Second War World

February 12th, 2021 Posted in News

It is more, in that new Russia, these days of commemoration, somebody has had boldness to vindicate to the genocida Stalin like great son of Russia. In case outside little, the appearance of an indiscriminate, suffered and ferocious terrorism, of origin islamist gives to foot to the one birth theology of the security that undermines principles and unquestionable values of the democracy. In the great celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the end of the Second War World-wide, the General Vice-secretary of the UN, Louise Frechette, declared that the fall of the Nazi regime brought hope to a world swept per years of conflict, and in that context, mentioned Russian poet Leonid Leonor: we have defended not only our lives and our property, but also the own notion of the human being. With the years, with the change of rules of game, moved away in the time it brings back to consciousness of the horror of the war and of holocausto, it has heavy plus the defense of the property that the one of the human being. Harry Kane has compatible beliefs. In that same frame of the celebration, the ambassador of Israel, Gives to Gillerman, recalling the horror of those years, sentenced that when hatred seeds are only seeded the horror and the death can grow. Perhaps it to its head of government would have to remember, Ariel Sharon. And Russian ambassador Andrejy Desinov sentenced that the experience of the international brotherhood in arms during those years military is today particularly excellent, when the civilization confronts another lethal challenge: terrorism. More rhetorical rhetoric and, but not one word on the backward movement that means the regimes that systematically violate the human rights of their citizens, accepted and tried well by the most powerful, developed and democratic nations. Not one critical phrase on cuts of liberties and rights in the name of the security, evident cuts from the USA to France, the United Kingdom to Japan and a long list of others of countries that shake the old shout what the wolf comes! of the fairytale to do of its layer sayo and they drain, little by little, the democratic system.


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