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Xerox Corporation

June 26th, 2013    Posted in News

As a result of the applied test, will be a report which will be detailed on what’s wrong or you can improve, as well as the causes of this. Along with this report, the Manager must review the situation of the company within its environment, i.e. know how to find the enterprise within the market, competitors, what they are doing if you are satisfying the needs of customers and how is the relationship with suppliers and distributors. Once the above information is obtained and it is analyzed, in the event that there is some kind of problem or there is some process that need to be improved because it is not offering good results or simply there are others that are better, is at that moment when you can resort to the use of the tools that can help, such as outsourcing. The Manager must carefully specify which of the company’s activities created or could create a value unique or important, and which conclusions can be outsource: Benchmarking is the continuous process of measuring products, services and practices against competitors harder or those companies recognized as leaders in the industry. (David T. Kearns, CEO of Xerox Corporation). Not forgotten, as he has pointed out, that one of the main challenges is the competitiveness, since not only faced with local companies, but that competition occurs between companies around the world.

To be increasingly more competitive companies resort to various tools that allow them to lower their costs, increase the quality of their products, etc. Among these tools or formulas of is Benchmarking. Which no management should ignore. Reference sources: French Antonio. What is Benchmarking? Revista Debates IESA.

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Assertive Communication

June 14th, 2013    Posted in News

NLP and practice, develops a certain sharpness of senses if you apply enough, will be developing a skill, as in this case the communication between people, to become aware of things, make better distinctions, know better distinguish situations and know actually carry a conversation at a level of fluidity and efficiency. Incorporate these resources of the neuro-linguistic programming and develop further an assertive communication is to pass to the next level in our communication is undoubtedly a leap in quality in our lives what is assertive communication? Assertive communication is a communication style a way of expressing evenly, so mature, conscious and is situated in the middle of the two extreme positions: that of aggressiveness and the be passive and not answer the purpose of this best way of expression, is communicate our ideas and feelings, to defend our legitimate rights without the intention to injure or harmacting from an inner State of self-confidence and personal worth, instead of limiting emotional expressiveness, which includes emotions that interfere with good communication how e.g. anxiety, guilt or anger so if we want to tune into another person applying NLP techniques to effectively achieve that tuning is to have in all cases careful use (depending on the objectives that want to reach are) certain expressions, words or twists of language to not hurt susceptibilities in our interlocutor, in order to also encompass the emotional, with attention, interest, understanding or affection part a practical example in a workplace: say a company an employee made a mistake to perform a certain task rather than do what he was told, he did something else that caused a problem in your sector Manager or supervisor may say something how: This work was not so is badly made, it is not what I asked you what look did!(everything with an emotional burden of truth) anger) that kind of communication ends up generating a bad weather, a lack of feeling and little confidence or little collaboration in the future, of the person. .

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Central American Marriot

June 12th, 2013    Posted in News

The hotel industry is doing your best bets in Cali, where detected a varied and growing market of customers. From corporate tourism that brings more businessmen, sport, sauce, culture, until the segment of health charged every day more important, by the great prestige he enjoyed, the cosmetic surgeons of this region. Hotels in Cali Colombia, are prepared each year for these festivities and are organized according to the feverish activities. The fair of Cali goes from 25 to 30 December. This is the version number 53 and you will have performances free of recognized artists in the world of salsa, fusion music and 1960s? s. The parade, El Salsodromo and the parade of old Cali are the busiest events of the fair. The concerts in the clubs Chango, Mango Viche, Prague and the concert in the stadium of Deportivo Cali are part of private events. This year, despite the winter, people still coming to Cali.

Many tourists have been and foreigners, who provide dividends for the city, trade establishments and inhabitants of Cali. There is still time to enjoy fair and consolidate all figures that spitting this fair. The hotels in Cali, will of course continue happy, attending all the tourists in the best way. Need to see what % of occupation will have hotels in the month of December and measure the impact of this festivity. There are 167 in Cali accommodation, but within these establishments include hotels, apart hotels and residences. Hotels formal and recognized as such there are 67 of them nine (9) are luxury hotels, forty-five first (three and four stars) and 16 cheap hotels. Today the hotel offer of the city is and 3061 rooms 6122 beds. The rate of hotel occupancy in the first half of this year has been the 33.5%, three points less than in the same period of last year and is lower than that observed in other cities of Colombia.

However, the hotel industry is betting hard in the city because it sees favourable Outlook and is committed in nine projects that consolidate in the next two years and increase the hotel capacity, providing 1076 additional rooms by 30%. The new bets. Among the new hotel projects that are committed to Cali this Spiwak, that is already a reality. Another important string provided to enter the city is the Central American Marriot, with a 150-room hotel, which began construction in 2011. In the list of projects also include two more so-called Chipichape A and B, which sumarian 180 rooms, two others close to the Centre of events Valle del Pacifico, the City Express, a Mexican chain and four Boutique Hotels, new concept that is opening step in the hospitality industry. These new hotels come with a whole team of marketing and tools to make visible to visitors or travelers and thereby ensuring future guests. They will open hotels in Cali? Hotels that we are talking about are cataloged 4 and 5 star. We do not know for certain how many cheap hotels opening soon in Cali. With the new competition, should bet on new technologies such as web positioning, be innovative and offer new alternatives for services that fully satisfy visitors. The bet is to be competitive in all aspects. Here you don’t win the largest if not the fastest to make use of these tools for the benefit of the Hotel and the guest. All, we win if we do the guest back to Cali fair and at any time year. Cali is always a delight! Atte.

