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July 6th, 2015    Posted in News

Bo and Da are the initial syllables of Boris Johnson and David Cameron. Both are new British figures that will be in the center of the world as you are closer to London to be the Olympic venue of the 2,012. The first symptom of the collapse of the current Labour Government is the fact that Boris snatched them the Mayor of London on 1 May and the final Summit of such a process would be when for May 2010 David probably remove them from power. Boris and David are political youth who lead the oldest conservative party that there is. Both may remove the main exponent of the third way at the global level to make way for a new Thatcherism more renewed, less derechizado and more concerned in family, social and ecological issues. If today Beijing wants to show the world a corporate communism, for the next Olympiad in London Bo-Da they will want to show a social conservatism. Original author and source of the article.

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Argentina England Las Malvinas Y El Petroleo

April 21st, 2014    Posted in News

Again renewed the conflict in Argentina with England, all in the interest of petroleum, which requires the UK Government to the reality of the energy crisis and what it represents have a tan quoted product such as oil, most before the evidence of the results of a geological study commissioned from a team headed by Donald Griffiths, of the University of Birmingham., of the possibility of having the islands oil. Be considered as stated in Wikipedia, exploration in the Falkland Islands began towards the end of the 1970s with the acquisition of a set of regional seismic data by two oil services companies. Then the data available did not allow the beginning of exploration since the Falkland Islands Government was not prepared to offer licenses of excavation, on the other hand, the start of the war in the Islands from Argentina in 1982 postponed all exploration. In 1992 the Island Government hired the British Geological Survey to which start the scanning process. After an initial investigation revealed the existence of several Mesozoic basins continued to seismic research.

The main interest of exploration after the first round of licensing was located in the area of the North Falkland basin, a basin fractured form elongated in relatively shallow water. Basins located south and East of the Islands present a major technological challenge since they are at one greater depth. During the supply of licenses in 1996 seven companies agreed to a campaign of excavation. There were 6 wells which were planned for the first five years of the new licenses. Environmental data were collected along with geological and geophysical data extracted during the exploration campaign also. On the other hand, new investigations in this area were carried out during the campaign and it was the subject of study for the past years. The exploration of the Falkland Islands area is It is located in the Sea North of them and covers an area of 400,000 km which contains several sedimentary basins of the Mesozoic.

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Encourage Creativity

January 31st, 2014    Posted in News

All children are intelligent to their ways. The innate abilities and creativity must be encouraged and stimulated to achieve their maximum potential. Young children learn best through tactile experience, experience that stimulates the imagination and makes use of their natural curiosity and skills. As a parent, you have to learn to provide them with the necessary support which helps in a harmonious growth. Parents have a key role in the education of children, a role more important than teachers or professors, because they are those who can assess as early as possible, your child’s skills and work on the development of their intelligence.

Once we have determined the level of their intelligence, we can continue encouraging your strengths and work on the development of weak points. Parents and teachers, can easily, create an environment that stimulates creativity and curiosity of the child, without the need to have large amounts of money, toys and auxiliary materials. Howard Gardner has identified seven ways of development and intelligence that should be encouraged for parents, teachers and professors: fisico-motor, Visual-spatial, interpersonal and intrapersonal language, music, and logico-matematica. While the linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence, are usually associated with the intelligence others are considered talents. Gardner believes that the seven, are as important and each child has all these types of multiple intelligence in a single model. Foster the creative exploration of the seven fields, children will feel safer when it comes to new activities or when elements of different areas are combined in the activity itself. Here are some ways of encouraging creativity in all fields: linguistic intelligence can be promoted through oral or written word games, such as: search for rhymes, stories, early writing, etc. It is good to have many books and magazines at home or take your child to the library regularly encourage him to write a Journal about daily activities and discoveries made to read it then in a loud voice.

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Double Bomb Attack

October 10th, 2013    Posted in News

Yesterday’s double bombing in Oslo, capital of Norway, has today taken the dimension of national tragedy, in the words of the Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, who has appeared at a press conference in the early hours of the morning. By mid-afternoon today, police has confirmed that the shooting of the Utoya island has caused the deaths of at least 85 people, most of them young members of the labour party who were participating in a meeting that was scheduled to attend the Prime Minister. The shooting came shortly after a powerful car bomb exploded in the Centre of Oslo, near the seat of Government, and cause other seven dead. After the killing of the island, police arrested a man, a 32-year Norwegian identified as Anders Behring Breivik, which police linked to the extreme right. It was the only detainee yesterday. This morning has been arrested another man on the outside of the hotel where the first Minister Stoltenberg, was bringing a knife in a trouser pocket, as he has declared himself arrested, who said that he had been the weapon because he did not feel safe. Source of the news:: the police rises to 92 the dead by double bomb attack in Norway

