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The Meet

May 31st, 2021    Posted in News

Once you despejas the belief that you are unhappy from the beginning, stray clouds and the sun shines in Naturally, without any effort on your part. The only search that you must undertake is the meet you yourself. MasterClass UK has plenty of information regarding this issue. Contemplate you, see what you think and what you feel. This will give you the information that you require. I don’t need me or to another article, website or book to show you the way, you only need yourself. Happiness is a feeling of balance, safety, what prevents you from feeling it? Do you have debts you pay? Perhaps deprive you feel one way or another? Is the problem what generates the unhappiness, or unhappiness which generates the problem? What happens if you change the unhappiness for happiness? What happens if you substitute the feeling of deprivation of freedom? My only intention is to point out what is so obvious that it is hard to believe that you have not seen it already. Do you think that after so much time walking, even not you’ve been able to find happiness? Are you one of those who have lost hope, even relegating to enjoy frugal moments of hedonism? Do you think you’re so clumsy I have not been able to find it? The simplest explanation is that the search itself is deception, you believed that you were tied and you needed to find freedom, when there was no tie, the only thing that had is freedom.

PRACTICAL exercise there is nothing that you need to do to be happy, because you’re already happy. The only thing you can do is to remember the truth: unhappiness is unfounded, does not exist. There is nothing which you deprive yourself of feel happy and complete, except the belief you feel unhappy or that there is something that you should do or get to achieve the fullness, and as any belief, it can be modified by another belief.

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Internet Parents

March 10th, 2013    Posted in News

Lack of time is a severe problem facing today’s societies: the children spend most of the day alone or care by outsiders, sometimes the family, or by a family member who isn’t MOM or dad. This has caused an increase in depression of young people and adolescents, who are generally very sad because they only see their parents at bedtime is and there are even those who do not see them all day; because when parents arrive from work they are already asleep. Such a situation is the cause of a series of social problems, among which are: a). depression. Dentro_de the multiple problems that cause depression are the following: l).Teenagers in their maturation process faced serious internal conflicts of self-identification and self-acceptance; (2).In many households not enough money, which causes that the children defeat is, because parents cannot give them all what they want; (3).The lack of cohabitation with parents and therefore almost no communication with them. All this contributes to that you seek as a way to escape drug addiction and suicide.

(b).Unwanted pregnancies. These have increased considerably in adolescent and young women. Previously not presented both these problems because the man was who was working and women are remained at home attending to the children, who were always accompanied by the mother, who devoted his time to them and gave them lots of love; but none of the two is now at home, because she has also joined the productive activity, which is not bad, it needs to overcome personal and professionally; the problem is that it disregards the children. Ideally, both parents could spend part of the day to work and another part to live with his family, unfortunately traditional jobs do not allow it. We live in a time in which the human being is already angry work all day and have no time for him and his family. Currently there are thousands of people who daily seek alternatives to business or work on the Internet. Lots of people want to work from home and in time partial, because really our body and our spirit need a rest.

Which, unfortunately, if we want to give it to us may not be for a period longer, because we need money for our expenses. We need time and also money. We must strive to achieve both: you deserve both economic and personal freedom. Your family deserves to have you by his side every day and a better life. Progress and success do not have to be only for a few, all deserve happiness. Dare to dream big. Words have power. Your thoughts attract what you want; but this is a process does not happen over night. You should fill your mind of positive ideas and discarding the negative ones. After a time, by the law of attraction, I guarantee you that you begin to have what they’ve dreamed of. If you wish with all your heart and you think that things may be possible, it will be. Fight by having the job that can give you comfort and freedom.

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