The Parties

May 22nd, 2013 Posted in News

Rosinha spoke. – Why you do not study here? You have books, computer, have everything. He is here! Robert gave its order. – But I take off some doubts with it there. – And who said that it knows more than you? – But – It is! Rosinha total was dominated and without forcing to have altiva voice. He was submissa and it was dying on the inside, its life was without brightness, poetry. Already it did not have friends, did not go for parties, nor alone and nor with Robert. The wait of Robert lived practically, who, to the times, never came.

Its life was dying and it not yet had despertado for this problem. Robert did not change its life and neither he changed its behavior, continued making its sprees and traindo in the way most vile. It did not respect the love of Rosinha and it continued with sprees that finished in the anguish of its namorada. After much Rosinha time it discovered that Robert the traia, but did not have forces to finish, was involved in a feeling of submission and love. Love without proper pride. The life passed, but of Rosinha she continued estagnada, to the wait for the boyfriend who brought remaining portions of affection and kisses wet for other mouths.

It was at this moment wanting so little, only the crumbs that sobraram to it of a strange love. Without life it started to look life in the books that Robert read and left in its house. She dreamed and she travelled in histories, but she always cried with the end. The books that Robert liked always had a sad history in the end, the young man nor always finished with the young woman. Robert kept an extra romance with Joana, better friend of Rosinha. The two if amused very, went for the parties, walked as boyfriends.


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