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Citibank Up To 3.75 Percent Interest On The Deposit

August 30th, 2016    Posted in News

With Citibank, one of the first banks to once again increases the interest for the deposit on now in the top to 3.75 percent per annum. The Citibank adjusts the interest rates of fixed-term deposit offer for quite some time a week on every Wednesday. From October 21, 2009 there are 0.10 percentage points for terms of 12 to 72 months higher interest rates than even a week earlier. Thus, the top rate for Citibank deposit offer is now 3.75 percent per annum for a term of six years. With this interest rate Citibank term deposits interest compared of the trade portal is for a term of six years equal first place with the Dutch credit Europe Bank and the Volkswagen Bank, closely followed by the Mercedes-Benz Bank with 3.50% interest per year.

This rate hike is not the first Citibank and gives investors reason to hope that the interest rates on savings for medium and long-term deposits will recover soon even further and rates for daily available savings go up again soon. In this context, experts assume that no later than the end of 2010 the European Central Bank will increase interest rates, will have direct impact on the savings with daily or fixed period. Although the interest rates currently not so attractive as last year, when there were up to 5.00 per cent on the day money and 5.50 percent on the fixed-term deposits, investors should note the inflation and the force since this year flat rate tax. Inflation currently close to zero percent and a flat tax rate of 25% plus solidarity surcharge above the saver pauschbetrages a much higher yield also to lower nominal interest rates as last year, where the inflation average was 2.60 percent and interest income above the savers tax credit with the personal tax rate taxable were remains the bottom line. Daniel Franke

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Beer Monopoly Popular Party Game

August 25th, 2016    Posted in News

pleased especially in the winter months the variation of the well-known company game of very popular beer monopoly is a game of the classic monopoly game. As the name suggests this beer plays a special role. For revenue only, if something is drunk or someone else at a rent to pay. The game runs so bad for a party or investments are so monopoly on unconventional manner must be procured at the beer new money… Beer monopoly is an ordinary game of monopoly. However, the rules are somewhat “special”. The most important rule is: you only get money when you on drank a beer.

This means not going over Los at positive event or company card to get money. If you however to a negative field (paying taxes) or gets an event or company map where you have to pay then you have to pay to the Bank. Between the parties, rent must be paid of course and houses and hotels cost money, too. Now you can at the start the cards of possession of randomly distribute (recommended, so that the game is not forever) or you can start so that plots etc. must be purchased first. But there was like in the ‘normal’ monopoly I think lots of variations and everyone has as its preferred method of play. Also, some money should be distributed at the beginning, so that seed money is available and you can also build or at the first major payment no excesses are needed. Soon enough come to later game time it happens then that one person or a group within a turn must drink several beers, to pay, for example, a ‘hotel visit’.

Whoever plays well and conducts business or drinks much from the outset has accordingly capital available and then the next rounds usually relaxed opposite stand. Who however is in need of money can come quickly in panic. According to the motto: “If I now ne throw 5, mus I 4 drink beer”. Beer monopoly may according to the law are logically only played by people aged 16 and above. posted Paul Eber

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Middle Exchange

August 24th, 2016    Posted in News

High-frequency trading is therefore based on Speed advantages. Requires advanced computer technology and a fast data line to the stock exchange. To achieve the latter expensive server capacity or Server installation places are placed in close proximity to the systems of the stock exchange operator, to get other investors before order delivery. The duration of an order delivery is now measured in nanoseconds. For example a trader placed a purchase order, it is possible this order with the purchase of the same title to preempt the high frequency trading. Having the price dynamics resulting from the sum of the two order could be benefited, the computer systems immediately repel the title normally. This process happens within an eyelash of shock, so that manual traders have not the slightest hint of a chance to win the fight against the machines.

Also benefits from its speed of high frequency trading in the electronic order books of the broker automatically placed in fake order are facing the direction of the market to a some points can be pushed in the desired direction. It, not the size of the market movement is crucial. Within half a second, tens of thousands of transactions can be handled in the high frequency trading. Adding countless Kleinstgewinne resulting per trade, come from the huge sums. In the United States alone, the Borsen-Zeitung estimates the profits of the companies involved up to $ 100 billion.

