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Christian Republic

August 18th, 2013    Posted in News

Machiavelli the first realist with his political rationalism and spokesman of his age, is therefore also the first psychologist of the unmasking, precursor of Marx, Nietzsche and Freud. He exhibited the moral dualism that beats in every politician, and for which the end justifies the means. After the middle ages, it was already clear that it was not possible to unite within a single ecclesiastical doctrine, the forces nouvelles, the Nations in training and anxious individuals of freedom. Start the split Church and Empire, leading to an antagonism of 400 years. With the conquest of Carlos V Italy, begins to dominate the financial capital and therefore as already noted Clarck Church was part of the international banking system which started Italy at the end of the 13th century. Why, this is the time in which the political realism, in or which exposes the true intentions of all power, becomes aware, once a Christian Republic by Imperial and ecclesiastical powers struggle was already impossible and justified much of the crimes of State.

With the monetary and commercial economy appears the bourgeois man; It is now in the cities and not in cathedrals where people found; In addition, two new professional classes emerge: artisans and traders, who no longer work for themselves, they work for others. The monetary economy is represented in its purest form in the merchant, who was already looking for profit and gain, which opposes land as a unique form of wealth ownership until then, and that thin metals only served as use of beautification. In addition, coined money that was in the hands of the Church, was not circulating. The trade was which from money made in the midst of change, put it to work, with which to seem the first traits of the capitalist mentality. However, the bourgeois was despised and formed the third State and stood at the forefront of social changes; social among slaves and free, differences are deleted and those can already contract, and you are not paid in kind but in money.

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Socialist Workers Party

August 12th, 2013    Posted in News

Even though he is faced with the Trade Union of transport he has managed to subsidize sectors passages poorest thanks to an agreement with Chavez who takes him abaratada petrol. Livingstone is careful not appear with Brown or that their propaganda has a labour label. Cares also distance themselves from the left. He has made a pact with the Greens to support each other in the second round, but has made no deal with two lists of Respect, which garnered in the 2004 best vote for Mayor than the Greens. For its part the left has been mired. Unlike the parliamentary where it is very difficult to compete in a I bench, there is an Assembly of 25 members in London and all strength that exceeds 5% of the votes Gets a post.

In 2004 Geman Lindsey’s Respect by few tenths did not do so. This time the left could have channeled the disrepute of the labour and to present a unified list. However, instead, Respect has been divided. Galloway wants to keep as a warlord linked to Muslim Middle and affluent layers, which are hostile to abortion and gays, while the of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) Lindsey German’s are feminists and supporters of a socialist revolution. Both sectors dividing it would be auto-anulando.

However, such action, in addition, prevented that left could try organize unions and neighborhood organizations that resist to labour on a common front, so his chances in this election are not strong. There is a turn toward conservatism that may benefit Johnson wear of labour is being capitalized in different ways. In Scotland and Wales are nationalists who grow more considering social policies that are to the left of this. The new Government of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) advocates prescriptions and university education free, while in England the Labour established the payment of tuition and raises restrict free health services to non-citizens.

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United Kingdom

August 9th, 2013    Posted in News

Tension in Birmingham before the death of three men wound by a vehicle. The father of a deceased requests the cessation of violence in United Kingdom. The London courts remained open before the crowd of detainees. The United Kingdom lived this Wednesday night a day of relative calm, without serious recorded incidents, while tension rose in the city of Birmingham, once three young people died victims of riots Wednesday. Despite the absence of altercations in Birmingham, a city patrolled tonight by 1,000 police officers, the British media insisted the atmosphere of tension that breathes among the Muslim community after the death of three of its members. Victims of 20, 30 and 31 years, perished last dawn during the second night of riots in that city, trying to protect the properties of the neighborhood, as they were told witnesses to the event.

The three young men lost their lives to be hit by a vehicle in the Winson Green area, in that city in the center of England, at midnight on Wednesday. Police have already arrested a man of 32 years, who is interrogating on suspicion of murder. The father of one of the deceased denied that it was a racist crime and requested British youth that do not carry out more violent acts. A vigil recalled the victims in his hometown, Birmingham. One day more, many of the shops in the English cities affected by the wave of violence were again closed Wednesday ahead of time as a precaution while the London Police recommended not pursuit the conflict zones after dusk. However, in the streets of the British capital and the rest of the country, patrulladas by thousands of police, has reigned tranquility for the first time after four days of violence. More than 1,000 detainees both Wales as Scotland, two British regions which have not been affected by street violence, have sent part of its riot control agents as a support to the police in the affected cities.

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