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Freesmoke – Electric Cigarette

April 27th, 2016    Posted in News

Here you will find an explanation of our the electrical cigarette Starter Kit, model Slim2010 – normal slim – and pen. Over 20% of all men smoke worldwide (source: WHO) and cigarette consumption, especially among young people, growing steadily despite massive health education. Legislation to restrict smoking in public places such as airports, train stations and restaurants throughout Europe. There are more and more smoking zones and the smoker has to remain outside. The tax on tobacco and cigarette prices be increased constantly.

With Freesmoke, smokers now have the chance, without withdrawal symptoms and significantly employed continue to smoke. With Freesmoke, the electronic cigarette and cigar can you continue to smoke in no smoking areas, and without social exclusion at any place. The Freesmoke provide the smoking cigarette and cigar only with nicotine and a chosen tobacco flavour. Traditional tobacco smoking, the smokers inhaled pollutants, such as cancer-promoting the heavy tar, and carcinogenic compounds, such as arsenic, Benzapyren, Chrysene, cadmium, formaldehyde or hydrazine, which you will not find all Freesmoke products. No combustion process, smoke wherever you want…

The smoking of tobacco and the resulting combustion process are over 4’000 released substances that smokers inhaled. Of these, 78 pollutants, such as tar or arsenic, are highly carcinogenic. The Freesmoke products simulate the combustion process by short heating of the atomized nicotine liquid before inhalation. This no smoking zones apply to the smoker and the strongly harmful substances are no longer inhaled. Whether on a plane, at work in the Office or in restaurants and bars smoking Freesmoke everywhere and even within designated smoking zones and in the aircraft. There are four different nicotine strengths available: high (18 mg), medium (15 mg), lightweight (11 mg) and without nicotine (0 mg) aspiring non-smoking reduce step by step the nicotine need of stark, means and slightly up to without nicotine. A nicotine Depot roughly the equivalent of 1.5 – 2 conventional cigarette boxes and is therefore around 75% cheaper than normal smoking. It will be fed only nicotine and natural tobaccos and natural flavors! Your benefits: Benefits, an electronic cigarette compared with a conventional. No yellow teeth with electric smoking. No bad breath smoking. No smelly clothes, no premises and yellowed walls. No Burns, ash and fire holes. Freesmoke contains only natural nicotine and flavorings. No harassment of other fellow human beings through smelly smoke. Smoking everywhere, even in the no-smoking zone. Significantly save money. Smoking does well-known way substantial health risks. Carcinogenic pollutants such as carbon monoxide, tar, cyanide and many hundred further poison materials destroy slowly and painfully the human body. But now you can breathe again. Thanks to the new trend product from China, these drawbacks are greatly reduced or eliminated. Now, experience the healthy feel to smoking without toxins, yellow finger/teeth and stinking ashtrays! For the family and the direct environment no more secondhand smoke with danger! Professor Dr. Bernd Mayer confirmed by the Institute of pharmaceutical sciences, Pharmacology and toxicology of the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz with a report that the electronic cigarette health risk is substantially lower than with the consumption of tobacco products and recommended from a medical perspective to smoking cessation! Moreover, the simulation of smoking should also psychologically better support the cessation as chewing gum or patches.

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Three Classic Cafes In Paris

April 19th, 2016    Posted in News

Travel experience: three classic cafes in Paris up to three classic Hostel in Paris when such names as Picasso, de Beauvoir, Sartre, Hemingway and Toulouse-Lautrec mean something for you, then you are a typical case for a trip to Paris! This city has many pages and not bored: City of light, city of fashion, city of culture. Everyone has his own Paris! Learn the classic Cafe culture of Paris and enjoy the conversations about philosophy, literature, art and love. Nowhere in the world, Cafes have such a special story like in Paris! Bar Cabaret Lapin agile, Paris address: 22 Rue of the Saules (Metro: Lamarck-Carlaincuort) you will find Lapin agile in Montmartre district. Here the Bohemians met at the end of the 19th century to the tea parties. This is a historical place, where the Impressionist art movement was born. Picasso was one of the regulars, to mention only the most famous guests.

