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The Aurlio Dictionary

March 15th, 2016    Posted in News

In this conception of Open Education one perceives that it has ampler dimension of what it is Education in the distance, therefore engloba the participants of a process of construction of knowledge in virtual spaces and that they use the miditicas tools in synchronous or asynchronous times. THE EDUCATION IN THE DISTANCE AND THE TECHNOLOGIES The Education is known in the distance that – EAD essentially has its bases in the use of the Technologies of the Information and Communication – TICs; what it physically becomes distant the contact between professor and pupil. However, it is considered that the interaction dialectic occurs normally. Traditionally, the learning environments are tied with the education, endowed with multimedia tools, that are instruments that mediatizam the relationship professor/pupil. In reason of this, the TICs if makes gifts in virtual courses.

In this direction it is pertinent to question what Technology can be considered? The Aurlio Dictionary (1999) defines technology as ' ' set of knowledge, especially scientific principles, that if apply to one definitive branch of atividade' '. The intellectual technologies are defined by Levy (1999, p.157) as being ' ' the dynamic memories, objectified in digital documents or available programs in rede' '. The author detaches despite the EAD explores certain techniques specific, including the hipermdias, the interactive nets of communication and all the intellectual technologies of the cibercultura. The new technologies in education are defined by Masetto (2000) as the use of computer science, the computer, the Internet, the CD-ROM, the hipermdia, the multimedia, and other tools come back toward Education in the distance, for example: chats, group or fruns of quarrel, e-mail etc. The author believes that the TICs can collaborate significantly stops to become the more efficient and efficient educative process. However, he is valid to reflect the incorporation of the technologies in the educational way in the one of development interactive actions that facilitate collective the individual growth/of pupils; after all, a course in EAD estimates the wakening of initiative, possibility of flexibility and the autonomy of the citizen.

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The Psicopedagogia

March 15th, 2016    Posted in News

Since in the assistencial character, psicopedagogo participates of responsible teams for the elaboration of plans and projects in practical the theoretical context/of the educational politics, making with that the professors, directors and coordinators can rethink the paper of the school front its docncia and to the individual necessities of learning of the child or, of proper ensinagem' '. BOSSA (1994, p 23). The Psicopedagogia already comes with great success acting in the diverse Institutions, is schools, hospitals and companies. The learning must be looked at as the activity of individuals or human groups, that by means of the incorporation of information and the development of experiences, promote steady modifications in the personality and the group dynamics which revert in the instrumental handling of the reality. 2.1 THE SUPPORT OF THE FAMILY IN THE PROCESS OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE CHILD The family plays a primordial role in the process of learning of the pupils, therefore many times the parents do not want to enxergar the child with its difficulties. The bond affective it is primordial for the good development of the child. The psicopedaggica performance if considers to include the parents in the process of development of its children, for intermediary of meetings and making possible the accompaniment of the work carried through next to the professors.

The parents when they place its children in the school desire that they are successful and therefore when this desire is not become fullfilled as waited, appear the frustration, friction many times the child as incapable, appearing consequentemente the difficulties in the learning. According to Polity (2000), a child can give up the accepted school because an emotional responsibility, puting in charge well-taken care of it of some member of the family. This if produces, in reply to the depression of the mother and the lack of emotional availability of the father who, in unconscious way, ratifies the necessity that has the wife, that to its it takes care of it son.

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Integral Method

March 12th, 2016    Posted in News

INTEGRAL METHOD: The communication as main approach Eliane Cerqueira Dos Santos. 1 Euclia de Jesus Hisses. 2 Marise Borges Blacksmith. 3 Tatiana lid Dos Santos Birth. 4 INTRODUCTION Aquiline Sanchez (2005, P. 665) defines method in the following way: El enseanza of lenguas ha there corporate method en since siempre un central subject. Habitual Ha been y sigue siendo en los testimonies on el aprendizaje of lenguas, to hacer reference I join it u otro mejor method as el the camino peor to cheat teaching objective los the learning.

