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General Villegas

January 15th, 2018    Posted in News

We already arrived at Patricios. Of the General Company (in spiritual occurring the past and the future they coexist ) it is branched off there towards General Villegas and Victorino of Place. Clear that fantastic device by means of we stuck a deflection towards the Provincial one (thing that was even predicted). To deepen your understanding Michael Ellis MP is the source. In the reality the routes of the General Company towards Villegas were crossed those of the Provincial one, closely together of Station 9 of South Julio. But before entering us to see as we devised them to us to follow the march towards the West, I cannot stop making a digresin, about that evil been born, that deliberately and/or by ignorance, not yet caused a damage determine the proportions when desectructurar the Argentine railway system, to favor the irruption of the automotive road complex. We will not get tired to repeat the ominous continuity that 1907 had law 5,315, the application without restrictions of the national law of 1932 road 11,658 and sadly known " Larkin&quot plan; of February of 1962. All that retahla of towns almost in disappearance critical moment, must a that political savage of substitution. To the automotive complex of interests – paved way, the tens of thousands of propietary families of trucks and omnibus were added on the one hand like reinsurance and an absorption of the railway unions, that followed with his you practice of the monopolistic time of the railroad and they did not notice that they were putting the rope to the neck. Bond to clarify that the things are not as simple as pretends because questions of policy and lost of positions of the English empire that endorsed to the railway interests and the might of the automotive road complex are also intermingled that was supported by the increasing North American power. Other countries gave sovereign answers but that unstable Argentina, and preserved everything what their trains and their internal navigation could.

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Die Welt Kosovo

March 31st, 2017    Posted in News

Between 1974 and 1989, the province enjoyed a statute of special autonomy; Belgrade did not have interest to revive the flame of the nationalism. After the death of the marshal Tito and the warlike adventures of their successors, who took to the dismantling of Yugoslavia, the White House and NATO fomented, volunteer or involuntarily, the adoption of radical policies. The intransigencia and the violence became the common denominator of the intercommunity relations, taking the water necessarily to the mill of the interventionism of the Atlantic Alliance. The solutions designed by United Nations, the call Ahtisaari Plan, ignore the interests of Belgrade. And also they ignore the questions related to the economic situation and the difficult ethnic coexistence. During the mandate of the UN, the province of Kosovo it was equipped with institutional structures that had had to allow the operation of an embryonic State. Nevertheless, the structures are inoperative and most of the personnel engaged by the international organisms is corrupt. It is the case of the judicial system, the economy and the education, key sectors for the good march of Kosovo.

Also, an important deficit exists in the matter of human rights and of democratic structures. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with MP for Northampton North. To it the disquieting proliferation of mafiosas networks is added, dedicated to traffics of all nature. The European mass media welcomed the independence of Kosovo with a great dose of pesimism. Commenting the precipitation of the great countries of the Old Continent, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy, in recognizing the new State, the Gallic metropolitan newspaper Libration writes: ” Europe has created a precedent that without a doubt will be operated by (nationalistic) the flamenco ones, Catalan, Basque and privateerings to denounce a double policy rasero. The creation of this mini economically nonviable and extremely corrupt State constitutes a potential danger for the stability (of the continent) “. Against this background, Russia, champion of the paneslavismo policy that governs the relations of Moscow with Serbia and Bulgaria, could ” castigar” the initiative of Bush, resorting to the power boycott of the West.

Beyond the Balkan borders, Russia de Putin could foment the nationalism and separatism of Osetia, Abkhazia or Nagorno-Karabakh. Without forgetting the other candidates to independence: Palestine, Kurdistn, Taiwan, western Sahara. For the German newspaper Die Welt ” the independence of Kosovo is not full stop of the process, but the beginning of a difficult length and camino”. It is only possible to ask itself: Quo vadis, Europe?

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January 25th, 2017    Posted in News

The systems, for control of attendance and schedules, have been present by more of a century and have played a role important, in the pursuit of the employees of any business. With the fast proliferation of the devices of the digital era, of the Nineties, these mechanisms were improved in several aspects. This way, they were left back the card clocks, that were perforated and it went to the use of passwords and smart cards. Also it was ended the use of attendance lists. Unfortunately, still with the new designs it was not possible to solve two great problems, that continued martyring many organizations. On the one hand it was the inadequate security, in the work site and on the other, the lack of honesty whereupon some employees made use of the attendance controls.

