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Language Phrases

August 6th, 2015    Posted in News

The language of each country, forming, and then developing, saturated idiom that is stable with words or phrases that have become so-called stereotypes. Distinguishes the idioms that they do not change use. For example, the phrase 'iron will' know absolutely everything and is used to describe a person with a solid temperament. But the phrase – steel door identifies the type of material making concrete products, therefore, is not sustainable. Private, anoint 'winged', the expressions used in different languages. And their semantic load is identical.

A large number of idioms borrowed computer subjects in Russian language than English. There is computer slang dictionary, which includes more than 1,6 thousand lexical items. In recent years in the business communication are present unusual Ukrainian layman phrases such as 'Site Layout', 'optimization', on-line meeting and many others. It is very difficult to translate the figurative expressions, which are elements of folklore. This is evidenced by an English translation following proverb: 'Woman with a cart – the mare is easier.

" As a result, the English language meaning can be: 'When the lady leaves the vehicle, it accelerated significantly easier. " And, frankly, it is always possible select analog. Translated idiom (cliche) – a selection of equivalent phrases in the language. Also, in some cases can be used interchangeably. In order to facilitate the work of translators, there are specialized dictionaries and reference materials, though, even with excellent knowledge of the literary language translation of phraseology at all times considered difficult. Proverbs translate a little easier, because with their help formulate a concrete idea. At the same time – they are the postulates that do not contain subtext. When there is an opportunity to complete the transaction through the use of an analog of another language, use two techniques – narrative and tracing. At the dawn of its activities translators are usually inclined to tracing, ie, exact (literal) translation of the document while preserving the style and lexical features of the original. Descriptive same translation is a lengthy explanation (often using examples) the semantic load phrases or sentences. For example, the phrase 'to climb into the bottle' can be explained as follows: to make stupid act, to start a dispute, to show fiery temper. At the time of transfer of meaning of the phrase is interpreted as the expression itself and remains for speakers of other languages than something abstract. But sometimes, some specialists are successfully convey the ideas embedded in idioms, using only descriptive translation. And this in turn requires an excellent knowledge of the source language and target language, as well as possession of ingenuity and flexibility of mind. The translators of the highest qualifications memorize phrases analogs, which include idioms and native and foreign languages. This technique is the most time-consuming, but it and most reliable. Translation of idioms and aphorisms is creative process and requires the ability to seek out the necessary comparisons and expressions for the preservation of true semantic load of the source text. From all the above it is clear that the cost of translation of text containing idioms in a large volume, of course, is always higher than the cost of a typical transfer

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Spoken English For Beginners

July 28th, 2015    Posted in News

English today is in demand as never before, so many want to learn it. Spoken English for beginners – this is the minimum required, which will fully communicate in a foreign language at foreign trip, to understand foreign speech during business negotiations. English is traditionally taught in small groups, for example, in groups of three – five people. That is the number of students will be personality oriented and allow students to take certain necessary speaking skills. And in a group may be pupils of different ages. The technique of such a classical language learning allows you to teach conversational English is available for beginners. The course will include topics on the basics of building the English language, according to the peculiarities of its phonetics.

Beginners learn get all the necessary knowledge and skills in the learning process. Classical technique is traditionally constructed step by step. The contents of English language training included all aspects of language. This conversation, and writing, and reading, listening. All those who only proceed to study a foreign language, removing the need psychological barrier that prevents effective learning language. Language courses in small groups according to traditional methods can remove the existing language barrier that ensures the success of students in English language proficiency. Spoken English for beginners is very important, who teaches language: native speakers or teachers, for whom English is foreign, as well as for students. Today it is fashionable to language teaching foreigners, the native speaker.

This, of course, creates certain advantages. But it seems that the trend in Russia is temporary, since the Russian Teachers will be able to draw analogies with the Russian language, which allows comparison of various linguistic phenomena in different languages to learn them. This understanding is important to reach it in the early stages of language learning, because without understanding study of linguistic phenomena turn into a mindless rote learning that will be no good wishing to learn English. In contrast, active surveillance for foreign language through the prism of their own language with the Russian teacher will allow novice students to quickly understand some of the trends of language, the principles of phonetics and grammatiki.Vse components of the English language, his writing and speaking are learned faster and better. In addition to classical methods of teaching English in small groups, there are other methods. For example, you can try to learn the language in on-line, which gives a sufficiently large and rapid effects. Conversational English for beginners Conversational English for Beginners presented to sites on the Internet where you can and try your hand. Moreover, online courses are universal. They may come not only beginners, but also support the existing knowledge of English at the website visitors. Computer programs are harmoniously and quickly will learn the language they are comfortable to use, because they contain dictionaries of different levels, which are part of the program. One click of the mouse and the program will allow both read the word, hear it and see its translation. With such an online method of learning the English language begins studying it saves time. Accumulate vocabulary – an important component of language. Interactive mode is used in this technique allows the beginner student to return to trouble spots, feeding program teams, develop their capabilities. Good luck in learning English!

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