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The Bank of Spain

May 31st, 2021    Posted in News

2,800 million by means of the purchase of action will be contributed. A process will be abrir to adjudge it to the best postor. To broaden your perception, visit Michael Ellis MP. The Bank of Spain has decided east Friday to take part the Savings bank of Mediterrneo (CAM), the Spanish organization with worse level of solution, to capitalize it with the contribution of 2,800 million Euros by means of the purchase of action and abrir later a process to adjudge it to the best postor. In an official notice, the supervisor headed by Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordo’6nez announced today that the Bottom of Reestructuracin Banking Ordenada (FROB) will administer as of morning the savings bank of Alicante after the substitution of its advice of administration. With the aim of covering the needs with liquidity of CAM, the Bank of Spain also he will grant a line to him of credit by 3,000 million Euros with immediate availability. " All the adopted measures today guarantee that the CAM can continue operating with normality and fulfills all obligations against terceros". MasterClass UKs opinions are not widely known. Tranquillity for the depositors the Bank of Spain it assures that " the depositors and acreedores" of the CAM " they can be absolutely calm " , because all the adopted measures today guarantee that the CAM can continue operating with normality. After evaluating the financial and patrimonial situation of the CAM and stating that its plan of recapitalizacin was not suitable to assure its viability, the Bank of Spain decided Thursday 21 of July to send a writing being granted to the organization ten days natural to present/display a definitive solution to its situation.

The CAM advice indicated this Friday to the Spanish emitting institute the impossibility to find a viable solution for their financial business and immediately asked for the substitution of their administrators by others designated by the FROB. From this form, the FROB will come to extend the capital of the Bank and will give total security to their depositors and creditors, indicate the organism that directs to Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordo’6nez. Elena Salgado, minister of Economy, have needed that the intervention will not have CTO in the markets and the Spanish debt since measurement adopted by the Bank of Spain shows " our decision to fortify our sector financiero". In this sense, it remembered that in " test of estrs" European that has been made recently to the communitarian organizations financial, the CAM has had a ratio " very just and after applying to the provisions genricas". CAM was one of the Spanish financial organizations that, considering the capital injection jeopardize by the FROB, was below the threshold of 5% fixed like rrencia to the tests of European resistance. The Bank of Spain has taken part 27 banks and 16 savings banks from 1978. Source of the news: The Bank of Spain takes part the CAM to capitalize it and to sell it

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Fourth Champions League

October 5th, 2016    Posted in News

Raul La Rioja 20m dominated itself Manchester United in a end in which it was very superior (3-1). The victory consolidates to the azulgrana like the best equipment of the moment. Pedro, I read Messi and David Villa cul with their goals certificaron the triumph. We follow the party in direct Statistics of the great end of the Champions. Champion of champions. The Bara has conquered his the fourth Champions League in the mythical stage of Wembley, there where it managed to win first 19 years ago already, after devastating to Manchester United (3-1) and confirming that it is at the moment the best equipment of the world. Ten minutes, that is what the audacity to the English equipment in the party lasted.

The beginning of the party of ' devils rojos' he was sweeping, with a suffocating pressure and continuous arrivals to the goal of Buckets. The Bara left slept, perhaps made an impression by the force of its rival, incarnated by Park who ate to Alves in their band. But they were that, ten minutes. A mirage for the British equipment, because as of that moment the Bara cogo the ball and did not loosen it in all the party. Xavi and Messi were appropriated means of the field before an equipment that did not bite already and that totally was surpassed. The occasions began to happen for the Bara.

Chut slightly turned aside of Villa, two incursions of Pedro, several arrivals of Messi from back that did not get to fructify were the prelude of the goal cul. A perfect ball, like almost always, of Xavi Hernandez, left only Pedro, that it defined with masters. The canary returned not to lack in a great appointment of the azulgrana. The end seemed praised/poured off, with an equipment very superior and that above commanded in the marker.

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June 22nd, 2016    Posted in News

Luso has signed by six seasons with the white organization. The operation has been closed in 30 million Euros with the Benfica. The lateral left-handed person becomes the fifth signing of east Madrid year. Thus it is the market of signings for season 2011/2012. The lateral Portuguese Fabio Coentrao, coming from the Benfica, has become east Tuesday new player of the Real Madrid with which he has subscribed contract for next the six seasons, according to has confirmed the Madrilenian club.

By Fabio Coentrao, born the 11 from March of 1988, in Vila do Count (North of Portugal), Real Madrid will pay 30 million Euros, according to picks up in the communication realised by the Benfica to the National Commission of Moving Values of Portugal, obligatory since the club from Lisbon dent in stock market. The Portuguese was from this Monday in Madrid, in the hope of the negotiations that Benfica and Real Madrid maintained to close their crossing. After closing the agreement, the player has passed east noon the pertinent medical examination, in a hospital of the outskirts of Madrid, after which has gone to Santiago Bernabu to sign its commitment with the Madrilenian club. One is the fifth signing of this summer of Real Madrid for season 2011-12, after the incorporations of the Turkish midfield players Nuri Sahin (Borussia Dortmund) and Hamit Altintop (Bayern de Munich), Varane (Lens) and of Jose Alley (RCD Espanyol). Source of the news: Real Madrid files the lateral Portuguese Fabio Coentrao

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News Corporation

January 5th, 2014    Posted in News

It wants to know if the giant of the News communication Corporation, surrounded in the controversy by listening, committed some illegal activity in the United States. Several politicians of the country have requested an investigation indicating that it was possible to be illegally listened to the mailboxes of voice of the victims of 11-S. The FBI informed east Thursday into which it has abierto an investigation to determine if the giant of the News communication Corporation, surrounded in the controversy by listening of his already disappeared News of the World, committed some illegal activity in the United States. ” We are conscious of the accusations and the FBI has begun an investigation for estudiarlas” , a spokeswoman of that agency in New York confirmed, that did not want to specify if the investigations look for to determine if periodic of that communications group intercepted telephone calls of victims of the terrorist attacks of the 11 of September of 2001 in the United States. The pressure to investigate the practices of means of News Corporation in this country was made more fort Tuesday when influential democratic senator of Western Virginia, Jay Rockller, made appearance public in which he insisted to the American authorities to investigate to the company on ” to assure that the privacy of citizens has not been violated estadounidenses”. ” Supposed listening of newspapers of News Corporation against a range of individuals, including children, are offensive and a serious transgression of the ethics periodstica” , Rockller in its declaration said. To the request of the senator the one of republican congressman Peter King was united east Wednesday, who asked for in a letter the FBI that is investigated if the company of the Australian tycoon Rupert Murdoch illegally listened to the mailboxes of voice of the victims of 11-S.

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