When leading in consideration this concept of Sanchez (2005, p.665) must be perceived the emphatical way which the author makes parallels between the use of different methods in the practical professor. In accordance with Sanchez (1997) ' ' Los exchanges en general somewhat circumstantial sound al hombre' '. In this direction the author calls the attention for constant capacity human being to adapt changes, thus understands that the presented metodolgicas modifications in the educational scope are not considered harmful, them to it must occur of form necessary better to take care of to its target: the society. The different educational metodolgicas structures appear to each time where the society possesss a new necessity in its half one. As Blanca Aguirre Beltrn (2005, p.643) in the present time we must take in consideration the following fact: ' ' From 60 aos los del pasado siglo if produce joins series of deep exchanges politicians, economic y sociales, as as notables you advance of wools sciences del lenguaje' '. With this affirmation the author considers new methods for the new educational trends.

More to follow the same one she complements giving emphasis to a perspective where the market of work and its demands are the main chain that makes mention until then new metodolgica search. together con el of basic communicative ability, han happened of manera en prcticas current wools concepciones y aplicaciones en el woollen landmark del communicative approach enseanza of lenguas, y that constituyen el object of this exposicin: el anlisis of necesidades y el resume. In accordance with this vision the market of work and its necessity to communicate itself, charges of its professionals the perfectioning in the area of the study of languages in scientific way academic, for one better development in the performance area it its professional. For Sanchez (apud Richards and Rodgers, 1986, p.15) the methodologies are directly on to one ' ' desenho' '. In it they are contained: ' ' objectives; seleccin y organizacin of materiales professors; activities required for el method; committed y responsibilities of alumnos los; committed y responsibilities of los profesores y committed y funcin of materiales' ' , it is in this perspective that appears then on the vision of the Aquiline theoretician Sanchez on a new method that contains in itself especificidades characterize that it as something integrator characteristic this that of the name to the method: Integral. The necessity of the use of methods and methodologies in the educational way in our history comes being cultuada since the time of the arrival of the Portuguese in our territory. During 500 years of history diverse techniques already had been more than developed, perfected others, amongst the methods of perfectioning in the education of languages, appear the Integral method having as main approach the communication. This used boarding already in a method previously teorizado (Communicative Method) comes bringing in its essence a new practical roupagem.

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Industrial Revolution

November 15th, 2015    Posted in News

The production and development of new models of machinery in the first two decades of the nineteenth century facilitated the manufacture and other industries also increased their production. So in the industrial revolution increased the amount of products and decrease the time in which these are carried out, giving way to mass production because it simplifies complex tasks into several simple operations that can make any worker without it is skilled labor, and thus lower production costs and increase the number of units produced under the same fixed cost. The birth of the industry through science and technology, the peasant did happen to be the servants of the king and the feudal. To be a factory worker. One employee, a laborer. Does this benefit the workers? NO! Because if you look at the issue, the machines make the products manufactured in series, thousands and thousands of products. Therefore the work of paid workers is worse, worse paid. In short, the mass merchandise, devalues the work of the worker.

If it is as the worker becomes a commodity. Bought at the market with the name of employment. Orlando magnum 4. Capitalism: this system enables operators to rapidly enrich the factories to the owners thereof. The fruit of labor of workers, remained in the hands of the new capitalists.

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World Around

September 20th, 2015    Posted in News

Anyone turning out to adults, began to study the world at a significant level. Little baby explores the world around us as their family grows up, gets in your yard, kindergarten, school environment, at summer vacation is leaving the village to the grandmother or summer camp. Any of these steps may be essential to his life and personality development. A small man with every new experience is aware that the world around much broader than he himself sees it. However, even the grown-up member of society, who notices that the world is much more than his own town or state, has always felt a sort of intellectual impact when he came to another state. After all, what was discovered only at the level of short stories, is real. For the student of the university is living and studying abroad this opportunity is not considered only understand the world around consists of individuals who look at life quite completely different, but also learn a cultural life, another world view.

It is believed that in order to grow, you must see itself the outcome of development. And there’s nothing better than to go to a country where acceptable not only to get acquainted with foreign cultures, different personalities, different lifestyles, but at the same time and a lot of money. Special programs that give students an opportunity not only to visit an unknown country as tourists, and in addition, and at some time truly live and work in the power, are especially significant in the present situation. People who were able to get through this fine academy life, always able to see the nuances of the mentality of the inhabitants of another country, another culture. Consequently, in a state to find a common language with the support of other cultures. Students are increasingly turning their attention to different kinds of youth programs, student exchange, study and work in other states. Traveling abroad – it’s really an outstanding event and a chance to legally work and earn a decent – a real gift for every student. One of the most popular at the moment is the Au Pair in Kiev, thanks to thousands of students worldwide learn and improve various foreign languages directly in the direct carrier of such language, travel, finding a lot of friends.