The developments of the biometric technology, for the industry of the handling and control of attendance, put attention to these factors. In addition, also they focused in the design of solutions that could to work of independent way, without the necessity of constant supervision. The first designs of innovating biometric clocks had form, but they had several problems, reason why it was not worth the pain to implement them and the companies continued using classic methods. As answer to this designs were created, with terminals for the analysis of the complete hand, which produced the results that many wished. Besides their precision, these systems are easy to operate and their memories can file a great amount of information. Also, a system of these does not require of constant monitoring and causes that the processes, of liquidation of devengados wages, are much more simple. In order to use these apparatuses, the workers only must digitar a simple password, to place their hand in a reading plate and the system verifies and registers the taken information, of automatic way.

As it is possible to be perceived, the passwords continue being used, only that in company of a method of infallible identification. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of John Bercow MP on most websites. The hand of each person is different and is for that reason that it serves like identification method. With this system the possibility that is eliminated the employees commit frauds and causes that these increase their levels of productivity. Consequently, many companies have begun to use biometric clocks, to obtain better dividends and for, of step, to increase the levels of security. With these devices also it is possible to constitute better systems, for the access control.

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Web Surveys

October 12th, 2016    Posted in News

It is known that with the surveys by Internet to make money it is possible to be won well. But sometimes by the eagerness to win more, we commit errors that can take to that they close the account to us with the consequent loss of the money that there are accumulated. For example, he is frequent that thinks that if often registers with different names from users and different directions from electronic mail, it will be able to secure faster money. In the majority of the cases this is a full lie. Almost all the sites specify clearly that it must have a user by IP. The IP is a number that assigns to each computer or computer to him, and that is generally registered in the site when it register.

Except for certain exceptions, the majority of the used computers a single IP, reason why if it is often registered it will take it to the company as a fraud and it will eliminate his accounts. In order to avoid this the best thing is to be associated to many sites of remunerated surveys, although he is advisable that maintain always the same user, password and email not to have problems to forget or to confuse some of these elements. Another error frequents is to try to answer all the surveys. In each one of the remunerated surveys questions will arrive to him that are keys and to whose they select it answer like participant or not of some group of interest. If it is not selected, it does not have to be hopeless. Surely in just a short time another survey will arrive in which it can participate. It is probable that we are rejected in more of 50% of the companies that arrive to us daily.

Most important it is than he is honest. If it lies to be able to participate in the survey, perhaps they do not discover it, but it is probable that the results of the survey are false and therefore useless then they do not fulfill his final mission to evaluate in objective form the product. It remembers that the companies of surveys by Internet to make money trust their impartiality and objective opinion to be able to realise this work. In order to begin to fill remunerated surveys and to make money of the possible easiest way, you do Click Here.

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Entertainment in London

August 3rd, 2016    Posted in News

A fanatic of the films and a lover of the cinema generally, the festival of London cinema 2010 cannot be lost. The Festival of Cinema of London 2010 offers to the visitors a variety of films for all the tastes of the lovers of the seventh art. If it thinks to visit London and some of their places of interest, like the cinema of Chelsea, could plan well their visit to remove the maximum party to the next festival from London cinema. It is the best way to enjoy the tourist attractions and monuments of London. The Festival of Cinema of London 2010 offers to the visitors a variety of films for all the tastes and in different languages, for which they feel a special attraction by the French cinema, Spanish or English.

The program contains largometrajes that treat different subjects, from the sentimental ruptures to Facebook, happening through international cities like Shanghai. During the event films in a great number of places will be exhibited, including the cinema Curzon de Mayfair. The fans to the cinema will have the opportunity to see one selection of new British films, like Mandelson: Real The p.m.? , about the politician of the labor party Peter Mandelson; Patagonia, of Marc director Evans; Edge, for which they like the drama; The Arbor, for the fanatics of films documentary type; and Fire in Babylo, for the lovers of history in the films, among others. In order to obtain more data it exceeds what to see and to do in London, this tour guide of London consults. As far as the international supplies, the cinfilos have much where to choose. Between the exhibited films Is Wish I Knew de Jia Zhangke and Imani de Caroline Kamya are included, besides a captivating story of the impact of social means in Catfish. While capital is in, interest asegrese of not to lose places of more famous, as Tower Bridge and Tower of London with his famous jewels of crown, mazmorras and where it is said that some times it is seen walk to queen Ana Bolena, beheaded in 1536 by order of King Enrique VIII. It either does not stop visiting the swap-meet of Candem Town, where it can enjoy a behind schedule pleasant one making shopping and enjoy common and the little diverse store that offers this recognized place to him in London.

