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Supreme Cut

April 27th, 2021    Posted in News

That the Christians are not reference for creation of normal children. But couples gays now will be reference? in England for adoption and formation of the character of the children, therefore these live in an exemplary environment to the eyes of the Supreme Cut inglesa.2. That the Sacred Bible, that is main the responsible one for the Christian culture of morality, is the source of all disturbance of the moral, the order and the good customs, according to agreement of the Supreme Cut of England. With everything this, the ONU becomes the main antichristian agency in the world and, through its malignant Commission of Defense of the Human Rights, it is creating the New World-wide Order of Support to the Immorality, the Clutter and Bad behavior. God will have to move of opinion and if to fold ahead of the judges, legislators and thinkers of the present century. But who will compel God if to be silent ahead of these new laws?E who will dare to apply them against the proper Creator? Everything that God foresaw to happen in the end of the times already is happening.

It only remains in them to wait the Ravishment of the Church of Jesus Christ and to attend, of the sky, the chaos that will abate on this rebellious world, that is only the responsible one for the anger of God who will abate on this generation skeptic and perversa.3. The Christian Church, according to agreement of the Supreme English Cut, if summarizes to a flock of ignorant people and without none clarification, and that they cannot serve of reference some for the formation of character of the new generations. The Church of Jesus Christ is not more ' ' Light of the Mundo' ' When rejecting ' ' culture crist' ' as reference of moral standard and behavior, the members of the Advice of Human Rights of the ONU had disqualified the Biblical faith, had rejected the Bible Sacred as maximum authority of faith, moral and behavior, and had taxed the Christian of homofbica and disqualified classroom for any type of adoption in the United kingdom.

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September 14th, 2012    Posted in News

The necklace also is u mobile vestibule and is enough to place it in the soil to light a candle in the center of it and to offer it orix corresponding and owner to it of this necklace, to adentrarmos inside I circulate of it with the candle in our ankle and to clamarmos the Olorum and to the Orix owner of that necklace and to ask for that it unloads all the negative energies of our field, in them harmonizes and it balances in them, that in instants already we are with all our physical body and unloaded spiritual and our forces balanced and harmonized with the creation of our Creative The holy ghost Olorum. The guide spiritual is the only one that she knows to handle and to activate the resources of the necklace with 100% of cause knowledge, to put learns some meanings when the necklace used in is determined position in our body when the guide this incorporating. Let us see: Traditionally the necklace always is used in our neck and opened for front, thus creating all a protective field and opening of ticket and exchange of energies with the located forces our front. To put when the necklace is used in vertical line or perpendicularly, crossed in our body and opened for our left, in case that it is a necklace of Exu thus creates all a protective field and opening of ticket and exchange of energies with the located forces our left, where we pass to be unloaded depleted of all the situated negative energies in our field and we also pass to be loaded energy speaking of vitalizadoras and estimuladoras energies of our positive and virtuous actions. Why we place case is a necklace of Exu? Because to our left who prevails is the Orixs, Exu, Dove-Turn and same Exu-Mirim and existing other deities our left, in the Umbanda it is Exu that answers for all the forces and fields to the left.

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