The Way

April 20th, 2014 Posted in News

Le We talked as if it were a child and believe that our dog can relate events over time and circumstances and arrive at the same conclusions that we normally. 2 Think that dogs understand our language and not give them short and clear orders. We confuse them with long prayers and multiple combinations of words and gestures. 3. We get angry and minimim with our dog when does not behave the way that we want.

4 We punish you by not learning the way you want with loneliness and confinement; the more horrible that can suffer a dog. If you commit these errors your reward will be a totally altered dog and feel angry and failed. If these are not the results you want, get ready to modify your behavior before attempting to teach the dog. First you will have to train yourself in everything related to the canine psychology, the way of communicating and the normal behavior of dogs Error 1: try you as if outside a child dogs are not children covered by hairs. Although the mature dog, medium, has a development mental resembling a child of two years, there are more differences than similarities between them. Dogs may be surprising when processing the language, but do not reason in the way in which we do it people.

Not related the cause and effect in the same way. For example makes no sense, when your you get home and you discover that your dog has made their needs within your room, punish him for that reason. Your dog will not understand the reason why you are punishing. It seems that if, but only expressed fear of your anger. With his body language tries to say please ceases to be angry with me, I have not done anything wrong. However you you think he feels guilty for not having done their needs where you’ve taught him.

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