Melody Maker

March 4th, 2016 Posted in News

It does not have fear does not give attention does not give to advice Not part permission. You are alone who you must decide what to make Pra to try to be happy. (Russian Renato. Theorem) 10 2.VOZ AND MELODY 2,1 THAT COUNTRY IS THIS? Electric Abortion imagines to have a called set, at a time where you could not nor have set. A time had asked for the F (Philip We read), that today it is the baterista of the Initial Capital, if it was against or in favor of the electric abortion, as it was some contraceptive laser a.

(Russian Renato; 1986, p.20) F Lemos, that would later come to be the baterista of the Electric Abortion and of the Initial Capital, when listening for the first time the compact one of the Sex Pistols found stranger. It was not nor of far similar to the descriptions of the magazines Melody Maker and Musical New Express. Some weeks later, if it discovered that the compact English would have to be executed in the speed of 45 rotations per minute, not 33 rotations as the Brazilian touch-record was marked. In the school, F was the first one to use the t-shirt of the British group and full jeans torn of patches. It was also in this period that initiated the battery lessons. Renato folloied with attention the news articles on punk.

thus, also, surrendered it the characteristic suits: jeanses, white t-shirts or long sleeve shirts without prints. Moreover, new punk also incorporated the coturnos. Parallel to punk, 70 are the decade of the record in Brazil. Being thus, the group of young brasilienses divided itself in that the discotecas frequentavam assiduamente and in that they more dived each time in the rock and punk. Renato was in as the group, clearly. Punk nailed the idea of ' ' of yourself' '.


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