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Ethics And Ambient Support

July 28th, 2016    Posted in News

FRAZO, C. Ethical and the Ambient Support. So Lus, 2011. ETHICS AND AMBIENT SUPPORT The ethical approach, in what it says respect to the ambient support, is born of two distinct wills of the current society, to surpass habits kept throughout the time and to construct a new society, through the consolidation of new customs. The construction of a new society will only happen when the habits considered socially will be surpassed unjust, in view of the effective economic model (capitalism), for concentrating wealth at the hands of few, favoring the inaquality social and generating poverty; ambiently unsustainable, for consuming of aggressive form the natural resources, that are limited.

Then considered utopia of the sustainable development, this tying with the social matters in two plans, global and the place, considering the global plan as the society, that they kill habits of disordered consumption, in a general way generating of all ambient degradation of causes not natural; the local plan represented by one parcels out minim of the society that woke up for the ambient problems and that it tries to revert or to minimize this picture. The two plans re-echo of positive form and negative, in the local plan the actions are being constructed in day-by-day, with the sprouting of not governmental organizations, voluntariados, etc., in the global plan, have broken this significant one that it keeps standards of living with limitless desires, that stimulate the consumption and the degradation of the scarce resources. In this perspective the most important this in global thinking, but yes in local acting, this ethical thought if diverge, therefore if of a side does not exist pressures so that the nations to open its borders, to share its economies, for another one exist a closing of doors when the subject is ambient agreements. While a minority tries to influence and to change a majority, not trying to impose its ideas, but breaking with its proper initiatives route to the sustainable development. Being able to affirm that this minority plan represented by one sector of the society, determined 3 sector (ONGs, Associations), leaving of the beginning of that this sector of the society did not only appear to supply a gap of 1 sector (government), but yes because the civil society was seen in the necessity of if congregating to charge of 1 sector what it is of right, as a clean and balanced environment.

It only goes to be possible to consolidate the desire of the local plan, if the society to start to change its habits and to construct new customs, thus will reach so dreamed sustainable development.

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Povoamento Porto

July 20th, 2016    Posted in News

Articles EUGNIO, Alisson. Tensions between the Visitadores Eclesisticose the Black Brotherhoods in Century XVIII Miner. Brazilian magazine deHistria.Vol. 22 n43. So Paulo.

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Save Power With Heating Walls

July 18th, 2016    Posted in News

The Romans made pleasant room temperature by modern heating system before it, today we do it: the principle of the wall heater is used increasingly in private households. The portal has inquires on this issue. Normal radiators provide churned up dust that polluted the air and is very uncomfortable especially for allergy sufferers. Yet adzu extra-large models take much space, the fuller sense could be used. The new heating panels can help here. The only 0.5 millimeters thin heating foil is attached directly on the plaster, the wallpaper, the ceiling or the floor covering. Because the installation requires no special knowledge of electrical and heating wallpaper with safe 24V operated, she can be performed easily by the painter, stucco or Drywall Installers. Once installed on the walls, exudes a pleasant, clean and uniform heat the heating system.

Moreover, the wall heating due to the high energy efficiency helps save much at current. A room temperature of 18 degrees is perceived by the even distribution of heat as 21 degrees by the human body. It is positively influenced not only the Wohlbfinden, but spared also the money bag. More information: service/press contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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Australian Continent

July 16th, 2016    Posted in News

The corporative government is of legal people when the administered company is a legal person. The corporative government is of enterprise figures legal that are not legal people when the administered company is an association, committee, community farmer or foundation all nonenrolled in registries public, or partnerships, clusters, among others.

The corporative government is of private companies when the administered company is a company that belongs to the private sector. The corporative government is of public companies when the administered company is a company that belongs to the public sector.

The corporative government is of national companies when the companies have address in the national territory, for example in this case in the Peruvian territory. The corporative government is of foreign companies when the companies have address abroad, for example in this case in Europe or Africa or Asia, or the Australian Continent, among others places of the foreigner. The corporative government is of international companies when the company has address in the national territory and in addition it has address abroad, by which is clear that we are before companies of great size, known in many cases like transnational companies. In the present work we are forced to develop the corporative government thus is clear that this law if regulates the same, consequently is a law that is with the day with the last advances of the enterprise and corporative right. Article 171 of Peruvian the general law of societies establishes that the directors carry out the position with the diligence of a ordered retailer and a legal representative. On the other hand article 175 of the same law establishes that the directory must provide to the shareholders and the public the sufficient information, trustworthy and opportune that the law determines with respect to the legal, economic and financial situation of the society.