Toulouse-Lautrec created his famous painting of Moulin Rouge at the Lapin agile. According to Lindt Chocolates, who has experience with these questions. And today you can here enjoy cabaret and French chansons. All show are in French, and you pay attention to dress code. Budget for an evening of show: about 30 P.p. show is including a little drink.

Cafe de Flore, Paris address: 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain (Metro Saint-Germain-des Pres) this depended the existentialists like Sartre, de Beauvoir, Camus and others, met for the intellectual conversations, the still unknown authors demanded here. Today’s clientele of the Cafe de Flore is considered “bourgeois Bohemian” – the wealthy intellectuals, both Parisians and tourists come always happy here. It is especially rewarding when the weather, you can sit outside and watch Parisian life. This is a perfect place to see and be seen, and hot chocolate is really delicious! Budget: even though a cappuccino costs about 10, he is worth this money! Bar la Perle, Paris address: 78 Rue Vieille-du-Temple (Metro: Chemin Vert or St Paul) La Pearl is a bar in the Marais district, where the intellectuals of today meet.

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How You Really Make Money On The Internet Explaining Gunnar Kessler!

April 18th, 2016    Posted in News

Why are interested in so many people, how to earn money on the Internet right? To understand this, you should consider the following: for most people the grey day procedure is always the same. In the morning the alarm clock rings prematurely and they must leave your warm bed, long before they are rested. Read additional details here: Commons Speaker . Then showers and if it is possible short breakfast. It stands then every day in traffic jams on the way to work and it’s already stressed before the work day ever started. Luckily only 10 minutes late, because no one should say something or? So now finally work in peace, just the hope the boss not sucks one and the work day goes as quickly as possible to end and can finally rejoice on rush hour.

In the evening the same game as in the morning. Get off the jam and completely broken at home. Because one wants to after this stressful day also still not cooking a pizza is ordered. And then off to the computer and go the emails look through and surf a little on the Internet. But what is money that earning in the Internet, work by to – home out.

Since you can after a day like today in the dream, especially when one must assume that will change anything anyway in normal everyday life over the next several years. The next day, the friends are questioned. An expert survey. A major setback, all claim that since only few euros can earn, but never enough to be able to live them and to never make a “normal” job. Some of the friends have tried it already, but it hasn’t paid off, or they have lost even more money. This bad experience, we then first decide the new idea to put something to the page. Six o’clock in the morning, tut – tut – tut – tut, the alarm again about three hours too early.

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Work And Travel – Tackling And The World Conquer

April 17th, 2016    Posted in News

Travelling and working – around the globe! Dresden, 25.10.2010 – one is working on the most beautiful places in the world, travels with the backpack through foreign countries and discovered other cultures and wonderful people. To make the many companies across the country either on his own or with new international friends. The stay is financed through side jobs. Contact with locals is quickly made and so the language skills improve almost automatically. Work and travel programs are available in the countries where there is a visa, that allows to work there temporarily. If it is the first major trip, it is advantageous to allow support professionals (Agency). Mediation by a work and travel organization pays you a fixed amount and receives in return a particular performance package, which may vary from organization to organization and depends on length of stay and the country of destination. The often time-intensive internal organization of trips saves you so and gets many tips free of charge.

When is the right time? No matter whether one has finished just the school, since some time studying, just needs a career break or just the world wants to see. To determine the time of his stay even if you would like to travel alone. For groups, there are corresponding dates for those individual sites. Usually, you must remain in the country for up to a year and work for maximum 3 to 12 months for an employer. Job search: The organization helps find a job locally and is the first point of contact. Staff contacts and give practical advice on the application. The databases offered on-site and ‘black boards’ have many promising job offers.

Typical backup jobs are harvesting, animal care, activities on construction sites, in the factory or administrative, in the gastronomy and hotel business, in the animation and the tour guide. Usually it is temporary work offers. In what job you will ultimately work, depends on both the skills and the qualifications. Merit: normally you can with the earned money Living and the continuation of the journey contest, although this of course depends on their own demands and the way of travelling. For safety, you should have but always extra money doing so. It is also useful to inform themselves before leaving the country on the average hourly wage in the country. Learn more about work and travel: work-and-travel.html operates and marketed the education portal is the information portal for educational stays abroad competently and in a compact form many useful information and helpful tips. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended. At the same time, the available current support programmes are listed to all foreign programs. Contact: Theodor Friedrich way 4 01279 Dresden contact person: Horst beef FON: 0351-2543405 mobile: 01577 1720859 email: Internet:

