What Is A Community

December 3rd, 2020 Posted in News

Or, basically, what it does. The concern of many employers is to create new job roles, which, at first, seem a good idea, but then with the passage of time, are not to be as beneficial for the operation of the company as it seemed that it would be. In the case of many may think that does not justify putting one or more persons to perform these functions, but once you finish reading this article, you probably want to have one working for your business. The CM is a professional dedicated to the management of the online community to which it belongs. In other words, is in charge of monitoring the interactions that the company or site can have with users or users may have to each other in communal areas of the company, Facebook page, chat rooms, blogs, etc.

… It is clear that the importance of the post of CM has increased, as fans grow and the size of the online community. There comes a time that is necessary, first, sort and moderate what is there to say. But it is also important to offer a professional, full time staff dedicated to serving the communications of the company through this channel. The CM then becomes, in the voice of the company to the community. That is why people involved in this function should have a purely social profile, similar to that of who is dedicated to public relations, that is what it is, in fact: public relations, but online. .


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