Dany Towers Madrid

April 29th, 2021 Posted in News

The fans to the extreme sports will not want to lose the world-wide tour of Red Bull X-Fighters during their stay in some hotel in Madrid in this month of July. This exciting event will take place the 22 and the 23 of July and will welcome in some of the best pilots of motocross of free style making acrobatics excessive to delight to the expectant crowd. The premises selected for the occasion are the bullring the Sales of Madrid, where people of all the ages will go to see all type of maneuvers and tricks that can be done upon a motorcycle. ” During two days madness will return to the center of the Iberian Peninsula, when the aces of the greater competition of FMX of the world see the faces in the traditional double event of half of temporada” , it affirms the official page of the event. It is the third consecutive year that the competition has taken place in Spain, as well as the previous editions of this event. The first day to clasificatorias will welcome the rounds and in the second day the winner will be decided. The winner hopes itself that of last year, Dany Towers, it returns to compete to renew its title.

The entrances are available online from 33 more rates and the opening schedule is to the 21:30. Other cities in which also they will be celebrated this world-wide tour are the United Kingdom and Italy. If you have been decided to attend the world-wide tour of Red Bull east X-Fighters year, it is recommended to reserve the sooner your hotel in given Madrid the popularity of this event.


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