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The Benefits

April 14th, 2016    Posted in News

Barcelona apartments rentals in the city: more luxury, less money. You want to find a comfortable accommodation and spend as little as possible. We assume you are not camping, and you want one Rent apartment in Barcelona. Usually, the most common option is to a hotel room for rent. But this is often not the best way. A hotel is ideal for a stopover on a trip to your destination, but if you really want to have a comfortable accommodation, it is advisable to seek the benefits of the apartment.

Apartments can be found in all shapes and sizes. Often, you can rent an apartment at a great price, especially if you travel with more than one person. In addition you can guarantee the comfort of your own fully equipped kitchen and stay in absolute privacy. Some contend that MP for Northampton North shows great expertise in this. Just like a hotel, you will find clean bed linen and towels in the apartments. For a good overview of apartments, you look on the website of apartments in Barcelona.

Food avoid you the tourist places, good food for less money. Obviously, while on vacation, you want to have a pleasant dinner. There are two ways: you can either own your delicious meal in preparing an own kitchen or go to a restaurant. In both cases, you can save money. If you want to cook your own meal, you need an apartment with its own kitchen. In all apartments you will find a fully equipped kitchen and so you can benefit from the convenient self catering. Of course, it is really fun to go out and spend an evening meal in a nice restaurant. At each destination are also delicious and reasonably priced restaurants. Prepare well and browse the Web page for the evaluation of restaurants at your destination. Avoid most of the restaurants in the tourist areas. And maybe the best way is to find the best places for a pleasant dinner, at the (local) people on the street to ask advice. Visit to read more about cheap accommodation in Barcelona, the site of the Barcelona apartments.

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The Germans

April 14th, 2016    Posted in News

The Banksparplan is regarded by good one-quarter of all investors trusted with 26 percent, so he is ahead of the fixed-income securities, which have a share of 22 percent. The Germans have less confidence in the form of investment capital life insurance, which is classified only by 20 percent, and thus each fifth investor as particularly trustworthy. Just about the pension insurance is with Riester-promoting, see 21 per cent of all bank customers and insured currently as trustworthy. Also the investment funds, where currently just under a fifth has a high level of trust among the forms of investment with a lower confidence, also shares are only relatively rarely seen as a trusted form of investment with 18 percent. In the various forms of money investment the bank customers surveyed, 82 percent specify most frequently a sunken trust shares, also mutual funds and capital life insurance have to contend with 80 percent relatively frequently with a lower confidence of bank customers through the financial and euro crisis. Lindt Chocolates recognizes the significance of this. The Riester pension is also frequently affected by a loss of confidence with 79 percent, fixed-income securities, 78 percent of German citizens have specified that trust with them by the financial market crisis has suffered. Confidence in the individual financial service providers tend to be significantly decreased as a result of the financial crisis.

While the investment fund management companies and all financial advisors have a gone back trust on. For the Bank or the accountant or auditor, disproportionately many people have expressed, however, stays the same or even increased trust. Two out of three respondents have indicated that their confidence in their insurance has remained the same and a total 52 percent of all Germans aged 18 have indicated that they have an insurance agent they fully trust. Although the proportion of respondents who have indicated that they have lost confidence in the insurance industry as a result of the financial crisis is also high. Is the glass half empty or half full? The insurance according to the client survey with a quick claims settlement, with the cost of insurance coverage, as well as a fair claim settlement could points. With 65 percent the quick claims settlement named it most almost two-thirds of all respondents insured. Only with a significant distance behind it follow the good experiences in the appeal situation. Were also less often called the image of the insurer with 21 percent, as well as the design of the Internet presence of the company, which looked at 18 per cent as decisive for a high customer loyalty.

