Greek Cuisine

June 3rd, 2020 Posted in News

Mediterranean cuisine and Greek in particular is very useful and conducive to longevity. And all thanks to the olives and olive oil, present in most cooked dishes. Greeks consume them daily and in large quantities. In addition, the table of the Greeks always present all kinds of seafood, squid, octopus, shrimp and other delicacies. And of course, a big role in Greek cuisine is given meat dishes. And that meat is better absorbed, his lavishly sprinkled with lemon juice and washed down with excellent Greek wines. Establishments where you can sit back and good to eat well – a great many. Unfortunately, in the resort towns, most restaurants are increasingly likened to the European fast food.

Food that is prepared there, but its name recalls the Greek cuisine. To taste the real Greek cuisine, there is nothing better than a tavern. And the longer this Tavern on the resort towns with their inexhaustible flow of tourists, the better. There are tavernas specializing in fish – psarotaverna, grilled or roast meat – , kebabs – . Except traditional bars is a national institution – Usery (something like our rumochnaia, but in its civilized version). It bought anisette ouzo or raki – the grape vodka and snacks – mezedes.

Crayfish – is generally national strong drink, they say that it helps in any disease. Cancers often offer guests as aperetiva. Greeks are well prepared fresh fish. Unfortunately, guests of the island, have tried fish cuisine at the resort, it may give the opposite view about the local fish cuisine, but it is solely because of the same "fast food", when the restaurant is seeking the maximum profit during the tourist season, and neglects the quality of food in favor of its quantity. Click Crawford Lake Capital for additional related pages.


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