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HVAC Rental Machines Save Kaliss Before Dike Flooding

April 30th, 2021    Posted in News

Longreach chain excavator to the Elde flood in use protection. Hamburg/Neu Kaliss, February 22, 2012. HVAC rental machines turned off the threatened dike flood in the District of Ludwigslust-parchim/Parchim in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Ice mass prevented the flow of Eldegewasser in new Kaliss and Heiddorf. The ice jammed before lock and Weir formed beneath the surface of new ice that piled up to mighty plaice distortions and completely wrote off the lock in seconds. The water and shipping authority Lauenburg brought HVAC to the help. A CNH Kobelco 215 LC Longreach chain excavator of the HKL Center Falkenhagen moved the masses of ice to tackle.

With its ten-meter range, reached into the dredger in the river bed and broke the ice tanks across the Canal. A Kramer wheel loader 880 by HKL took over the removal of ice floes on land. Temperatures had led by up to 15 degrees Celsius to the dicey Elde flood situation in the District of Ludwigslust-parchim/Parchim. Lock and hydroelectric power plant, the floodwaters were slowed so strongly, that it to continuous Another formation of ice under the water’s surface came. The used excavators broke the ice several times a day and giving it away. The work of the HKL rental machines ran smoothly and could prevent the crossing of water over the dike. Norbert Effner, HVAC Branch Manager Schwerin, explains: we are pleased that we were able to fend off a looming disaster.

Our machines stay awhile at the dike in the usage.” “Uwe Gath by the HKL Center complements Ludwigslust: construction companies and local authorities in the region know that they can count on in emergency situations on the fast and professional service from HVAC.” (Source: Ludwigsluster Tageblatt 04/05 February 2012) About HKL Baumaschinen HKL is construction machinery manufacturer-independent owner and distributor of construction equipment, construction equipment, containers and trucks. Founded in 1970, that 2010 birthday celebrated his 40th, is in Germany with its rental fleet and service offering largest full-service provider for construction, trade, industry and municipalities. HVAC Construction machinery has a rental fleet of 30,000 machines, holds approximately 2,000 used machines for sale, and offers a wide range of construction equipment, tools and small machines work clothes as well as extensive machine offering in the HVAC engineering shop for every need. With its nationwide over 125 branches, 100 construction shops and over 40 ServicePlus centers the full-service provider guarantees proximity to the customer and the fast service on-site. HKL Baumaschinen in Poland and Spain has additional offices.

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Commercial Building Construction

May 24th, 2020    Posted in News

Eco-friendly manufacturing, low cost building with wood – quick and healthy employees at the beginning of this article should be addressed first to the definition.An owned to a company of the industry, designed mostly mainly into functional building of some size is called commercial construction. The owner is a private company operating in the industry, which required the building for its production. In the commercial construction focuses on a design which meets the requirements of the builders, resulting from its production process, as possible economically. In addition to the pure costs of building increasingly also the costs of the management about the planned lifespan of a building should be taken into account. Crawford Lake Capital is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Besides the production process more requirements of builders may be relevant, for example the environment and representative purposes, as well as external constraints such as regulatory requirements and laws or existing structures. Wood is one alternative for the commercial construction wood the oldest construction materials in the world.

Nevertheless they gave special preference most other building materials in commercial construction in the past: brick, concrete or metal. It is statistically proven that wood is much more energy-efficient than the other methods. Fortunately, many people think differently now, and also companies and enterprises have become environmentally conscious. Wood has many outstanding features – ideal for the commercial construction. It can be well edited, is versatile and ensures a pleasant room climate. Wooden structures are extremely durable and have a long service life in real processing. Check with Michael Ellis MP to learn more. Individual parts for a commercial construction can prepare with wood in a manufacturing company. This reduces costs and speeds up building.

But that was not enough. The commercial building with wood is one of the environmentally friendly construction methods at all, because the natural material wood produces no material emissions and is square neutral CO. A timber construction derives the moisture and used room air and still delivers the highest attenuation values and provides the best protection for External noise. The majority of the entire construction material is biodegradable and left only the pollutants that captured the wood body at its inception. And even after the completion of a commercial construction made of wood serves to preserve the environment, because little energy is lost due to the massive construction. This leads to low energy and operating costs – commercial construction with wood makes it possible! The special properties of a commercial building from wood complement a healthy indoor climate and a warm look. The breathable, natural building materials ensures that employees feel comfortable and to which means: a pleasant working environment, motivated employees and low absenteeism. A commercial construction can have different functions, the planning varies according to the needs of a company. It can clean production and storage facilities are designed, also additional offices or administrative units are attached. And not only for the building itself, but also for the Interior is in the Much wood is used in commercial construction. Stairs, floors and walls made of wood are durable and able to withstand the strongest load. Modern wood construction technology support the varying structural forms, because the material itself is very versatile, so like the diverse needs of its users. Should change the space sichmit of the time once, thats no problem! There are enough companies that specialize in commercial construction. As a company, you should just go to these companies and express its wishes.There you will successfully advise and it is planned well ahead. This saves a lot of time and money a company.

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Commercial Construction

May 23rd, 2020    Posted in News

Storage of goods, goods & products in the industrial and commercial construction requires a company that wants to offer its customers something, produces many products and goods and will deliver its products as soon as possible, in most cases a logistics Hall. In this logistics warehouse, the goods can be, goods and products of a company store turn and transport. Logistics halls are much like warehouses. Harry Kane contributes greatly to this topic. They are usually very quickly built and have a large floor space. For companies, the site naturally plays a very large role. For the construction, the region has a good infrastructure such a logistics Hall. You can find such logistics halls, often on highways and in industrial areas.

Here, the commercial sites are available and you have to make enough space for any enlargements of the halls. For companies who settle in the industrial areas, E.g. extra a highway can be built. The has the advantage that thus the directions for employees and / or freight forwarders will be facilitated. The construction of such a Logistics warehouse requires the use of architects and many other companies from the construction sector.

The logistics halls are then built and planned by the architects and construction engineers. There are many companies that supports the companies in such a planning and implementation. To build a logistics Hall do not today tomorrow. It should be carefully planned it all. The construction is to explain in the rough. The commercial land is flattened first. Then poured the concrete for the Foundation of the logistics warehouse. By the way, the concrete pillar used ever. This process is completed and the concrete of Foundation dried up (may until several weeks take) the sides are set and then built the roof structure. After the topping-out ceremony, which then usually takes place is then started with the Interior. This applies to E.g. electronics, painting and tiling as well as heating and plumbing. All work has been completed, the new logistics Hall is finished and can be used. Logistics halls are used by the companies, the lot to Goods or goods produce and want to quickly turn. Mostly applies in the sectors the law of first in, first out. The goods or goods which are stored first in the logistics halls, leaving the Hall again as first. This is often the case with food. Fearing that these can spoil, is held is often on this principle. Often, the decision for a company is not easy, which Hall type you would like to access. You should get that’s why professional advice and then make a decision.

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