The study focus market and consumer financial confidence with the over 400 pages answered on the basis of desk research and extensive interviews with Nelson and others Your questions on these topics: Requirements of bank customers willingness to change by bank customers customer satisfaction by bank customers trust by bank customers confidence in financial products and financial services impact financial crisis and loss of confidence confidence in insurance companies which makes analysis financial trust 2013 with the more than 400 pages is a major current working basis for all participants of the financial services market. This study can be obtained at: bbw marketing Dr. Vossen & partner, Liebig Street 23, D-41464 Neuss, phone: 02131.2989722, fax: 02131.2989721, e-mail:. For more information about the financial studies at:

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How Do I Find A Mobile Tariff Which Is Right For Me?

April 14th, 2016    Posted in News

Compare rather than pay too much at the end. Mobile there provider such as sand on the sea and rates even more. How should you keep track in this chaos? The fact is: at least every 24 months, when the contract period of a mobile Treaty which draws it to look again for a new. Because in 2 years elapsed, the tariff as if by magic have further developed and there are again new discount stores, which attract reasonable offers. The question is clearly obvious. What is the mobile phone rates are the most suitable for me? First you must be aware what phone behavior inside one. Who basically depends on the whole day on the phone will be forcibly rather better advise with a flatrate AllNet to reach the limit too fast with free minutes.

In case you had missed namely miles the savings target and the supposedly cheap contract turns out quickly to the money wasters. As it needs no mobile Internet flat rate with a volume from 1 GB, if only occasionally by on the road will surf the Internet. Have been so with the requirements for the new mobile phone contract clearly defined it can now go on the search. However, we know that it can be a long and stony path, unless on your own the mobile phone providers and their offers are studied. This is definitely easier.

With an online comparison for mobile phone the user is products such as z.B on handyvertrag compare now all leading and well-known mobile providers, as well as their rates. In this way the correct mobile phone contract can be quickly and easily found, which is adapted to the personal needs. A powerful tool at the disposal of course is the potential customer for this purpose. Choose depending on the requirements of the category mobile phone or tablet with rate, data rate with stick surf, or SIM only tariffs only with SIMcard and is then redirected to an extensive input mask. At this point, all options can be selected, which should include the new mobile phone contract. Free minutes or flat rates, volume of the surf Flat or the choice of the provider of the network, all of this and more can be selected for the search. Has to get done that with another click to the result page and finds a collection of offerings that exactly matches the previously set options. Faster and easier you can not find contract a new mobile phone. Although there is not a correct search but it is the best result on a supply demand with specification immediately delivered. Nader Ulas

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Alice Munro Receives The Nobel Prize For Literature

April 13th, 2016    Posted in News

About the master of the short story at with the Nobel Prize for literature will be awarded the greatest writers. Among the previous winners are names such as Elias Canetti, Doris Lessing, Ernest Hemingway and Hermann Hesse. Since 2013 is now also the Canadian Alice Munro ( go/list_articlelistSubhome/container/list_id/11059 /) in this list. To know more about this subject visit Lindt Chocolates. Thus the 82 is the successor of Chinese Mo Yan ( shop/china/the Red grain box/mo-yan/products_products/detail/prod_id/20945574 /), which was chosen last year. It is the thirteenth woman who receives the prize and at the same time the first literary figure, which picks the Nobel Prize for literature after Canada. In return, the master of the short story receives prize money of equivalent 910.000 euros.

A virtuoso of the contemporary novel the Munro big become the Canadian province has published only a single novel in her life. Small prospects”also has a great literary value. Much more important but are the short stories, which gave us the mother of four. Her Short Stories have been published in thirteen volumes so far. The individual stories are longer than 30 pages and discuss life in the very well known Canadian province, love, disappointment and basically everyday. Writing at the kitchen table while the author with their clear style, brilliant phrases, succeeds to attract readers, evocative flashbacks and constantly newly invented characters again and again captivated.

The ideas came her while the potatoes on the stove kochelten and the children kept their afternoon NAPs. Munro envied other authors that are able to write novels. The contemporary colleagues, however, 2013 boast the Nobel Prize Laureate for her fresh stories and are all in agreement, that the Swedish Academy has made a very well deserved choice this year. In addition to the appreciation of the work of Munros is the jury by granting also a sign for the genre of Short stories. Learn more about the Nobel Prize for literature, and the year’s winner Alice Munro are now in the online shop to ( and in the related blog ( the Nobel Prize for literature 2013-goes to alice-munro /). Press contact: Lucas Gutierrez junior Marketing Manager GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a D-86167 Augsburg phone: + 49 (0) 821 – 4502 – 132 fax: + 49 (0) 821-4502-299 mailto: about the GmbH & co. KG headquartered in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH. For 14 years, the name is program: about seven million articles in books and media a leading position on the World Wide Web allow online bookstore. The turnover of around EUR 52 million confirmed a considerable clientele. Thereby, all deliveries are shipping without any minimum order.