As the most important argument of the proponents referenced constantly on the liquidity provided to the markets through high-frequency trading systems. The operation itself but already shows that all remaining investors, without the elaborate technology, without the Middle Exchange server location the Jesuits data time advantage, only worse prices for buying and selling their securities can achieve. High frequency trading systems are based on mathematical formulas and react quickly to price movements. Is a strong market movement, regardless, whether they be justified by fundamentals can or is based on a simple manual entry errors in an order mask the computer and respond to ratchets up a price movement.

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Progress Of A Company

August 22nd, 2016    Posted in News

Decades ago, the progress of the companies was based on the services offered customers the fundamentals were basically the speed of customer service and saves both the customer with your services, without taking into account the capacity of employees. now these two aspects are still valid but new elements are added to the prosperity of the new companies, looking for talent within your own business by developing the intellectual capital of workers, this is achieved with a new culture of work where the worker is included as a person active in the development of the company making the company involved, raise the concern of the individual who is not a simple machine that complies with a process but take it beyond what it does encourage it to personal development and the benefits it brings them, above the individual characteristics was not the person in the company thinking that while doing his day’s work and so far, but new companies are realizing the urgency of developing their employees and their concern for the benefit of including them as people who can really develop intellectual capital and bring great benefits to companies, initially include a new culture in the work areas has an economic cost can be high but implemented the new culture of development, new businesses will have the return on their investment with high degrees of competitiveness in the global standards for high quality in services, care of the environment and the great development of their workers. Some companies are betting the personal development of its workers are BIMBO, Yakult, MICROSOFT, TELMEX, CFE and are already feeling the benefits of not only workers but rather to have partners in their a culture that is difficult to implement but already done the same workers to inculcate a new culture by individuals who are entering these companies. any change requires effort and commitment by the companies and their workers, all change creates factors different results but this 100% proven that this new business system will be highly satisfactory profits for the company and its employees.

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New England Renaissance

August 16th, 2016    Posted in News

In your case that battle was not to Excel, instead she wanted to disappear. In a poem he wrote: what horrible being someone! / what lewdness. What would think Emily Dickinson her world famous? His poetry renewed the panorama of literature and since then his name is a reference for readers and specialists. According to his biographer, George Frisbie, the poems of Emily Dickinson, the product finally and, from a more perfect in the New England Renaissance, artistic point of view, have quietly reached the rank of classics of American literature. And a little later in the same paragraph says his work, he has won a growing number of readers who understood the high integrity of his poetic craft and who not them would exclude it from American letters, as they could not do so with Poe, Emerson and Whitman. More recently Harold Bloom has included it in his canon of the West as the only woman poet worthy of such privilege. Translations of three poems that accompany this note were made by another admirable writer, argentina Silvina Ocampo. 89Algunas things there are birds that fly Bumblebee of these hours there is no Elegy. Some things there are that remain, they are there worth eternity mountains nor these worried me. There are some resting, is rise. I can I interpret the heavens? what still lies the conundrum!(1859) 190El was weak, I was strong after he left I did go I was weak, and he was strong then I left it to me to lead me home. It was not far the door was closed wasn’t dark he also progressed there was no noise, he didn’t say anything that was what I most wanted to know.The day broke had to separate us none was stronger now he fought I fought also did not despite everything!(1860) 376Es clear that I prayed and God did care? imported you both as if an air pajaroen hit with his paw and shout give me reason life that would not have had sin ti more pious had sidoen the tomb of atom let me joyful, annihilated, blessed and silent instead of this pervasive misery.

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August 16th, 2016    Posted in News

