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August 31st, 2015    Posted in News

Each solution is designed KONE to the needs of specific types of buildings, regardless of whether it is a residential complex, office building or several buildings for general use, for example, shops, railway stations, airports or schools. Passengers in residential buildings they want to get to the right floor for the minimum time at the highest possible level of comfort and safety. Residents want the building use in the management of simple lifts with an attractive design. Equipment should operate quietly, especially at night. The architects who design the building, it is necessary to optimize the available space and link to install elevators in interior design. The owners of the building also has its own requirements: they relate to overall operating costs, the possibility of maintenance and energy consumption in the building. KONE Elevators designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders. The need for reconstruction of buildings without an elevator is constantly growing.

One of the reasons – a growing percentage of elderly living in homes with no elevator. Problem installing the elevator is really urgent, because of the need to facilitate the use of the building older people. As a solution to this problem, KONE offers technology that is designed especially for existing buildings. Using this technology results in minimal changes in the building. Operation of an office building – is a constant process of regulation costs, profits and risks. The ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of the building and its inhabitants, as well as to make the building a pleasant place to stay and do business.

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Nowhere is allowed to specify the distribution of profits between your small business (or you individually) and the Public organization, respectively, 80 and 20 percent. Thus, you not only get the basic tools for development at an early stage, but in the future, as growth will win at a lower rate of tax. And you can agree to, quickly returning to your "roof" of its invested funds with a good percentage of profits in the future of this social organization to send only one percent of income. But initial relief at the rates Taxation will continue, because the founders have remained unchanged. Thus, a person who thinks about how to avoid excessive taxation, should be "fresh eye" to look at with all applicable laws and regulations. In broad terms, this means simply more adept at using economic and legal mechanisms. For example, it should be remembered that all the work associated with the trademark are not subject to tax on a joint venture. So, we need the formation of joint ventures to find this sign and continue to think of the work associated with it.

Suppose SP wants to spread their logos in other countries. It produces some work, spends resources paid work to people, etc., etc. But instead of this company to get your mark with a gift, too, will come – by appointment – the same way. Such exchanges related to trademark gifts, earnings are not taxed. Trademarks can participate in auctions. Hence, it should be good to think that the company will name when creating a trademark.

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Secrets Of Japanese Quality

August 18th, 2015    Posted in News

Many faced with the notion of "Japanese quality", but few are as profound meaning of these words are! Need to expand it by words such as comfort, practicality, beauty, ergonomics, environmental friendliness, a high level of organization of production, labor discipline, quality control during production, storage, transportation, established business traditions, deep and accurate understanding of human needs and maximizing their satisfaction. I witnessed how a Japanese concept of quality in the manufacture of front panels Nichiha. The first stage – the entrance control of raw materials and their preparation manufacturing process. This control gives confidence in the absence of hidden defects, such as the empty cavity, or non-uniform density, which can then lead to cracking, tearing the material during production, handling, transportation and installation. Here it should be noted control over the condition of equipment and forms that will be involved in the production process. At the slightest deviation from the norm, the details are subject to repair or replacement. Due to the high production organization, this process occurs very quickly. The Japanese clearly understand that the process is idle – is not just a loss for the company, but for all its employees, agents and clients. Each employee is aware of these negative effects and does everything in his power, which would reduce the period of repair or replacement. The second phase – monitoring the quality of performance at each level of the production process: mixing components, testing the homogeneity of the mass, its amount in the form of pressure presses, temperature and humidity in an autoclave, where the process of hardening mass.

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Language Phrases

August 6th, 2015    Posted in News

The language of each country, forming, and then developing, saturated idiom that is stable with words or phrases that have become so-called stereotypes. Distinguishes the idioms that they do not change use. For example, the phrase 'iron will' know absolutely everything and is used to describe a person with a solid temperament. But the phrase – steel door identifies the type of material making concrete products, therefore, is not sustainable. Private, anoint 'winged', the expressions used in different languages. And their semantic load is identical.

