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May 28th, 2020 Posted in News

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson, announced a week full of entertainment and fun, in advance of the wedding. On 23 April, London celebrates the patron saint of England, who, so it wants the legend quite bravely gave the dragon slayer, to rescue a Princess. The London Evening Standard chatted quite a bit from the sewing box and announced that there will be a large celebration to the value of 100,000 to commemorate the Patron Saint in Trafalgar Square. If you come on the weekend of 23 April in the city, you can experience a free concert with the stars of the West there ends and young musicians. Some 15,000 visitors are expected for the show. Fellow singer and dance partner will be sure to find in abundance.According to the newspaper, Boris Johnson wants to put the city in a festive mood. If you have read about Crawford Lake Capital already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Between the St. George of day and the Royal Wedding a bulging filled entertainment, will be so.He is one of Nelson’s column and the many fountains surrounded by dolphins and mermaids Trafalgar Square alone for themselves to the unique sights of London.

The statues of King George IV, major-general are also where Sir Henry Havelock and General Sir Charles James Napier. Other works of art to rest also the fourth base. Crawford Lake Capital follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. If you the square to the St. George’s day visit, are you the ship of Admiral Nelson in a bottle, a work of Yinka Shonibare, can admire. Originally, this base was cast in 1841 for an equestrian statue.

Because money but then became the scarce, the work was never completed.Then, in 1998 but three works were given to fill the gap. They found a great deal of attention. Since 2005, the base is equipped with works that are selected by the fourth plinth commissioning group.If you are on St. George’s day for a walk along the River Thames decide are there endless small beach huts and find rides and also many culinary options to discover can. Best you settle there for a relaxed lunch, before you embark on the way to other tourist attractions in London. On 23 April, yet another world-famous Englishman enters the spotlight. It is the birthday of William Shakespeare. To commemorate the great master of literature, his most famous pieces in the Globe Theatre can be seen. With it, Romeo and Juliet, which is twelfth night, Hamlet and a Sommernachtstraum.Das House are a replica of the free air theatre was built in the year 1599, even many of his pieces was the master. In the period from April to October you can buy tickets for a variety of pieces in the theatre.After an exciting week with all sorts of celebrations in Trafalgar Square on the occasion of the St. George’s day would be a pleasant evening in the theater but the perfect end to a holiday in London. In this season you can among other things are on much ado about nothing, Anne Boleyn, the Bible and the God of Soho.Wenn you for a holiday in London decide, should keep in mind that the list of Entertainment and attractions for a weekend is far too long. Best keep you informed once the variety of offerings of the individual hotels. There’s something guaranteed to suit all budgets. And then just spend a whole week in the capital. You can be also present at the Royal Wedding on April 29. Now, the day public holiday was declared. The may day is followed by then on Monday, where you can visit the most popular London landmarks quietly.

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