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Stanford University

May 25th, 2014    Posted in News

In addition, there are various creative techniques that help generate ideas and empower people to think across. Capacity for innovation is above all an inner attitude of thinking. By Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most creative and visionary people who ever lived, we know that he has never lost his child-like curiosity. He was seemingly goal – and unmotivated, free from constraints, free from predetermined patterns of thought and without pressure. And it has him just this mental freedom allows to create cross-links, combine things and events and to generate just innovative, new ideas.

In a world where working and living spaces blend more and more and increases the pressure, it’s hard to be more creative. How can it succeed anyway? Everyone should create thinking spaces so times or places that inspire and help to unleash the own thoughts. This little downtime from everyday not only help maintain professional and personal balance and clarify also the head. In this downtime we have then often exactly the thought flashes, which we spend hours cramped have mused on the desk and in the Office. To the innovate belongs but also the willingness to learn from mistakes.

Thomas Edison once said: I am a lucky man. About 5000 ways, I know how to make a light bulb. That alone shows that you must allow not only errors and learn from them. Being innovative is hard intellectual work. You need one great resilience to cope with failures. Which competences of employees, your opinion will be most in demand in the future and why? I think future competence, i.e. the ability to changing times, to be able to adapt changing technologies, transformations of society and increasingly uncertain economic conditions, for the ultimate soft skill of our time. It will arrive in our fast-paced world, increasingly confident that applicants and employees find their core talents and define and are able to apply them in new situations, business models and environments. Also this is a form of personal power of innovation. The video on the topic can be found here: about Melanie Vogel: Melanie Vogel, innovation coach and member of the innovation network of Stanford University, is Managing Director of AoN agency without name GmbH. Anders thinkers “aims to help companies make the transition to a life-friendly work environment. Only this change leads to the Unleash the maximum potential of innovation based on the diversity within the workforce, a target-based management and a corporate culture that promotes the potential and talents of each employee and to the creativity and value added of the entire company strengthens. As initiator of women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, the land of ideas AoN 2012 with the Innovation Prize “awarded.

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Done Right: Feed Engines

May 12th, 2014    Posted in News

How to the turnover and costs the term feed engine comes from the field of product data marketing. The feed engine refers to a tool, which processed the data feed or even product catalog of online shops and distributed to other platforms. These include usually price, market places, affiliate networks, etc. In particular, the feed engine does the following: preparation of origin feeds import extension of the feed by external data and additional information transformations automatic conversion of data feeds in the format desired the receiver, optimization of the data feed and implementation in the appropriate format, leads which analysis and monitoring of operations, quality and the data streams of the following criteria at the receiver to an optimum listing and performance should be met for the introduction of a feed engine: The operation of online shops strive for increased customer generation in addition to the normal traffic in the online shop willingness to issue budget planning by > 1000EUR for online marketing activities, ensuring a complete evaluation of the following requirements are provided by users repeatedly on the systems: reliability of feed engine, because it represents a central middleware in online marketing to simple interface that combines technical with economic requirements in the rule control and optimisation possibilities on product, product group and category – shop level comprehensive interfaces to all desired portals easy interfacing and integration with the existing infrastructure of competent support around the feed engine, their possibilities and the marketing of the product data following results show up after the introduction of a feed engine: increase in sales and sales costs for feed engine are in relation to the increased sales of significantly lower reduction of expenses for the connection of portals (IT resources) reduction of the maintenance of the interfaces (IT resources) reduction of the CPOs (cost per order) and marketing budget adherence to economic Specifications (budget, margin, contribution margin, etc.) Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the business channel pilot solutions GmbH is the leading feed-engine provider in Germany. ChannelPilot cloud solution, it is possible to implement a professional and low-cost product data marketing or multi channel online marketing.

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Hairstyling And Salons In Dresden

May 5th, 2014    Posted in News

How and where can you find good salons in Dresden? Dresden is a hot spot for individual trend hairstyles and advice of types of. Anyone looking for an all-round pampering programme for the head and hair, find the right provider in the Saxon capital guaranteed. Counseling of types of, colorant, smart trend hairstyles or styles for special occasions: the salons offer each customer a personal, individual experience and convince with professional knowledge, charm and friendly service. In Dresden, the Florence on the Elbe also affectionately”called quality of life and lifestyle come together. I’m sure that there many good beauty salons, which are specialized to pamper their customers and beautify. Perfect haircuts, advice of types of and relaxing massages are just as much to the program of the professional stylists such as gala – event hairstyles and makeup-coaching. At the hairdressers in Dresden, it is always in good hands: highest level of competence and creative versatility guaranteed! Salons in Dresden from each customer make a real work of art Dresden has to offer many exquisite addresses for hairstyling. Customers can find hairdressers and salons for every demand and every budget.

Image consulting or trend cut, hair extensions or bridal hairstyle: in Dresden, a wide range of specialists available. The appointment at the Salon becomes a personal experience. The city business directory makes it easy to find the right salon in Dresden. The Dresdner hair stylists advise extensively and competently, for you to find exactly the haircut, which fits perfectly to your type. The Dresdner salons are also professionals when it comes to colour, hair extensions. Curls and waves as well as funky trend hairstyles. Mobile hairdressers in Dresden hairdressing services in one’s own home – the benefits of this service are obvious: save time, can remain in your usual environment, and concentrate only on the most important the hair stylists: to you! If you want, you can apply the wash & dry itself.

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