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December 4th, 2017    Posted in News

ResumoPara to guarantee the objective well to think the gift we need to construct umaoutra globalization established in the beginning of solidarity. The globalization in sino is problematic, therefore it represents a process of nahistria advance without precedents of the humanity. What she is problematic is the competitive globalization. Estetexto has for intention to carry through an analysis of the ecopedagogia and a reflection acultura of the support for the field of the competitive globalization. This challenging and convidativo article is intended that seje reflections to ahead decarter ethical and antropolgico of the problems taxes to the human beings and aomeio environment of the destructive potential that the development docapitalismo provokes. Of antropolgico character for if dealing with the question coletivaestando these eager of new forms of life, enclosing all the spheres of the vidasocial I contend the possibility of a process of antropolgica mutation, nosentido to promote a new conception of man, and this perceiving that, inserted in the universe, it is not separate of the planet, and if it questions the davida direction.

Ethical E, because the new principles that regularize the activity humanaonde its global actors will have of if to base on a new paradigm who have fills with earth as bedding and center. The paradigmtica change will bring with certezaimplicaes in ' ' educao' ' , as much in the curricular boarding as in the movimentosocial and politician, this understood as a reorientation of our vision demundo. The education as knowledge and study center will have estarconsciente of its responsibility ambient human being and. The oupedagogia ecopedagogia of the land is worried in inserting the individual in a eglobal local community at the same time, this is the logic of the hojealmejada or possible social or universal revolution. Being able itself to detach in the excellency of a cidadaniaintegral, full active and. It is the conquest of the planetary citizenship, being the access universal aosdireitos.

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Ethics And Ambient Support

July 28th, 2016    Posted in News

FRAZO, C. Ethical and the Ambient Support. So Lus, 2011. ETHICS AND AMBIENT SUPPORT The ethical approach, in what it says respect to the ambient support, is born of two distinct wills of the current society, to surpass habits kept throughout the time and to construct a new society, through the consolidation of new customs. The construction of a new society will only happen when the habits considered socially will be surpassed unjust, in view of the effective economic model (capitalism), for concentrating wealth at the hands of few, favoring the inaquality social and generating poverty; ambiently unsustainable, for consuming of aggressive form the natural resources, that are limited.

Then considered utopia of the sustainable development, this tying with the social matters in two plans, global and the place, considering the global plan as the society, that they kill habits of disordered consumption, in a general way generating of all ambient degradation of causes not natural; the local plan represented by one parcels out minim of the society that woke up for the ambient problems and that it tries to revert or to minimize this picture. The two plans re-echo of positive form and negative, in the local plan the actions are being constructed in day-by-day, with the sprouting of not governmental organizations, voluntariados, etc., in the global plan, have broken this significant one that it keeps standards of living with limitless desires, that stimulate the consumption and the degradation of the scarce resources. In this perspective the most important this in global thinking, but yes in local acting, this ethical thought if diverge, therefore if of a side does not exist pressures so that the nations to open its borders, to share its economies, for another one exist a closing of doors when the subject is ambient agreements. While a minority tries to influence and to change a majority, not trying to impose its ideas, but breaking with its proper initiatives route to the sustainable development. Being able to affirm that this minority plan represented by one sector of the society, determined 3 sector (ONGs, Associations), leaving of the beginning of that this sector of the society did not only appear to supply a gap of 1 sector (government), but yes because the civil society was seen in the necessity of if congregating to charge of 1 sector what it is of right, as a clean and balanced environment.

It only goes to be possible to consolidate the desire of the local plan, if the society to start to change its habits and to construct new customs, thus will reach so dreamed sustainable development.

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Your Road To Success

March 17th, 2013    Posted in News

If you’ve spent several months on the internet and we’ve got results let me ask you a question: do not you’re thinking that you’ve failed not? If so I can tell you that you are wrong. Contrary to what you think I think that you’re very close to win. Why?Simply because you’ve reached the point where most surrendered, has given up and has already left. Those are the opportunists who generally seek to magical immediate results without effort, and in addition, believe to be able to get something without giving anything. On the other hand if you’ve come this far and have not decided to surrender, then, from now be part of that another group comprising those who are beginning to get results by their determination and their firm determination to win and achieve success. Surely you know that to win we need make mistakes, give against the wall and even lose some things.

But the big difference that perhaps does not distinguish, is that now you know selecting the information and accounts with invaluable experience of your own mistakes. You are starting to be a true entrepreneur, but with experience not as before, and go directly on the way to become a professional e-commerce. So that it abandon it isn’t for you, it is only some vague thought that remain in the past. I ask that reflections and to see the difference between today and when you started. When did you had nothing you’ve treasured experience, little or much but now you have it. That is your capital, large or small, but capital at last. Never think that you have nothing, because we have what is needed. Now I just want to leave you some important success phrases because I prefer that you strenghthen your attitude and increase your efforts to arrive at the goal you’ve set. They are important phrases so that you have them always present.

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