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Socialist Workers Party

August 12th, 2013    Posted in News

Even though he is faced with the Trade Union of transport he has managed to subsidize sectors passages poorest thanks to an agreement with Chavez who takes him abaratada petrol. Livingstone is careful not appear with Brown or that their propaganda has a labour label. Cares also distance themselves from the left. He has made a pact with the Greens to support each other in the second round, but has made no deal with two lists of Respect, which garnered in the 2004 best vote for Mayor than the Greens. For its part the left has been mired. Unlike the parliamentary where it is very difficult to compete in a I bench, there is an Assembly of 25 members in London and all strength that exceeds 5% of the votes Gets a post.

In 2004 Geman Lindsey’s Respect by few tenths did not do so. This time the left could have channeled the disrepute of the labour and to present a unified list. However, instead, Respect has been divided. Galloway wants to keep as a warlord linked to Muslim Middle and affluent layers, which are hostile to abortion and gays, while the of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) Lindsey German’s are feminists and supporters of a socialist revolution. Both sectors dividing it would be auto-anulando.

However, such action, in addition, prevented that left could try organize unions and neighborhood organizations that resist to labour on a common front, so his chances in this election are not strong. There is a turn toward conservatism that may benefit Johnson wear of labour is being capitalized in different ways. In Scotland and Wales are nationalists who grow more considering social policies that are to the left of this. The new Government of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) advocates prescriptions and university education free, while in England the Labour established the payment of tuition and raises restrict free health services to non-citizens.

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United Kingdom

August 9th, 2013    Posted in News

Tension in Birmingham before the death of three men wound by a vehicle. The father of a deceased requests the cessation of violence in United Kingdom. The London courts remained open before the crowd of detainees. The United Kingdom lived this Wednesday night a day of relative calm, without serious recorded incidents, while tension rose in the city of Birmingham, once three young people died victims of riots Wednesday. Despite the absence of altercations in Birmingham, a city patrolled tonight by 1,000 police officers, the British media insisted the atmosphere of tension that breathes among the Muslim community after the death of three of its members. Victims of 20, 30 and 31 years, perished last dawn during the second night of riots in that city, trying to protect the properties of the neighborhood, as they were told witnesses to the event.

The three young men lost their lives to be hit by a vehicle in the Winson Green area, in that city in the center of England, at midnight on Wednesday. Police have already arrested a man of 32 years, who is interrogating on suspicion of murder. The father of one of the deceased denied that it was a racist crime and requested British youth that do not carry out more violent acts. A vigil recalled the victims in his hometown, Birmingham. One day more, many of the shops in the English cities affected by the wave of violence were again closed Wednesday ahead of time as a precaution while the London Police recommended not pursuit the conflict zones after dusk. However, in the streets of the British capital and the rest of the country, patrulladas by thousands of police, has reigned tranquility for the first time after four days of violence. More than 1,000 detainees both Wales as Scotland, two British regions which have not been affected by street violence, have sent part of its riot control agents as a support to the police in the affected cities.

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Faithful Servant Neville

July 13th, 2013    Posted in News

Gary Neville is not one footballer any, at least not so for Manchester United. So Sir Alex Fergusson summed it: he was always a faithful servant to the cause of the United and thats the best thing I can say to honor the career of a man like him. at the age of 19. Since January 29, 1993 to February 2, 2011. Theirs has been a selfless dedication to the red devils, more than 600 matches and a stain. 11 by the Premier, as well as four FA Cups, two Champions and two World Club titles, filled with his impressive track record, nothing comparable with the respect that it has earned in British football. It is an example for any young professional, hardworking, loyal and intelligent, insists Ferguson. The significance of Gary Neville (Bury, England; 1971) in the recent history of Manchester fades to cross the channel. Source of the news:: the last feast of the faithful servant Neville

