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Wuthering Heights Years

April 27th, 2021    Posted in News

I am obsessed with the film and the film are images. Can tell any story with images only, explained Arnold, and for the protagonist, that Catherine Earnshaw who have incarnated actresses as Merle Oberon or Juliette Binoche, the chosen was the young man Kaya Scodelario, very popular in United Kingdom by the television series Skins. An actress who found very interesting to work with silence, an element that allowed him to be more relaxed when not having to remember dialogues and, at the same time, gave him space to think about emotions. In front of it, the unknown James Howson, substitute in the role of Heathcliff’s names like Ralph Fiennes, Laurence Olivier and Jorge Mistral, others of the protagonists of this classic text, first published in 1874. And also this Tuesday in competition the Japanese Himizu, an adaptation of the manga of the same title by Minoru Furuya, which the filmmaker Sono Sion modified following the earthquake that occurred in Japan last March.

A story so violently physical as mentally and that the director already had in mind making. He simply changed part of the script to reflect what the earthquake had meant for his countrymen. The protagonist is Sumida, a 14 years old He lives with his mother in a precarious House next to a Lake, where they engage to rent boats to navigate. His mother abandoned him and his father continues to appear in a surprising way to give you some terrible beatings. Some of which are witnesses a series of surreal characters who live in tents built with plastic after having lost everything as a result of the earthquake. In Japan there is a new way of thinking that it is related to this great disaster, said Sion on press conference. In this regard, he explained that ten years have produced in their country many manga that have focused on loneliness, sadness and isolation. A situation that has become reality after the earthquake, lamented the filmmaker.

Therefore, it decided to change the dark and gloomy end of the original text by one more open. I wanted to give a message of hope to all Japan, he explained. Two stories that, without having enthused, continue to demonstrate the successful and varied selection of 68 Edition of Venice that has raised the level of the last years. Source of the news: Venice is torn between the love of Wuthering Heights and the pain of the Japanese earthquake

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Ice Skating Rink

July 13th, 2020    Posted in News

Skating rink with artificial ice is the ice surface bounded by the rail. In this case, water is poured ice rink, an artificial freezing cold. Thus, any complex consists of an ice rink the following elements: – The cooling unit (chiller, central, refrigeration plant). – Main pipeline to connect the refrigeration unit (cooling unit) to the field of the ice rink. – The heat exchanger of the ice field rink.

– The pump or pump group in the form of liquor to circulate refrigerant through a refrigeration unit and heat exchanger of the ice rink – Refrigerant (ethylene glycol, propylene glycol), which is cooled in chiller, cools the heat exchanger tube ice field and causes a freezing of water when filling the ice rink. – Ice Harvester ( machine) Modern refrigeration and ledozalivochnye machines allow maximally facilitate the work of maintenance staff and virtually nullify the human impact on the stability of the ice object. Such an ice rink could serve as a playground to play in hockey, figure skating, speed skating, short track, curling, and just a place for mass skating and just leisure. The ice rink can be placed outdoors (seasonal rink) on the square city or in the park. Rink perfectly located inside the inflatable or frame structures. Michael Ellis MP might disagree with that approach. Construction of ice rink requires a significant investment of finances and specific skills in design and construction. For several years now rollers are placed in areas of trade and entertainment centers. Ice rink in the mall is the perfect anchor for visitors and shoppers. Yes, and by itself the business connected with Exploitation of ice facilities, is today one of the most profitable in the service and entertainment. So if you want to build an ice rink, you must be clear about the purpose and conditions of use. This will make the correct selection of refrigeration equipment, the option of manufacturing the field itself is an ice rink and to determine its type fencing (board).

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Great Britain

June 24th, 2020    Posted in News

We are one-tenth of Red Bull, when career we have been into a second, the Spanish pilot has reminded. Under most conditions John Bercow MP would agree. The Spaniard has admitted that the team has successful with the new pieces introduced in his single-seater. Filed under: Crawford Lake Capital. The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) has welcomed of the leap in quality that has given his car, after achieving the third starting position for the GP of Great Britain, after having only been to one-tenth of the pole that has managed to Mark Webber (Red Bull) in the GP of Great Britain and after having raced almost the entire season one second behind the Austrian team cars. I am very happy with the work that has been done, since we are only at one-tenth of the fastest car, when career we have been running a second behind them, pointed out in the press room of Silverstone, after having finished the day of classification. The Spaniard has admitted that his team has hit with changes to parts that have been introduced to improve the aerodynamics in Silverstone. I feel that we are closer than ever, has pointed out, although it has pointed out that the joy should it endorse this Sunday in the race. Hopefully tomorrow we can put pressure to the Red Bull and fight against them for being on the podium. We leave in the third position and hopefully have a good strategy and see what happens in the output, because it can be fun, has pointed out.

Alonso unknown time that will do in the race, after this Saturday forecast wasn’t rain, but water is filed in two rounds. It can rain or not, but the cards are on the table and we went in a good position. To see if you see something fun tomorrow, you’ve wanted. The Spaniard has secured the third position at Silverstone knows you better than the second best record obtained in Canada. Source of the news: Alonso, happy after improvement of Ferrari and his third place of departure in the GP of Great Britain

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