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Australian Continent

July 16th, 2016    Posted in News

The corporative government is of legal people when the administered company is a legal person. The corporative government is of enterprise figures legal that are not legal people when the administered company is an association, committee, community farmer or foundation all nonenrolled in registries public, or partnerships, clusters, among others.

The corporative government is of private companies when the administered company is a company that belongs to the private sector. The corporative government is of public companies when the administered company is a company that belongs to the public sector.

The corporative government is of national companies when the companies have address in the national territory, for example in this case in the Peruvian territory. The corporative government is of foreign companies when the companies have address abroad, for example in this case in Europe or Africa or Asia, or the Australian Continent, among others places of the foreigner. The corporative government is of international companies when the company has address in the national territory and in addition it has address abroad, by which is clear that we are before companies of great size, known in many cases like transnational companies. In the present work we are forced to develop the corporative government thus is clear that this law if regulates the same, consequently is a law that is with the day with the last advances of the enterprise and corporative right. Article 171 of Peruvian the general law of societies establishes that the directors carry out the position with the diligence of a ordered retailer and a legal representative. On the other hand article 175 of the same law establishes that the directory must provide to the shareholders and the public the sufficient information, trustworthy and opportune that the law determines with respect to the legal, economic and financial situation of the society.

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Losing Weight

July 11th, 2016    Posted in News

The meals to lower of weight are innumerable that can be consumed, especially the fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of them produce what to know itself like ” thermal effect negativo”. This means that if eats for example a beet that contains 9 calories, to digest it will cost to his body to invest it to him 9 calories. Of this form, not only it has not won but there are lost calories. This does not mean that to ingest these meals to lower of weight it is sufficient to become thin, but with an suitable food combination and a routine of exercises although is light, will obtain better results. Frequently to these foods also ” is denominated; quemagrasas”. By all means, besides the meals to lower of weight they are those that must avoid at all costs. The frituras must be their main enemy.

Not only they contribute to fats oxidizes them to the oil but also that, turning them into called compounds ” perxidos” , ” superxidos” and ” radicals libres”. These three chemical groups contain oxygen in very reactive state, that attacks molecules of its body and they are the people in charge of the premature aging (by aging of the cells and the cellular structures). The best meals to lower of weight are those that become to the steam, slightly boiled or if it is meat, to the plate or the furnace. Of this form they conserve all nutrients and vitamins (that are destroyed with the excessive heat), and do not contribute substances to him that can do damage to him. This does not mean that the meals to lower of weight do not have to contain oil, quite the opposite.

The olive or maize fish and oil contribute certain types of fats that are indispensable and irreplaceable for the body, and that must be ingested with the diet. However, the best form to incorporate them is crude, adding it to foods once boiled or cooked, because of that form the oil does not reach the temperature necessary to be disturbed (200C) in substances that can be to him injurious. A guaranteed form exists to burn corporal fat quickly. If you are in a desperation state to lose weight, the following message is more important that you could read.

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Emotional Liberation

July 1st, 2016    Posted in News

When you put the goal to lower of weight, first that does she is to look for a diet. Often the diets of the famous ones are those that you choose, but generally these diets are estresantes for the body. On the other hand surely, you begin a plan of physical exercises, she is written down in a gymnasium and at the outset she goes by far enthusiasm. As they happen the days and the pain it appears and the results quickly do not appear it waited for as it, you you stop going to the gymnasium and leaves the diet because the temptations and the anxiety by the food are very great. In the last years a called technique EFT was made very popular that means Techniques of Emotional Liberation. GaryCraig the EFT creator says that this technique has excellent results forloss of weight and is very important to incorporate it in all program to reduce of weight.

Two great benefits exist: 1. Simply using EFT the immediate anxiety is reduced to eat when you do not have appetite. This is helpful for losing weight. 2. The success of EFT to become thin is due to the ability to find and to finish with the true causes of overweight. Most important it is the use of the food like tranquilizer and the anxiety by not solved emotional problems. To become thin quickly solving emotional conflicts According to studies, eating due to emotional problems is the practice to consume great amounts of food like answer to feelings instead of to feed itself because appetite is had.