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Organization Markets

June 12th, 2013    Posted in News

In time of crisis, in which economic sensitivity, sit on the behavior of the consumers, in where many refrain from buying products, given the impact that the crisis has generated revenue, is when the management of markets must give way to their creativity and innovation to deal with the situation there, which has been written, that precisely in times of recession, is when a greater effort is required when innovation and creativity should offer the maximum for the brandWhen seek more than ever the difference, when it should give rein to imagination. However, and curiously, the reality is that in delicate moments the marketing departments of companies from almost all sectors are often the first to suffer budget cuts. And those cuts not only affect investment in communication but the area as a whole that looks impossible do or suggest anything nuevoSi we believe in marketing, our ABCs of strong brand (attractive, brava, dutiful, different and focused) acquires its meaning. We will have to investigate further to the customer and we bet for being the first in something, by communicating in a surprising way, invent the ingredient magic, by finding new utilities to our product, to incorporate new services and even to go countercurrent. Miguel Yanez Orellana indicates, to apply the maxim of budget cuts in marketing if the corporate culture is the classic seems logical in times of crisis. However, brands that are built from the ground up with culture marketiniana should face these uncertain times with the conviction of which we know focused towards customer and not towards the product and therefore with the security of that marketing in its conception more holistic remains the path to success.

Consider as suggested by Josep M Abella, that those companies that manage to reorient its marketing with greater success will, in all likelihood, in a better position to face the new challenges of the future. A success whose bases are the count with a solid portfolio of clients based on trust, mutual understanding and the satisfaction, factors that are gaining prominence in the race of business competitiveness. A new approach to determined by the conviction that the global experience that we are able to offer our customers involves the difference and the success of our brand. An experience that goes far beyond the simple economic transaction. Conclusion in time of crisis that affected the function of markets, it is necessary to diagnose the scope, implications that this generates in the behaviour of consumers, in the same markets in order to give way to plans, actions to facorezcan plans, actions to undertake and guarantee the Organization stability in established markets function. The markets function should be attentive to the impact of the economic, technological, political variables influencing the management of marketing and avoid this not achieved its objective. Must be good audits of marketing, as well as balanced, objective monitoring of the behavior of consumers, be attentive to your needs and generate changes, actions that are required not to leave the crisis affecting already conquered markets.

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First Corporate

May 2nd, 2013    Posted in News

In ancient Roman law no existio business law nor the corporate law, but that they appeared subsequently, i.e. in the contemporary age, by which we must consult books specialized about these branches of law. 3. Corporate law corporate law the location is not located in one branch of law, but that this topic must study it According to every branch of law which comprise it, for example the corporate tax, customs, constitutional law among others are located in the corporate corporate and commercial, public, civil law are located in private law, and corporate labor and corporate family are located in social law. So if we want to specify the location of the same we must remember that it is located in the public, social and private law. 4. Corporate right definition in this subtitle will define corporate law which serve to learn about fear or the right branch, subject of study in the present research work.

The corporate law can be definidio as the branch of business law that studies and regulates the great company and its incidence in the branches of the law. 5. Definition of business law business law can be defined as the branch of law that studies and regulates the company, whatever its size. 6. Corporate law VERSUS business law corporate law is not equal or the same as the corporate law, which as the first difference we can say that the first part of the second, i.e. business law encompasses corporate law.

The second difference is that corporate law regulates and examines all enterprises, while the corporate law studies and regulates only to large companies. The third difference is that corporate law is more diffused than within Peruvian law business law. The fourth difference is that there is more masters in business law than in corporate law. The fifth difference is there are no books in Peruvian law on corporate law, what if happens with business law.

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April 16th, 2013    Posted in News

Without a doubt the best option in Malaga is to rent a vehicle, both if we plan on short journeys as long journeys, there are numerous options in Malaga airport to choose from, from economic to large vehicles and comfortable cars to drive for hours. If your idea is not to leave the city, and enjoy that Malaga has to offer, which is more than enough, what we need is a cheap rental car model. With the may go to Mijas village where you will find stunning views of the Costa del Sol, reaching its view to Sierra Nevada; You can also go to such places as the viewpoint of Gibralfaro, with another breathtaking view, but this time in the Costa del Sol in Marbella direction. There are lots of other places that can be visited simply I am a lover of views that fall in love. For those wishing to squeeze more even your holidays in Andalusia, a trip to Maro (Nerja), Tarifa (Cadiz), Las Minas de Rio Tinto, near Nerva in Huelva, are just some of the destinations that I personally recommend.

Soon I plan to discover the coast of Almeria, Granada and the truth is that I would like to get to Alicante, which although it seems a destination away from Malaga, found only about 4 hours by car, think it is a perfect weekend getaway. As it can be seen, the diversity of destinations, make an ideal place from which to start to discover the Costa del Sol of malaga. And if of you’ll see want to squeeze their holiday, hire a car in Malaga is at all necessary. Whether you want to stay close to Malaga, as if you want to venture into Andalusia, awaits you both to know as you willing to discover. Original author and source of the article.

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