And without exception it – without the high financial costs and, in addition to satisfaction. If you are young, vigorous, want to explore the world, correct knowledge of foreign languages and may come in the future in some institution of higher education in Europe or the usa – then directly to youth programs, education and cultural exchange – the optimum solution for you personally. Huge opportunities for self-creation of his career from scratch, and a large amount of new knowledge and feelings – is the international youth program. And this is a unique opportunity, which is required to use today!

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Language Phrases

August 6th, 2015    Posted in News

The language of each country, forming, and then developing, saturated idiom that is stable with words or phrases that have become so-called stereotypes. Distinguishes the idioms that they do not change use. For example, the phrase 'iron will' know absolutely everything and is used to describe a person with a solid temperament. But the phrase – steel door identifies the type of material making concrete products, therefore, is not sustainable. Private, anoint 'winged', the expressions used in different languages. And their semantic load is identical.

A large number of idioms borrowed computer subjects in Russian language than English. There is computer slang dictionary, which includes more than 1,6 thousand lexical items. In recent years in the business communication are present unusual Ukrainian layman phrases such as 'Site Layout', 'optimization', on-line meeting and many others. It is very difficult to translate the figurative expressions, which are elements of folklore. This is evidenced by an English translation following proverb: 'Woman with a cart – the mare is easier.

" As a result, the English language meaning can be: 'When the lady leaves the vehicle, it accelerated significantly easier. " And, frankly, it is always possible select analog. Translated idiom (cliche) – a selection of equivalent phrases in the language. Also, in some cases can be used interchangeably. In order to facilitate the work of translators, there are specialized dictionaries and reference materials, though, even with excellent knowledge of the literary language translation of phraseology at all times considered difficult. Proverbs translate a little easier, because with their help formulate a concrete idea. At the same time – they are the postulates that do not contain subtext. When there is an opportunity to complete the transaction through the use of an analog of another language, use two techniques – narrative and tracing. At the dawn of its activities translators are usually inclined to tracing, ie, exact (literal) translation of the document while preserving the style and lexical features of the original. Descriptive same translation is a lengthy explanation (often using examples) the semantic load phrases or sentences. For example, the phrase 'to climb into the bottle' can be explained as follows: to make stupid act, to start a dispute, to show fiery temper. At the time of transfer of meaning of the phrase is interpreted as the expression itself and remains for speakers of other languages than something abstract. But sometimes, some specialists are successfully convey the ideas embedded in idioms, using only descriptive translation. And this in turn requires an excellent knowledge of the source language and target language, as well as possession of ingenuity and flexibility of mind. The translators of the highest qualifications memorize phrases analogs, which include idioms and native and foreign languages. This technique is the most time-consuming, but it and most reliable. Translation of idioms and aphorisms is creative process and requires the ability to seek out the necessary comparisons and expressions for the preservation of true semantic load of the source text. From all the above it is clear that the cost of translation of text containing idioms in a large volume, of course, is always higher than the cost of a typical transfer

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Spoken English For Beginners

July 28th, 2015    Posted in News

English today is in demand as never before, so many want to learn it. Spoken English for beginners – this is the minimum required, which will fully communicate in a foreign language at foreign trip, to understand foreign speech during business negotiations. English is traditionally taught in small groups, for example, in groups of three – five people. That is the number of students will be personality oriented and allow students to take certain necessary speaking skills. And in a group may be pupils of different ages. The technique of such a classical language learning allows you to teach conversational English is available for beginners. The course will include topics on the basics of building the English language, according to the peculiarities of its phonetics.

Beginners learn get all the necessary knowledge and skills in the learning process. Classical technique is traditionally constructed step by step. The contents of English language training included all aspects of language. This conversation, and writing, and reading, listening. All those who only proceed to study a foreign language, removing the need psychological barrier that prevents effective learning language. Language courses in small groups according to traditional methods can remove the existing language barrier that ensures the success of students in English language proficiency. Spoken English for beginners is very important, who teaches language: native speakers or teachers, for whom English is foreign, as well as for students. Today it is fashionable to language teaching foreigners, the native speaker.