The experts consider that around 75% of the abuse of the meals he is caused by negative emotions. Depression, solitude, anger and the quarrel, anxiety, frustration, stress, and the problems of interpersonal relations or low self-esteem go a to be in abuse of the food and therefore they will not allow to become thin. While the person does not face her negative emotions like being the quarrel, the fear, the fault and another type of emotions, she will not be able to surpass his necessity to abuse the food and the overweight will remain, but mainly it will sabotage unconsciously all attempt to continue withprogram to lower of weight. Therefore many diets to lower of weight fail to it releases. The people can become thin with these programs but as the solved emotional subjects are not present, the overweight will remain. The Technique of Liberacin Emocional (EFT) applied with property inhibits the necessity to use the food like tranquilizer. It is also evident that the nutritional subjects of loss of weight, disorders, compulsions and addictions have the same emotional causes. In agreement with Gary Craig: The people make diets and fail when they want to become thin because they only lean in the will force instead of to solve emotional problems that block the power system. Emotional subjects like fear, quarrel, boredom, shame, and resentment is emotions that take to the individual to gain weight. Until the power system is not balanced the abuse of the food due to emotional subjects will continue.

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June 28th, 2016    Posted in News

Other components: Structure has supported: It is the part of the equipment that it supports to the photovoltaic panel. Normally they make of aluminum hard anodizing, are placed in her several photovoltaic modules. This structure must be landed electrically, must support the winds that are registered in the zone of installation, reason why its laying of foundations is must be the suitable one. More information is housed here: Lindt Chocolates. Electrical connection and elements of protection: The photovoltaic adjustment directly connects to a switch (on off of the system), and this it connects the controller of the pump, from the controller connects the solar pump, is important the sizing of the caliber of the cable conduit that goes to the pump since by norm the voltage fall does not have to be greater to 3%, the cable must be of the submersible type of the suitable caliber, the electrical union with the submersible pump must of to use packings thermus contrctiles to assure air tightness in the electrical line. A system of protection against atmospheric unloadings is gotten up and the system is landed, as much in the electrical part as the structure. Controller: Controllers with visual indications of the operation of the system exist that can incorporate a switch of level in the storage cave, this controller also allows to add different power plants to the pump as they can be the Aeolian energy or a conventional generator ELT to gasoline or diesel engine this way can even be had a hybrid system of pumping. Pipes: The pipes of water conduction go from the pump to the storage cave, the diameters and materials of the pipe depend on the amount of water to pump, the distance of the route, the used materials usually are pipe of PVC, black hose 80 certificate or galvanized pipe. Following the land by where it happens the pipe of water conduction is recommended to bury it by less fifty centimeters to avoid possible flights due to the deterioration of the material by exhibition to the sun, damage to the same by animal or transit of vehicles, etc.

Storage cave: The storage cave is the place where the water is deposited until it is consumed. It is recommended to at least store sufficient water for the consumption of three days, in the case of any possible maintenance of the equipment. If the consumption points are several it recommends to place the storage cave in such a way that it is the gravity the one that is in charge of the distribution.

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The Venezuelan Government

June 23rd, 2016    Posted in News

It was thus in the United States from the Thirties. Casio addresses the importance of the matter here. It was thus in the Europe of the postwar period. Developing Brazil and many countries did, in the last decade, a effort demanded by predominant the economic strategies. But there were no important advances in the combat to the social exclusion. On the contrary, where the fundamentalism reigned was not reached the engaged economic stability.

They increased unemployment, the hunger and the misery. Our productive systems no they conquered spaces in the international trade corresponding with our sacrifices. The lack of economic and social democracy threatened the democracy as a whole. The Venezuelan Government our case must redimensionar, and to act based on the root in the poverty in the country where there is thousand of children left, people who pass hunger, for it is due to look for alternatives that guarantee use, develop projects that know to take advantage of the agriculture, products of petroleum, other wealth that the unemployed country has and to incorporate to a great mass of in order condemning them to the misery, the violence, its disappearance. The Government be more equitable with the distribution of the wealth must, more now than the luck him has provided benefits with the increase of the prices of petroleum and to invest its income in developing more structures, than they favor to the health, education, viviendS and improvements of the services to which this it jeopardize the government. Of that form the president, Lieutenant-colonel Hugo Chavez, will make that the revolution possible Bolivariana consolidates, that is pronounced with concrete facts that they demonstrate that his objective, reason of being is beneficial, especially against the destitutes. The administration of the income must be within the high-priority necidades that the country demand that is many and later to see the possibility of collaboration with other brother countries, predominating plus the humanitarian aid that the political interests. President Chvez must know how to take the opportunity that the destiny provides to him and to cause that their actions, their programs, really benefit a town, country, that for a long time already must of have turned into a great power. Each possibility of food guarantee, of work for the needed ones will be an action that the town never will forget. Original author and source of the article.

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