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Anticrisis Currency

January 13th, 2017    Posted in News

Here in Mexico, since I can remember (and stating that a few years are no longer that I have to remember) we have had economic crises. Frequent devaluations. Persistent price increases. Nothing desirable, but present with everything and accompanied by bitterness. We already had quite a few years without seeing a significant devaluation of our weight. Although the recent has not been one big, yes it is noticeable and affects the family budget. The weight is devalued these days at least one twenty per cent. If we have learned anything it is the ease with which currencies lose their value from one day to another! Why does it occur so? You reader, if he has had the privilege of cashing your check product of sweat from his forehead and has at the moment a ticket in your pocket, I ask you please remove it and examine it carefully.

See it. Be 20 pesos. Or 50, 100, 200, 500 or even 1,000. Attaches to being mere paper? How much is this bit of paper worth? If it were coins, we would be talking about nickel, stainless steel and in some cases copper, these metals not precious and therefore of little value. The value of the currency, including the U.S. dollar, is merely an illusion based on the perception of the users of the money. If a person believes that it may acquire in the future goods and services desired with your currency, then continue striving to that currency. When trust disappears for any reason, users of money change to the currency you perceive will yield them the greatest value.

It is then when we have a scene of devaluation. The important point is to possess a strong devaluation-proof coin. Resistant to perceptions, or better said, that always is perceived strong regardless of accidents of the bags of values and public and private finance.

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July 25th, 2013    Posted in News

EDUARDO DE ONTANON (1904-1949) already some time ago that emerging singers of Madrid, the capital of glory poets. It begins to be sung in front, profile, on all four sides. As befits the city of the democratic world, fled suddenly with the most erect flags of heroism that has taken Europe. Ontanon Eduardo. Spain time (October, 1938). THE voice of the inspired poet BURGALeS has the journalist, Narrator, essayist and art critic Mada Carreno that, when he began working on the drafting of working class world met her future husband Eduardo de Ontanon, burgales journalist, that soon it would be destined to Valencia to lead the newspaper truth, which she was reporter. In 1938 they married, in the autumn of that year he collaborates in Spain time. From Valencia they moved by sea to Barcelona.

In the first months of 1939 they embarked on the path of exile, first in France, then in England and later in Mexico. A labour Lord had received on his farm in Eaton Hasting, a group of Spaniards, among them Eduardo Ontanon, Pedro Garfias. Claimed by her husband went to England, where again returned both to the South of France, for the trip to Mexico in the mythical Sinaia French ship that sailed from Sete on 25 May 1939 and arrived in Veracruz on June 13, transporting more than 1. 600 Spanish Republicans. On that journey was published the first newspaper in exile: Sinaia, which was distributed free of charge in the expedition. The inspired poet, novelist, essayist, journalist, editor and bookseller Eduardo Ontanon Lebantini was born in Burgos on February 13, 1904 and died in Madrid on September 20, 1949. The son of a journalist, at age thirteen, already published poems in the newspaper that his father directed. In 1920 it starts his collaborations in the Spanish journal of Havana. In 1923 he creates avant-garde magazine parable, in which Francisco Ayala, Gerardo Diego, Cesar M.

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