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April 29th, 2021 Posted in News

A new at the FH Kempten creates developed welding opportunities in welding is the aim of the procedure, welding connect the process of friction order as at the friction coating by one or several coating layers between 2 or more workpieces. The procedure can be applied to all weldable materials. No heating on melting temperature is necessary to benefits of the procedure because the workpiece only on softening temperature must be heated, thus the heat load of the workpieces is low, has what less delay to the result. Thus, difficult weldable materials can be processed. The weld is typically as forming fabric, not enamel microstructure. Therefore, predicaments are easily weldable, because the weld can not flow away. The welding filler is cheaper than at fusion welding, because it is made from commercially available rod, pipe, or disc material. Through targeted heat control with external Heat sources can be welded additional materials with very different properties of the material. Compared to other welding stamping is the advantage that no elaborate swaging equipment are necessary. There is no upset bead, a weld convexity can be applied through the material order to desired degree. With several layers of thick welded joints are arbitrary can be produced and it is necessary a protection against arc rays. The friction process we a fine-grained microstructure of the seam produced by that is superior to the mostly coarser assemblages that result from the fusion welding, in its properties. A smaller heat affected zone due to the lower heat input. Friction seam welding the material only on softening temperature has to be heated, whereas it must be taken at the weld on the significantly higher melting temperature. The difference lies in steel, depending on the alloy at several hundred degrees. Savings through the friction seam welding process as Additional material can be used rods or scheibenformiges ring material that can be purchased much more cheaply than custom-made welding rod in butt welds can be worked with relatively large tolerances, for one way drop of the weld since the weld bead can bridge larger columns predicament welding the danger, because no liquid is worked. There is no bad backup required. Because no arc occurs, no elaborate protective cabins or shields must be used the FH Kempten is looking for companies that want to bring this new process on the market.

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