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Latin America

October 17th, 2016    Posted in News

In this world in which we were born, without that nobody consulted us if we wanted to come or wait for a better time, we were instilling in many ways, the family, the academic, the street, the religious, materialistic concepts that we now put to doubt and ask ourselves if we go through life doing the right thing or lost in vain East suit of flesh and bones that us gift Chucho when we launched the world, through the tunnel of maternal childbirth. In contrast those who don’t reflect this, nor with the most minimal remorse, they prefer to be reluctant, for not moving away from the so-called perfect life taught through the years. According to them Christ to the cross and Bolivar to the coffin, from there and tranquilitos, none of the occurrence of want to revive embodied in people. There is one preaches that he says that man is as important as the amount of material goods and money that has, in contrast, there is another, which says that man is transcendent thanks to his intellect, his thinking, moral education and morality that can transmit to the future generations. It may be that an ignorant rich and an intelligent poor, everything lies in the opportunities that leveraged or allowed to escape, but the truth is that human beings are so complex that many other variables, such as perseverance, discipline, moral formation, nutrition, health, intervene in an individual to do happy, either feeling immense for his money or wealthy for their culture and wisdom. In Venezuela and Latin America, many are changing our way of seeing the world, but this change is giving rise to this and normally plays fiber from those that a mature age, do not lose time on banalities, this change in attitude may be a few decades. We are becoming more thoughtful and less intestinal, however, do not have the guilt of having caused the only rhythm that we were taught and showed as the true flag to achieve in our lives, the capitalist prosperity; You may remember the terms such as; studying so you’re rich or works so that you are rich, have one or two carts, one or two houses, land, a resort, a savings account, a few credit cards and stop counting.

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Chilean Government

May 6th, 2015    Posted in News

What does that make the Chile Central Bank to stimulate the economy? 20 April 2009 families and Chilean entrepreneurs, are a little taken aback: the Central Bank cuts its interest rate strong, Chilean banking system shows strong and profitable, but they have greater difficulty accessing financing. What is happening? Within the efforts being done by the Chilean Government to lift the economy in the current situation of depression, the Central Bank of Chile has undertaken strong cuts in its interest rate of reference with the aim of increasing the liquidity of the financial system to generate credit that stimulate domestic demand. Currently, the reference interest rate is located at 1.75% (since December 2008, it was reduced by 650 basis points). For a little understanding the operation of monetary policy in Chile, there is to say that the Central Bank seeks to drive the inflation rate and economic growth through the management of interest rate of monetary policy, which affects both through several factors (transmission channels). Currently, the decision to cut the interest rate when the economy is weakened seeks to achieve the following: that the lowering of the cost of the money increase credit in the economy, improve the corporate balance sheets (because it produces an increase in the real value of the assets) and improve exchange-rate competitiveness (since a lower interest rate weakens to the nominal exchange rate). The generalization of the global crisis makes the impact of the Chilean monetary policy on external demand imperceptible. On the other hand, despite being cheaper the cost of funding, according to the quarterly survey, which carries out the Central Bank of Chile, this not translates into an increase in the credit dynamics in the expected way. In relation to the above, the survey released by the Central Bank of Chile, shows that banks have reduced the amounts and deadlines in the granting of loans at the time that several entities have increased the requirements for the granting of credits (although the proportion of entities that have increased their requirements for credit granting is lower than those observed in the last quarter of 2008).

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