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Catherine Howard

July 26th, 2013    Posted in News

First with Catherine of Aragon with whom he had a daughter, Maria. Then with Anne Boleyn, to who after accusing of adultery did perish decapitated, had another daughter, Isabel. His eldest son Eduardo VI was born to his third wife Juana Seymour. Then married Ana de Cleves, both are separated, Catherine Howard who died also decapitated by infidel and finally with Catalina Parr, who accompanied him until his death in 1547 and survived it. His son succeeded him on the throne Eduardo VI, minor via a Regency and his premature death, after a dispute with Juana Grey, granddaughter of Enrique VII, which proved fruitless, succeeds him in 1553, Maria I Catherine’s daughter, vigorous Catholic, who was known as the Bloodroot by your obsessed persecution of Protestants. At her death in 1558 came his half sister, the daughter of Enrique y Ana Bolena, who ascended the throne with the name Isabel I and was baptized by his subjects as the Virgin Queen. Catholics, who chased considered illegitimate as illegitimate.

This was the origin of the long religious struggles that resulted in the exile of the persecuted to the American colonies, which allowed faith depended on the discretion of the monarchs of the day. (6) It is the nearest representative of despotism in England by its intolerance and the rigor with which took its decisions. However his popularity was rising to defend the commercial interests of the middle class, became the precursor of the maritime power English to promote the construction of warships and merchant ships. It was ally of Emperor Carlos I of Spain in a principle and devout Catholic, but then he allied himself with Francisco I of France to confront the first giving beginning to an intermittent struggle which runs for almost three centuries. (7) The estrangement occurred as a result of a sentimental event. Henry VIII was married to Catherine of Aragon, sister of Juana La Loca, daughter of the Catholic monarchs and aunt of the Emperor Carlos V of Germany and I of Spain.

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EDUARDO DE ONTANON (1904-1949) already some time ago that emerging singers of Madrid, the capital of glory poets. It begins to be sung in front, profile, on all four sides. As befits the city of the democratic world, fled suddenly with the most erect flags of heroism that has taken Europe. Ontanon Eduardo. Spain time (October, 1938). THE voice of the inspired poet BURGALeS has the journalist, Narrator, essayist and art critic Mada Carreno that, when he began working on the drafting of working class world met her future husband Eduardo de Ontanon, burgales journalist, that soon it would be destined to Valencia to lead the newspaper truth, which she was reporter. In 1938 they married, in the autumn of that year he collaborates in Spain time. From Valencia they moved by sea to Barcelona.

In the first months of 1939 they embarked on the path of exile, first in France, then in England and later in Mexico. A labour Lord had received on his farm in Eaton Hasting, a group of Spaniards, among them Eduardo Ontanon, Pedro Garfias. Claimed by her husband went to England, where again returned both to the South of France, for the trip to Mexico in the mythical Sinaia French ship that sailed from Sete on 25 May 1939 and arrived in Veracruz on June 13, transporting more than 1. 600 Spanish Republicans. On that journey was published the first newspaper in exile: Sinaia, which was distributed free of charge in the expedition. The inspired poet, novelist, essayist, journalist, editor and bookseller Eduardo Ontanon Lebantini was born in Burgos on February 13, 1904 and died in Madrid on September 20, 1949. The son of a journalist, at age thirteen, already published poems in the newspaper that his father directed. In 1920 it starts his collaborations in the Spanish journal of Havana. In 1923 he creates avant-garde magazine parable, in which Francisco Ayala, Gerardo Diego, Cesar M.

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Faithful Servant Neville

July 13th, 2013    Posted in News

Gary Neville is not one footballer any, at least not so for Manchester United. So Sir Alex Fergusson summed it: he was always a faithful servant to the cause of the United and thats the best thing I can say to honor the career of a man like him. at the age of 19. Since January 29, 1993 to February 2, 2011. Theirs has been a selfless dedication to the red devils, more than 600 matches and a stain. 11 by the Premier, as well as four FA Cups, two Champions and two World Club titles, filled with his impressive track record, nothing comparable with the respect that it has earned in British football. It is an example for any young professional, hardworking, loyal and intelligent, insists Ferguson. The significance of Gary Neville (Bury, England; 1971) in the recent history of Manchester fades to cross the channel. Source of the news:: the last feast of the faithful servant Neville

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Professional Football League

July 11th, 2013    Posted in News

The signing of Roberto by Zaragoza, which owe 134 million through an investment fund yesterday unleashed a new earthquake in football. The Portuguese stock exchange suspended the quotation of Benfica, club of origin of the goalkeeper, to request more information about a transfer amounting to 8.6 million. The Lisbon institution stated that the Aragonese has paid only 86,000 euros, equivalent to the cost of your Federal tab. The rest? A society of law Spanish located at a higher level than the Zaragoza, according to Benfica. An operation that deserved rejection of the Professional Football League, which decided not to accede to the Convention of creditors of the Zaragoza to disagree with the way of the club, which owes to the employer’s 1.6 million. Template, concentrated in England, asked explanations to the maximum shareholder Agapito Iglesias. In late may, the debt with the players was 14.489.630 euros. Source of the news:: El Zaragoza admits that its owner is involved in the Fund for signings

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Arabic Oils

July 2nd, 2013    Posted in News

Nature provides us with plants to heal us.The aromatherapy resorts to the use of the properties of plants, through essential oils obtained from processing.Aroma means pleasant odor, fragrance and therapy is the treatment to cure.Until they know the fascinating world of modern aromatherapy; Let’s make a little history.Its use dates to approximately 3500 years before Christ and was used as a healing of the body, (healing, protective) element of evil spirits and in various ritualsIt was common that before a fight warriors clean up their bodies with blows of branch of albhaca, to ward off evil spirits.The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese have contributed to the development of aromatherapy worldwide.In Rome to heal the wounded they were resorting to certain herbs, they were treatments transmitted from parents to children, in which mixing something of witchcraft.Grumbled about the patient strange formulas, and bad luck as he thought, obedient to the incantation was leaving. As in Rome, there were no pharmacies, the preparation of remedies went into the essential functions of the physician, as now happens in the homeopathic medicine; the more akin to ancient medicine.Regarding the prescription of the cure, the doctor had absolute freedom; instead on Egyptian medicine your doctor could not prescribe a treatment until after four days of experimentation.The Greeks took the Egyptian experiences, and how great alchemists, purified the distillation system preserving fragrance and purity of the oils, since for them the aromatic plants were a way of life that incorporabana their bathrooms, food, rites and magic; or in the form of ointment to preserve physical and mental health. The father of medicine Hippocrates, stated that bath and massages with essential oils, assuring the longevity.In the xI century the Arabs perfected the art of distillation to isolate active ingredients from plant oils, attributing to Avicenna, physician, astronomer, mathematician and Arabic philosopher), who introduced the system of refrigeration in the distillation process.With this discovery, the process of extraction of essential oils had less waste and greater strength.Aromatherapy starts in the modern world, when in the century XX Rene Maurice Gatefosse (French chemist), known as the father of modern aromatherapy incorporates it into natural medicine; as a result of severe burns suffered in one of his hands, which dipped in a bowl of lavender essential oil, checking the healing effects, soothing pain and avoiding infection without scars. Dr. Milan Paolo Rovesti, took away the anxiety and depressive States doing to their patients smell cotton soaked in essential oil.

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