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November 12th, 2020 Posted in News

In this case to build transmission lines and electrical pylons, “he said. On Thursday arrived in Chile Chico where he met with the group Antukulef, disseminated information on rights of owners through radio programs and met with Mayor Luperciano Munoz, who reiterated his commitment to promote legal action against these companies because much of the Baker Basin (Lake General Carrera, Bertrand and birth of Lake Baker) is located in the commune, which is now being affected by massive water rights and mining concessions given to utilities and is threatened by the eventual passage of pylons. During the afternoon of Friday, the lawyer participated in a meeting to ascertain the level of the course and Panguilemu, in the town of Coyhaique, where many small landowners and farmers who are concerned about the possible transition of power lines by the sectors and at what which mandates given to the filing of lawsuits. Castillo Marcelo According to the situation that exists in the Aysen Region, particularly in the south, “is contrary to equity. Water rights should be for people who exploit the land, which have projects in the area, and not for speculation of major projects, in this case hydroelectric. ” He added that with respect to mining claims “obviously it is always favor big business at the expense of small mining companies or individuals who want to establish some kind of activity.

Our attention is drawn to the authorities, who are called upon to ensure the principles of fairness and equality before the law, are the first to violate them in the sense of favoring big business. ” AGREEMENT WITH CANADA An offense that has led the professional mandate of the CDP is the lawsuit against the Chilean government for breach of domestic environmental legislation was filed in June 2008 in Ottawa before the Commission for Environmental Cooperation of Canada who oversees the agreement signed by both nations in 1997. Last December, the agency declared admissible the complaint of the civic organization. As on 12 May this year was held in Santiago a public meeting of the Joint Public Advisory Committee on Environmental Cooperation Agreement Canada Chile where, next to executive secretary of the Defense Council of Patagonia, Patricio Rodrigo, handed a dossier with the irregularities in the evaluation of EIA Hidroaysen, with particular emphasis on mining concessions sought to “protect” the power lines Transelec controlled by Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management. On the occasion, “they called them much attention this issue. More information is housed here: Harry Kane. Did not understand that mining legislation will be used, fraudulently, for environmental purposes, “said Castillo. Even Dean Knudson, CEO for the Americas and representative of the Minister of Environment of Canada, Jim Prentice, “said clearly that Canadian companies had to comply with the law throughout the world. It is a principle of domestic law that they were going to worry about it fulfilled “the lawyer recalled.


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