likely that if he consulted a psychologist, he'll say you were wrong, you should have addressed the situation. It is very easy to give advice in such cases. But I am sure that another psychologist, with another school, I would say you did the right thing. Who first had to prepare your child to cope with the situation and that is what you've been doing all these years.

Wait until you're ready. I guarantee that if you did a survey among many people, you know it or not, and find a percentage of people who would say that you should have told the truth, but another percentage strongly support your decision. And if you would, would accept for the valid responses were better percentage? Think about it in any other circumstances of your life and ask yourself this question: would you take the decision as he would have chosen the most? What would you do, Alex? Think carefully and answer me. Or would you take the decision according to what you mark your own convictions? Answer me, I'm waiting for your answer I guess would not make a personal decision basing on the opinion of the majority. I've never done under any circumstances in my life.

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World Championships

November 8th, 2016    Posted in News

Of course, the British are the true leaders in the methods of fishing on a float rod and angling in the wiring to the coil, which is recognized by all countries of continental Europe and Scandinavia, which are involved in world championships in angling (CIPS World Championships). They made a great impression, when the team won the championship in angling in the wiring in Italy in 1985. Before this happens, England, has already appeared in several world champions in individual championship, using rods and reels, whereby they were able to reach their potential and in fact for several years before the victory in Italy has been a solid team. This victory is very accelerated British distribution of floats and fishing gear in most if not all of the states – members of CIPS. Floating pieces of bread crust are often quite effective for carp. Here, we show the tackle, which allows you to adjust the distance between the sinker and the nozzle.

Here is shown a sliding tackle with the sinker, fixed on the bottom. The inset at the bottom right oblique special float holding the nozzle at the surface. But exports gear – this one, and transfer of knowledge about how to use them to maximum effect – completely different. I’ll try to do this in order that such knowledge has helped athletes and fishermen, and those who are just fishing. Competition in sports fishing gave rise to the rapid development of fishing gear and methods that are well known even to non-professionals. Despite the diversity of species, there are only two floats, which are fundamental to the angling float rod. In addition, there are a method of fishing with a float svimfider (swim-feeder), which is not certified for participation in sports in some countries.

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Deutsche ErdgasFonds

November 3rd, 2016    Posted in News

Demand for transparent offerings for retail investors through the high energy costs at a high level. That with the promotion of natural gas and oil money earn, is clear since the release of corporate results for the second quarter of this year at the latest: BP boosted its quarterly profit (in the previous year) by 61%, Exxon reported the best quarterly result in the company’s history with a quarterly profit of say and was writing 11,68 billion US dollars. These results are funded by the consumer by high gasoline prices at the pump, through a high gas bill or the fuel surcharge for flying. Because it rests on the long-term trend of rising prices for fossil fuels with which the hand that private investors in the search are then, how and where can be earned. Besides quite unclear in part certificates, there is the possibility of directly sources to participate in – a short handful of on which agency of these investments there are specialized companies in Germany. Their offerings were up to date only a few market participants known. DEF Deutsche ErdgasFonds headquartered in Munich ( has currently put on direct participation.

It is noteworthy here that direct shares in two sources separate from each other can be purchased with a contribution. The company reported that it is surprised by the extent of the response to this new product and has already announced, to hang up in the short term more investment products. The lively interest of the investors is justified, because oil and gas are highly sought-after raw materials with increasing demand and with an inherently limited supply. Requirements, that the further development of prices make foreseeable and that each consumer for example at the gas station is reminded almost every day. With a direct involvement, every investor creates the conditions are no longer about rising energy costs to annoy but to benefit directly to the price development. Marcel G. Wehner

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