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Star Insurance Corporation

June 10th, 2013    Posted in News

Today’s world is a world of a constant process of change and development, which often is overlooked which can occur in certain eventualities that aren’t on anyone and so for not having plans the most minimal prevention inconveniences, usually inconvenient older economic type can be generatedTherefore today there are some entities that facilitate since prevention tasks that face the concurrence of those undesirable events that affect the patrimony of each person in some way or another, these entities offer packages that can be accommodated to the like of each person and can also cover that element deemed of greatest importance to the user, so can make a good amount of items such as cars home, insurance against accidents, among a good number of items and contingencies; after knowing there is some entities that can protect the patrimonial interests, among other things in the market, gives way to the mention of one of the best entities that provides this type of services, which is Star Insurance Corporation which over the years has been highlighted as one of the entities engaged in such service. Safe star was born in 1901 as a sociedad anonima de seguros y reaseguros, in Cartagena ensuring fields as the fires and the sea, then moved to Madrid, to the decade between 1920 and 1930 star insurance remains stable even on the difficulties through which passes Spain at the moment, in such a way the company for its good balance creates a box of social welfare for employees of the companywhich is very consistent with the vision of the star insurance, acting in a preventive way and offering better conditions to its employees, which can also be seen its social vision, with the advance of time Star broad insurance its field of action to life, transport, civil liability insurance, later in the decade between 1970 and 1980 star insurance creates 2 Cartasa and Inmovasa – in such a way investment companies are makes a financial insurance group, in the year of 1983 a multinational becomes part of Star insurance to acquire 43% of the shares, subsequently the confident star launches the individual pension plan, being one of greater importance in business activity services, finally, between the historical events that have had great importance in the confident star, is given the incorporation of Star insurance group Generali, with which the insurer acquires more recognition, we must bear in mind that the confident star did not have this name until 1998, since before it was called star only, at the end of the decade between 1990 and 2000 the company made a turnover of 130 billion, being one of the companies leading in the Spanish market. Among the services that have the star placed insurance as one of the best insurance companies insurance and other financial services that make up packages such as accidents, autos, Commerce, fatalities, dental, boats for recreation, building, home, retirement, bikes, savings and investment, can be found repatriation, civil liability, health, life income, life risk.

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June 1st, 2013    Posted in News

To do so, at the end of the 1970s began with the gradual reduction of import tariffs, to urge Venezuelan entrepreneurs take the relevant forecasts for the definitive opening of the market. For them, this meant the incorporation of criteria of quality and productivity to its philosophy of work, in order to be able to compete in a future close, with international markets, and national, because foreign companies would also have the opportunity to enter to offer their products in the country. Another important feature was the introduction of policy of liberation of prices, which boosted internal competition, and as a consequence, the improvement of productivity indicators and quality of our companies, thus initiating the final process of globalization of the market. In general can be said that the economic opening period was characterized, by high income from the oil sector, and indebtedness, phase-out of protective measures to national entrepreneurs, partial removal of the tax breaks and subsidies, few fiscal controls, economic policy still influenced by economic powers, unstable currency, flight of capital, high indexes of inflation and the creation of taxes such as VAT. At the end of the 1970s, is considered initiates the change of the direction of economic policies of the country. Determines his beginning the implementation of the policy of liberation of prices, inspired by need to encourage national competition, which resulted in a deep speculation, substantially determined by agreements between the oligopolistic groups that dominated the market. Another of the policies implemented was the offer incentives to non-traditional exports, preferably those with high added value. This period has been characterized by a contradiction in the measures implemented, which mistook to connoisseurs, and cause a general distrust in our institutions.

It can Moreover, noted Venezuelan companies have been the result of economic models implemented by individual Governments, as a consequence of this have been eminently reactive. The organizational structure of the enterprises is more tied to the reaction of the fiscal measures imposed, that fitness for deployment of long, medium and short term strategies. In the initial phase of the modern era were characterized by being uncompetitive, with high profitability, very diversified and little competitive. Companies have been uncompetitive, initially by State protection, and then by the inability to establish strategies that anticipate the changes that it provided them the environment. The main weakness of the Venezuelan companies is its human resource management, there is clear, the cause of her constant change and lack of vision. The financial health of the companies is not currently suitable, the country risk is very high, there are no clear rules in the fiscal and economic order. Companies have low levels of capitalization and consequently high levels of indebtedness. To this is added, that there is an absence of a guaranteed modern organizational architecture of functional departments of a sane to the requirements of the behaviors of the current scenarios, as well as absence of technological development, authentic organizational culture, and lack of a proactive, creative, innovative, managerial leadership strategist, visionary.

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