“Now for free order effectively safeguard critical communications” with this important issue concerned the new and free security compendium of containing practical and informative booklet for IT professionals the most important questions and answers about security in email together. The compendium shows basics, discusses the issue on the basis of reports from the user, product information, and gives rise to the most important representatives of security manufacturers to Word. “The current security compendium puts special attention among others on these topics: E-Mail Security in transition: new threats new protection concepts for open-source-spam protection on the mail server spam and malware effectively eliminate compliance requirements meet rule-compliant order the compendium of critical communication effectively abischern” via the following link:… Please click on “free show”. You will get a printed version of the new compendium for free by mail. registered users receive automatically free of charge to new editions of the compendium of the security. Order your Edition now free of charge and without obligation: we are pleased to support you in your daily work with this service. Sincerely your reader service Vogel IT media GmbH August-Wessels-Strasse 27 86156 Augsburg, Germany on is the German-language edition of of the US publisher TechTarget successful and multiple award-winning range of information for IT security decision makers. provides on demand IT security professionals”all the information that they need for the continuous updating of their knowledge and the search for the procurement: current news, whitepapers, webcasts, downloads and case studies, as well as a comprehensive IT security vendors- and mean – product database, intelligent”-areas and useful community features such as forums and proposition. ” The RSS feeds and newsletters from bring their IT professionals at the top Industry, by they provide you with the latest, success-relevant information from the IT security field. for editorial questions contact please: Peter Schmitz Vogel IT media GmbH editor-in-Chief 27 86156 Augsburg Tel. + 49 821 2177-165 fax 165 E-Mail: about Vogel IT media: the Vogel IT media, Augsburg, are a wholly owned subsidiary of Vogel business media, Wurzburg. Since 1989, the publishing house publishes trade media for decision makers, who are professionally involved with the production, procurement or the use of information technology. In the Augsburg publishing house in addition to print and online media offers a wide portfolio of events. The most important offers of the Publishing House are IT-BUSINESS, eGovernment computing,,,,, as well as the events of the IT BUSINESS Academy.

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Entertainment in London

August 3rd, 2016    Posted in News

A fanatic of the films and a lover of the cinema generally, the festival of London cinema 2010 cannot be lost. The Festival of Cinema of London 2010 offers to the visitors a variety of films for all the tastes of the lovers of the seventh art. If it thinks to visit London and some of their places of interest, like the cinema of Chelsea, could plan well their visit to remove the maximum party to the next festival from London cinema. It is the best way to enjoy the tourist attractions and monuments of London. The Festival of Cinema of London 2010 offers to the visitors a variety of films for all the tastes and in different languages, for which they feel a special attraction by the French cinema, Spanish or English.

The program contains largometrajes that treat different subjects, from the sentimental ruptures to Facebook, happening through international cities like Shanghai. During the event films in a great number of places will be exhibited, including the cinema Curzon de Mayfair. The fans to the cinema will have the opportunity to see one selection of new British films, like Mandelson: Real The p.m.? , about the politician of the labor party Peter Mandelson; Patagonia, of Marc director Evans; Edge, for which they like the drama; The Arbor, for the fanatics of films documentary type; and Fire in Babylo, for the lovers of history in the films, among others. In order to obtain more data it exceeds what to see and to do in London, this tour guide of London consults. As far as the international supplies, the cinfilos have much where to choose. Between the exhibited films Is Wish I Knew de Jia Zhangke and Imani de Caroline Kamya are included, besides a captivating story of the impact of social means in Catfish. While capital is in, interest asegrese of not to lose places of more famous, as Tower Bridge and Tower of London with his famous jewels of crown, mazmorras and where it is said that some times it is seen walk to queen Ana Bolena, beheaded in 1536 by order of King Enrique VIII. It either does not stop visiting the swap-meet of Candem Town, where it can enjoy a behind schedule pleasant one making shopping and enjoy common and the little diverse store that offers this recognized place to him in London.

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Organizing Committee

August 3rd, 2016    Posted in News

Tomorrow, March 15, 2011, will begin to sell tickets for the London 2012 Olympic Games, according to the Organizing Committee. Tickets will be sold directly from the Olympic Committee of each country, and by authorized resellers. It is available on the website of London 2012, the list of authorised sellers, and we can thus avoid possible fraud in the sale of tickets, as the one which occurred a few days ago. As we reported a few days ago, the ticket prices range from 23 euros for the cheapest entry and 2,369 Euros the most expensive. We can say that the majority of events occur in the same city of London, though some are moving to nearby cities, like football or sailing. A good opportunity to plan our Olympic holidays for the coming year. If you plan to attend the Olympic Games of London 2012 and attend sporting events numbers that occur during the days on July 27 and August 12, apresurese to buy tickets, because that is provides for a huge turnout at most events. Travel and enjoy the coming Olympic Games in London 2012 year.

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