This, of course, creates certain advantages. But it seems that the trend in Russia is temporary, since the Russian Teachers will be able to draw analogies with the Russian language, which allows comparison of various linguistic phenomena in different languages to learn them. This understanding is important to reach it in the early stages of language learning, because without understanding study of linguistic phenomena turn into a mindless rote learning that will be no good wishing to learn English. In contrast, active surveillance for foreign language through the prism of their own language with the Russian teacher will allow novice students to quickly understand some of the trends of language, the principles of phonetics and grammatiki.Vse components of the English language, his writing and speaking are learned faster and better. In addition to classical methods of teaching English in small groups, there are other methods. For example, you can try to learn the language in on-line, which gives a sufficiently large and rapid effects. Conversational English for beginners Conversational English for Beginners presented to sites on the Internet where you can and try your hand. Moreover, online courses are universal. They may come not only beginners, but also support the existing knowledge of English at the website visitors. Computer programs are harmoniously and quickly will learn the language they are comfortable to use, because they contain dictionaries of different levels, which are part of the program. One click of the mouse and the program will allow both read the word, hear it and see its translation. With such an online method of learning the English language begins studying it saves time. Accumulate vocabulary – an important component of language. Interactive mode is used in this technique allows the beginner student to return to trouble spots, feeding program teams, develop their capabilities. Good luck in learning English!

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Emilia Blacksmith

January 3rd, 2013    Posted in News

Almost a century later, around 1980, Brazil passes for plus a conceptual and social transformation. The construtivista thought, happened of the result of the research on psicognese of the written language, carried through for the Argentine researcher Emilia Blacksmith, estria one to look at more sharpened on the alfabetizao process. The pupils start to be citizens of the education, constructing its learning. The construtivismo more brings new routes for the education, becoming it human being and approaching the daily knowledge of, becoming it practical and the useful one. The pupil starts to all have more practical influence on in classroom, being the center of the learning process. According to Fernando Becker, 1992: The idea of that nothing, the severity, he is ready, finished, and of that, specifically, the knowledge is not given, in no instance, as something finished. It consists of the interaction of the individual with the social environment and, with the human symbolism, the world of the social relations; if constitutes of force of its action and not of any previous endowment, in the hereditary luggage or the way, in such way that we can affirm that before the action does not have psiquismo nor conscience and, much less, thought.

(p.88) the construtivismo, therefore, is a theory, a set of ideas of an unsatisfied society with the routes of the education. A change of position ahead of the knowledge and the human being. It is the search for the knowledge through its construction interaction. Fernando Becker, apud Piaget, 1992: The relations between the citizen and its half one consist of a radical interaction, in way such that the conscience does not start for the knowledge of objects nor for the one of the activity of the citizen, but for a indiferenciado state; is of this state that derives two complementary movements, one of incorporation of the things to the citizen, the other of room to the proper things.

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Sigmund Freud

December 28th, 2012    Posted in News

The philosophers German Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) and Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) had started to more place some details in the models of souls or the minds, becoming them then well more complex of he was obtained what it with racionalistas and empiristas of centuries XVII and XVIII. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) crowned this way. With it, definitively we leave of side the image of ' ' eu' ' according to model of the modern thought. The psychoanalysis, with Freud to the front, said that ' ' eu' ' or same ' ' sujeito' ' , as the case? ' ' he was not Sir in its proper casa' '. ' ' ego' ' it would not have to be able of independent decision, exactly in its home, that is, in the mental field. They would coexist ' ' ego' ' other instances, whose forces would finish for giving to the last word in good part of the decisions and human acts. It was not treated more than seeing in them, when of our effective states of conflicts with we ourselves, under the fight ' ' reason versus paixo' '. Nor it was more the case only to speak in conflicts.

' ' eu' ' he had been recriado in order to have compartments, losing its homogeneity. The independent individual or the citizen had left to have a not problematic unit. The auto-transparency of ' ' eu' ' it was revoked. We, men women of century XX, we do not stop very to think if Freud was or not correct. Or better, until we made this, but such evaluation did not determine our theoretical choices. When we open the eyes, already we were all speaking as Freud taught in them. We incorporate our vocabulary a series of words of the psychoanalysis. We place in our language, exactly most common, the theories that had taken in them to an image well more complex of we ourselves of what that one produced in modernity.

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