Drop Shipping

May 3rd, 2021 Posted in News

Drop-shipping is ideal for all those people who want to start e-commerce and not have the economic means of storing physical products for sale online and send them to the final consumer. The way how the drop-shipping you I will illustrate in the following example: Suppose you want to sell a camera on e-bay, open market, or any auction site and you feel that a very competitive price is $ 200 plus shipping shipping, any interested person the camera you buy, you pay to you, then you’re a drop-shipper or wholesaler who has the camera that was sold. It’s pay, for this example assume that the drop-shipper you sell the camera to you for $ 100 plus shipping, then your profit would be $ 100 Cool! What are the advantages of using the system. Drop-shipping? 1 .- The budget that you have to start is very low because not having to store merchandise, not to hire a room and staff to package the products to be sent to final consumer, it saves a lot of money. On the other hand much of the drop-shippers or wholesalers will not charge you to hire their services, there will be others that if they do, but it will be a minimum count only once, either annual or lifetime. 2 It is not necessary not have stored products.

3 .- The implementation of the delivery of product from the drop-shipper. 4.-No minimum purchases required to drop-shipper, so you can buy just one product if necessary. What are the disadvantages of using the system Drop-shipping? 1 .- If you want to sell products on e-bay, open market, or in many pages of ads, the policies of this site will not let you sell physical products that you have in your hands, but the reality is that many people who use drop-shipping, sold in these pages that their drop-shippers are reliable, serious and deliver the product to the consumer. 2 .- Lack of product knowledge. Lacking the product you are selling in your hands, do not know its main features etc, so if your potential buyer comes to ask you something about the product you want to buy, you might not know to answer properly.

3 .- The responsibility to your client or buyer only you, if your drop-shipper ran out of stock, mistakenly sent a product that was not the only person who will be the “face” to your client and try to resolve problem with you. To avoid these problems need to find reliable drop-shippers, serious, tested, to find this type of wholesalers you to enter HERE is an English page with different categories of products Drop-shippers serious. It costs $ 67 this list of Drop-shippers, but it’s worth the investment with the assurance that you will not have problems with your customers. 4 .- If you sell products on e-bay, free market, etc, you will find a lot of competition as a price war is awesome. To avoid this problem it is advisable to have your own virtual shop on the Internet.

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