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Mexican Salad

July 11th, 2016    Posted in News

Historical review: This is a preparation of kitchen fusion of which in the United States they classify of kitchen tel-mex, that is to say a prescription here inspired by ingredients and Mexican cultures but developed in the United States, with American industrialized products of origin. The original prescription is of my friend of 35 years Carlos Anato, who whenever he can us prepares them in his house; she is the favourite of Dalila and all our children. However, like good Dalila cooks and who writes we have made him some changes, especially in the marinated type of of the meat and in the used condiments. It is easy to prepare and in Dalila s Gourmet always we spoke to do them to our parents, when we pruned to go from visit to Venezuela. Ingredients For the Salad: 1 Stock market of Tortillas or Doritos? 4 Cups of Chili con carne? 1 sauce Bottle of sharp natural tomato (Tostitos marks)? 3 Lettuces finely cut? 2 Cups of vinagreta Tip and Rooster? 6 great Spoonfuls of sour cream (1 for each plate of salad)? 9 small Spoonfuls of black olives in slices or 2 tins? 2 Cups of Mexican cheese lined or Monterrey cheese Ingredients For the Vinagreta Tip and Rooster: 3 Tomatos shrieked and cut in buckets of of inches? 1 Onion cut in buckets of of inch? 2 very well crushed Teeth of garlic? 1 Cup of coriander very finely cut? virgin extra olive oil Cup? 3 spoonfuls of vinegar? 1 Pinch of oregano? Salt and pepper to the taste Ingredients For Chili con carne: 1 Libra de worn out Carne of head of cattle? 2 Cups of Caraotas (kidney beans) red soft (cooked without condiment)? 1 Cup of tomato liquefied in little water? 1 Onion finely cut? 8 Teeth of crushed garlic (50% for the marinated one of meat and 50% for the sofrito)? 1 Teaspoon of fresh cumin? 1 Teaspoon of homemade marinade? Teaspoon of paprika or pimentn ground? 1 Teaspoon of season for fajitas? 2 Spoonfuls of oil (for the marinated one)? 2 Spoonfuls of olive oil (for the sofrito)? 1 Spoonful of sauce barbecue? Salt and pepper to the taste Preparation of the Vinagreta Tip and Rooster: In bowl puts 1 water cup with one spoonful of the vinegar; it soaks by 15 minutes so that the onion loses its picor? Good scoundrel; she incorporates all the other ingredients and she mixes until unifying all the ingredients of the vinagreta Preparation of Chili con carne: In bowl she puts the ingredients of the marinated one (garlic, marinade, oil, Cumin, paprika, salt and pepper); she removes until uniting all the ingredients? She incorporates the worn out meat and she mixes or until the condiments or are scattered by the meat? She lets marinate more or less by one hour. .

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Losing Weight

July 11th, 2016    Posted in News

The meals to lower of weight are innumerable that can be consumed, especially the fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of them produce what to know itself like ” thermal effect negativo”. This means that if eats for example a beet that contains 9 calories, to digest it will cost to his body to invest it to him 9 calories. Of this form, not only it has not won but there are lost calories. This does not mean that to ingest these meals to lower of weight it is sufficient to become thin, but with an suitable food combination and a routine of exercises although is light, will obtain better results. Frequently to these foods also ” is denominated; quemagrasas”. By all means, besides the meals to lower of weight they are those that must avoid at all costs. The frituras must be their main enemy.

Not only they contribute to fats oxidizes them to the oil but also that, turning them into called compounds ” perxidos” , ” superxidos” and ” radicals libres”. These three chemical groups contain oxygen in very reactive state, that attacks molecules of its body and they are the people in charge of the premature aging (by aging of the cells and the cellular structures). The best meals to lower of weight are those that become to the steam, slightly boiled or if it is meat, to the plate or the furnace. Of this form they conserve all nutrients and vitamins (that are destroyed with the excessive heat), and do not contribute substances to him that can do damage to him. This does not mean that the meals to lower of weight do not have to contain oil, quite the opposite.

The olive or maize fish and oil contribute certain types of fats that are indispensable and irreplaceable for the body, and that must be ingested with the diet. However, the best form to incorporate them is crude, adding it to foods once boiled or cooked, because of that form the oil does not reach the temperature necessary to be disturbed (200C) in substances that can be to him injurious. A guaranteed form exists to burn corporal fat quickly. If you are in a desperation state to lose weight, the following message is more important that you could read.

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Emotional Liberation

July 1st, 2016    Posted in News

When you put the goal to lower of weight, first that does she is to look for a diet. Often the diets of the famous ones are those that you choose, but generally these diets are estresantes for the body. On the other hand surely, you begin a plan of physical exercises, she is written down in a gymnasium and at the outset she goes by far enthusiasm. As they happen the days and the pain it appears and the results quickly do not appear it waited for as it, you you stop going to the gymnasium and leaves the diet because the temptations and the anxiety by the food are very great. In the last years a called technique EFT was made very popular that means Techniques of Emotional Liberation. GaryCraig the EFT creator says that this technique has excellent results forloss of weight and is very important to incorporate it in all program to reduce of weight.

Two great benefits exist: 1. Simply using EFT the immediate anxiety is reduced to eat when you do not have appetite. This is helpful for losing weight. 2. The success of EFT to become thin is due to the ability to find and to finish with the true causes of overweight. Most important it is the use of the food like tranquilizer and the anxiety by not solved emotional problems. To become thin quickly solving emotional conflicts According to studies, eating due to emotional problems is the practice to consume great amounts of food like answer to feelings instead of to feed itself because appetite is had.

The experts consider that around 75% of the abuse of the meals he is caused by negative emotions. Depression, solitude, anger and the quarrel, anxiety, frustration, stress, and the problems of interpersonal relations or low self-esteem go a to be in abuse of the food and therefore they will not allow to become thin. While the person does not face her negative emotions like being the quarrel, the fear, the fault and another type of emotions, she will not be able to surpass his necessity to abuse the food and the overweight will remain, but mainly it will sabotage unconsciously all attempt to continue withprogram to lower of weight. Therefore many diets to lower of weight fail to it releases. The people can become thin with these programs but as the solved emotional subjects are not present, the overweight will remain. The Technique of Liberacin Emocional (EFT) applied with property inhibits the necessity to use the food like tranquilizer. It is also evident that the nutritional subjects of loss of weight, disorders, compulsions and addictions have the same emotional causes. In agreement with Gary Craig: The people make diets and fail when they want to become thin because they only lean in the will force instead of to solve emotional problems that block the power system. Emotional subjects like fear, quarrel, boredom, shame, and resentment is emotions that take to the individual to gain weight. Until the power system is not balanced the abuse of the food due to emotional subjects will continue.

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