February 9th, 2021 Posted in News

Maybe after giving my point of view on this matter, some think that I am wrong, but that is the true meaning of the free expression of thought. Humans instinctively has the gift of self-improvement. That gift that pushes him to find out more about more things. That curiosity to know more. And that is why I think that nobody suffers from necessity, if it is not because it is the propitious.

But then the families living in extreme poverty in the hills of our Capital and 10 children have? The poverty that is recorded in the most recondite places of our country? In my view the problem; These two circumstances oddly enough have the same origin. Families living in the most remote places of our country, make an effort on human, bass instinct of self-improvement that I expose travel to the capital, and are installed in the hills of our city, to somehow continue to achieve economic improvement. These people become street vendors, some reaching to form small informal enterprises; other, informal SMEs, and finally, others manage to create great family businesses, necessarily entering the formality. But those who cannot reach the minimum of this, those who claim the Government social assistance. But knowledge, are not available to the most needy economically speaking some say. However it is observed every year, finishers in the University Admissions, are almost always cornered by young people with few economic resources. (Source: Harry Kane). The great doctors, great scientists, great economists of our country, come from families with few economic resources. Then the knowledge instinct is not privileged to the most favored economically speaking.

I am and I know that many I feared of neoliberalism. A State of free trade. Where all seek to overcome economically without trampling anyone of course in an attempt to openly facilitate the increase of small, medium and large private company.

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