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Bizerba Presents The PC-scale Of K-class Classic Edition On The Suffa

September 8th, 2016    Posted in News

The latest generation of PC scales K-class generates superior and sustainable growth of Balingen, October 2009 many consumers want to protect their health and place more value on high-quality and healthy food. Their need for advice is high, increasingly ask for origin and ingredients or interested in cooking methods. You trust particularly dealer and his competent advice. They are also willing to spend more money. The technology manufacturer Bizerba has taken up this trend very early and supports the craft and trade K-class with its new PC scales series. On the Suffa in Stuttgart, the company presents the entry-level model: the K-class Classic Edition. This scale combines all essential retail tasks such as cradles, cashing, advertising, printing and consulting in a solution.

The PC scales can be expanded later more easily in their functionality and represents as a good investment in the future. Grow, so the claims of the customer the K-class classic edtion grows just\”explained Klaus D. My sales director retail Germany the new entry level PC scale offers the Balingen company as a tripod or console version. Both versions allow both individually adapted to customer requirements and easily integrate into existing systems. You have an ergonomic, intuitive, and flexible 10.4 inch operator touch screen that can be designed to meet individual customer requirements.

A second, aligned to the buyer down, 7-inch monochrome TFT screen makes for a brilliant display of advertising with images, sales promotion campaigns, consumer information, or additional purchase recommendations. Optionally, the customer display in colour can be supplied. For further requirements for ergonomics, functionality and multi media capability, Bizerba offers the K-high product family. They supported in particular the representation of video files on the server – as well as on the client side; This also on the optional, 12.1 \” large customer display. Due to the PC scales, Bizerba offers the modular, lizenzpflichte software retail framework.

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July 17th, 2015    Posted in News

Do you love coffee aromatic moments by pressing a key? Then you are not or only in Deutschland.Dass 2008 average 148 litres of coffee per capita were drinking more is no novelty. Despite the economic crisis, save the Germans not to coffee and enjoy him even slightly more than in previous years. Coffee belongs to the everyday life and pleased with young people in ever greater Beliebtheit.Um morning correctly on the legs to come, 83 percent already need a first cup of caffeinated beverage. You know, when can the coffee filter suddenly go out and you do not enjoy your beloved coffee? Or you are still half asleep and pour the ground coffee when filling in addition? This will no longer happen to you with a coffee maker. Coffee machines produce a super delicious-tasting coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato by pressing a key in a matter of seconds, cocoa, etc. have the choice between a coffee bean grinder and a soluble coffee coffee machine coffee connoisseurs.

Push of a button begins to grind the machine to BREW and fresh foam cup for Cup. You need no cold black broth more pour into the drain and throw away also no wet coffee filter more. A coffee machine will make your eyes and also guarantees that your colleagues shine. Your business partners will be amazed about the quick operation and wide range of coffee specialities. Such an all-rounder ‘ will inspire and your work are you with security more easily by hand.

Surprise your boss if he wants a cup of coffee the next time. Because in the blink of an eye it will on his table and certainly twice as delicious taste than usual. You can delete words such as fatigue, listlessness and headaches from your vocabulary.Make a pleasure and with a coffee machine, ensure a pleasant and relaxed work environment. The company Mr. Milli is a wholesale trade for coffee machines, slush ice cream and soft serve ice cream machines. Customers will also receive fill goods such as coffee beans, espresso beans, milk powder, cocoa, slush ice syrup, cups, Los Crachos and finished cocktails. Professional advertising to sales support are offered for all concepts. The maintenance and repair of a hand are available on request. Contact: Mr. Milli Tobias Melle in the Act 2 98528 Suhl GERMANY phone: 03681 354707 fax: 03681-354737 E-mail: our video on YouTube:

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