A large number of idioms borrowed computer subjects in Russian language than English. There is computer slang dictionary, which includes more than 1,6 thousand lexical items. In recent years in the business communication are present unusual Ukrainian layman phrases such as 'Site Layout', 'optimization', on-line meeting and many others. It is very difficult to translate the figurative expressions, which are elements of folklore. This is evidenced by an English translation following proverb: 'Woman with a cart – the mare is easier.

" As a result, the English language meaning can be: 'When the lady leaves the vehicle, it accelerated significantly easier. " And, frankly, it is always possible select analog. Translated idiom (cliche) – a selection of equivalent phrases in the language. Also, in some cases can be used interchangeably. In order to facilitate the work of translators, there are specialized dictionaries and reference materials, though, even with excellent knowledge of the literary language translation of phraseology at all times considered difficult. Proverbs translate a little easier, because with their help formulate a concrete idea. At the same time – they are the postulates that do not contain subtext. When there is an opportunity to complete the transaction through the use of an analog of another language, use two techniques – narrative and tracing. At the dawn of its activities translators are usually inclined to tracing, ie, exact (literal) translation of the document while preserving the style and lexical features of the original. Descriptive same translation is a lengthy explanation (often using examples) the semantic load phrases or sentences. For example, the phrase 'to climb into the bottle' can be explained as follows: to make stupid act, to start a dispute, to show fiery temper. At the time of transfer of meaning of the phrase is interpreted as the expression itself and remains for speakers of other languages than something abstract. But sometimes, some specialists are successfully convey the ideas embedded in idioms, using only descriptive translation. And this in turn requires an excellent knowledge of the source language and target language, as well as possession of ingenuity and flexibility of mind. The translators of the highest qualifications memorize phrases analogs, which include idioms and native and foreign languages. This technique is the most time-consuming, but it and most reliable. Translation of idioms and aphorisms is creative process and requires the ability to seek out the necessary comparisons and expressions for the preservation of true semantic load of the source text. From all the above it is clear that the cost of translation of text containing idioms in a large volume, of course, is always higher than the cost of a typical transfer

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Business-Tourism – A Good Tool For Your Business

August 3rd, 2015    Posted in News

Due to the rapid development of the business sector and the emergence of new firms and companies, holding companies, there is a natural development and business travel. Business travel, or as it is also called business tourism in one form or another existed for a long time. But how about self-direction in this area to the fore recently. So, what is the business tourism? This concept includes not only corporate holidays, participation in seminars, trainings, conferences, and travel to find new business partners, and training. Business trips (or business trips) are generally classified according to the objectives of the trip on the intensity of tours, individual business travelers participation in conferences and workshops, visiting exhibitions, congress tours. Individual business travel sector has recently experienced a rise, and takes about 25% of the total market for business tourism.

This type of tourism focusing not only on the conduct of negotiations, to establish contacts for further cooperation, but also to rest. That is, it employs the principle of combining business with pleasure. Intensive Tour – it's Incentives employees, dealers, customers, agents. This category of tourism more popular in the West, but in recent years become an integral part of the corporate culture of many Russian companies. Intensive Tours carry a number of incentive and motivational factors: increased sales, the creation and further expansion of the agency network in the regions of sales, the formation of a cohesive team, quality improvement activities products and production efficiency; promotion (presentation) of new products, and the transition of market share from competitors. Today's most popular countries for intensive tourism are Germany, Austria and the UK. To date, conduct or organization of any of these activities take on many travel companies. They are involved in selecting the most appropriate topics of training, conference, registration, visas, selection of hotels, booking rooms, conference halls.

Of course without the help of travel agencies can organize any kind of business tourism, as for the exhibition you only the information about time and place, there may come to the aid of the Internet. But during a large-scale events all the extra hassle of getting visas, hotel reservations and other troubles in If self-organization will fall on your shoulders. In order to save time is to trust the professionals in this field – namely, tourism companies. And do not forget that business tourism contributes to the development your business and promotes the formation of new business relationships and team building.

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