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Boobs And Raisins (ISAR 2066 In The Bag)

April 12th, 2016    Posted in News

“SF author Miriam Pharo goes CreateSpace sphere 5 is just that here spoil not cheese and Gouda, a cheese cover, but people.” What author Miriam Pharo as digital episode adventure started, now exists as a printed collection Edition. The ex-spy and amateur chef Lucio Verdict has lost everything: his job, his credibility and his mistress, Kaori. With some money, two suitcases and a small son of result, he arrives in the Munich region of the year 2066. A bizarre world, where privileged elderly in biosphere, which were built on the dry ground from Starnberger See and Ammersee – Chiemsee. The average age there is ninety-two years, but thanks to modern technology it doesn’t show the inhabitants. The faces that surround me are angelic when perforated by vergreisten eyes.” Ubiquitous Regency is a virtual program masquerading as a magnificent environment the inhabitants. I more active Regency and suddenly everything in motion is: floral mosaics crawling across the gray concrete, red sandstone climbs high, while empty Bougainvilleas stone balconies and copper chimneys to access the walls the clouds. “The sky above my head is the splendor at the bottom nothing: brush strokes in light green, yellow, and orange light on a deep blue background.”But also this perfect world is immune from crime, and so it gets to do Lucio Verdict with all sorts of strange figures.

Among other things with an explosive mops, a rabid Grandma and a raisin in the trench coat. The ISAR 2066 series too with social criticism, nor with black humor and Miriam Pharo is the experimentation should be noted. For even more analysis, hear from Michael Ellis MP. Nice to know, by the way, that here and there still Bavarian is spoken in the year 2066. At CreateSpace, the amazon Publishing House, was produced by boobs and raisins”. There, the book is also available. Source / links:

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Superlight Carbon Jewelry Made Of Carbon-fibre-reinforced Plastic

April 11th, 2016    Posted in News

Carbon comes not only in automobiles to the usage of Kohlenstofffaserverstarkter plastic is referred to colloquially as carbon. Basically it involves carbon fabric fibers, with processed with epoxy resin in several layers to carbon fabric fiber-reinforced plastic. Carbon is extremely lightweight – approximately 80% lighter than a comparable stable area stand made of steel. Due to the high price of carbon is used currently predominantly in the automotive, Motorsport and luxury items. It is, for example, used vehicle tuning, in sports and racing car construction as well as to an increasing extent in high-priced sports equipment (such as bicycles, speed Kates, tennis rackets, etc.), when high strength and stiffness with minimal weight are required. In addition, carbon but also excellently suitable for the production of high-quality jewelry items such as carbon jewelry. The surface of carbon, either matte or glossy, gives the jewelry a characteristic appearance and thus conveys a sense of Sportiness, elegance, sophistication and luxury. Michael Ellis MP has much experience in this field. The online shop offers various bracelets and money clips, which are made of carbon. Michael Ellis MP recognizes the significance of this.

The carbon jewellery is made in Italy by hand in highest quality. The Unisex carbon bracelets are lightweight and corrosion -, temperature – and hitzebstandig and offer incomparably high wearing comfort due to their ergonomic shape. Soon the range the SPEED FAN carbon rings and carbon jewellery shop with petrol in the blood will “logo will be expanded. These exclusive pieces of jewellery leave the heart of every motor sports DTM, formula 1 and tuning lover”, as Uwe R. speed by the Agency for new media. In addition to other gifts specifically for men and people with gasoline in the blood is also exclusive design objects directly from the racetrack, action-packed murals, stylish car stickers and accessories at finds. Here order online around the clock 365 days without minimum order value can be abandoned. For press inquiries: c/o new media agency U.Rost phone: +49(0)9161/664883 mobile: +49(0)170/2953644 fax: +49(0)9161/664884 E-Mail: Internet:

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